FFXIV Zodiac Weapon Guide & FAQ

How to get your ZODIAC WEAPON. Atma Locations, Books, Atma & Animus Stats!

This page is now outdated, please go to our Consolidated Relic Guide.

This looks to be one long and grindy quest to “improve” on our old relic!

How do i Start my Zodiac Weapon Quest!?
The quest starts at Hyrstmill near Fallgourd Float – You need your Zenith Relic first. If you have your zenith, chances are you know who Gerolt is. You must have your Zenith equipped for you to begin the quest…

Navigation (By Step):
1. Fates & Atmas | 2. Upgrading | 3. Animus Weapon | 4. Novus

Zodiac Weapon Step 1 – FATES & Atmas!

Yup, this really sucks, but we need to FATE grind! There are 12 “Atmas” you need to farm, from FATES, in certain maps. These are dropped by ANY FATE IN THAT MAP (chance).

Atma Fate Locations:

Atma of the MAIDENCentral Shroud
Atma of the SCORPIONSouthern Thanalan
Atma of the WATER BEARERUpper La Noscea
Atma of the GOATEast Shroud
Atma of the BULLEastern Thanalan
Atma of the RAMMiddle La Noscea
Atma of the TWINSWestern Thanalan
Atma of the LIONOuter La Noscea
Atma of the FISHLower La Noscea
Atma of the ARCHERNorth Shroud
Atma of the SCALESCentral Thanalan
Atma of the CRABWestern La Noscea


Do I have to be my class to get Atmas? NO! But you must be wearing any Zenith. The Atmas you farm can then be used for another class if you wish!

How do I know if I’ve gotten an Atma!? You can’t miss it (see below)

ffxiv zodiac weapon acquisition interface

This page is now outdated, please go to our Consolidated Relic Guide.

Zodiac Weapon Step 2 – Upgrading!

The first person in our guild who got an Atma Weapon is a Bard (Rylai Ariamis), so we’re going to use Artemis Bow Atma as our example.

You can buy 9 books (3-3-2-1 kinds). Each book upgrades a certain stat. Each book costs 1500 tomestones of Mythology (!!).

zenith weapon books

There’s no customization involved here, just different ways to get to the final product. Each book required different stuff for it to “activate”. The interface is pretty cool

ffxiv zodiac weapon upgrade interface

But after that it just sinks in that you’re in for a grind, lol. After all nine books are purchased and “activated”, we assume the next step:

Zodiac Weapon Step 3 – Animus

After upgrading it to maximum, we assume at this point it will “turn in to” your Animus weapon. Here’s a chart of the upgrades from Atma -> Animus.

The total cost would be 13500 Tomestones.

Atma WeaponAnimus Weapon
PLDCurtana AtmaCurtana Animus
Holy Shield AtmaHoly Shield Animus
WARBravura AtmaBravura Animus
WHMThyrus AtmaThyrus Animus
SCHOmnilex AtmaOmnilex Animus
MNKSphairai AtmaSphairai Animus
DRGGae Bolg AtmaGae Bold Animus
SMNWiyu AtmaWiyu Animus
BLMStardust Rod AtmaStardust Rod Animus
BRDArtemis Bow AtmaArtemis Bow Animus

The next step is upgrading your weapon to Novus!

Novus Weapon Upgrading

This page is now outdated, please go to our Consolidated Relic Guide.

After your Animus is complete – the next step is to upgrade it to the Novus Weapon. How is this done? You get a Novus Scroll that you meld materia onto. We have some questions about these scrolls..

  • Are all scrolls the same per class?
  • Are scrolls materia requirements completely random?

Please chime in on the comments!

Navigation (By Step):
1. Fates & Atmas | 2. Upgrading | 3. Animus Weapon | 4. Novus

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24 thoughts on “FFXIV Zodiac Weapon Guide & FAQ”

  1. got the animus today, after you complete the 9th trial book you need to go back to the guy in north shroud and unequip your weapon and ask him to upgrade it

  2. You can turn your Atma weapon into an Animus by completing all books associated with it. I can confirm that the Holy Shield Animus can be obtained by completing the two shield books without completing the 7 sword books (I have mine). Your weapons gain a glow, similar to the Zenith (holy shield is a different color than Zenith)

  3. by help me! I made the first purchase of a book from the relic has order to buy! because I returned to my book and my thinking was charged Mytologia!? help me

      1. I did buy the first book! bought on Friday! 1500 was debited my mythology book .. just qo is the key item in which you can be! This may be a bug!?

  4. The chick who gives the books says I can only turn in 6 books, does that mean that you cannot currently animus Curtana, since it takes 7? I’m not sure I understand.

  5. Aww man! Why do they have to just upgrade the existing weapon? Why not new high-end weapons? I *hate* Curtana. At least we can Glamour it.

  6. It doesn’t say in the quest text that you must have a Zenith weapon equipped. Where did you get that information?

    1. From observation. OR maybe it’s just random? ALL ATMAS in our guild were picked up using the Zenith – to be honest, we don’t want to take chances. If we’ve gotten all atmas with the zenith equipped, we’re merely sharing our experience.

      OF COURSE IF SOMEONE CAN CONFIRM you can get an atma with any weapon, that would be much better!

      1. Can confirm, you *need* to have Zenith equipped. It doesn’t say in the completed quest when referencing it, but the chat while accepting the quest stated you need to have it equipped.

  7. In the quest, the npc states you need to kill monsters within the fates and there will obviously be a chance for the atma to drop.

    1. Just wanted to know if you actually have to kill anything? Or if you just have to participate in the fate? Please help.

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