FFXIV Goldsmith (GSM) Class Guide & FAQ

Where is the Goldsmithing Guild? The Goldsmiths Guild is located in Ul’dah, and is Headed by Serendipity, who is pictured above.
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If you’re new to crafting, you might want to check out Crafting General Guide / FAQ first, and our Crafting General Leveling Guide.

What do Goldsmiths craft? (End game)

Battlecraft Gear
Thaumaturge Weapons

Tradecraft Gear
Weavers Needle (Main Hand)
Accessories (Earring, Necklace, Wrist, Rings)

Fieldcraft Gear
Accessories (Earring, Wrist)

Components used by other crafting classes
Ingots, Rings, Gemstones

Notable Crafts: GSM Head, ARM Head, ALC Head.


What classes should be Goldsmiths?

Thaumaturges (Black Mage) would be best for goldsmithing, but any class can and should get this when they can. The sheer amount of accessories you can craft make this useful for leveling any character, current or alt. (Not to mention the usefulness of Goldsmith skills, discussed below).

Again, every crafting class benefits / relies on other crafting classes for components, so it’s never truly useless to train Goldsmithing (or all crafting classes)

Goldsmith skills

Every Crafting (Disciple of Hand) class shares a large pool of skills,  four of which are unique to each class. Below are the Goldsmithing only skills.

Manipulation1588 CPRestores 10 points of Durability after each step for the next three steps.
Flawless Synthesis3715 CPIncreases progress by 40.
Success Rate: 90%
Innovation5018 CPIncreases control by 50% for the next three steps.
Maker's Markmakers mark goldsmith CRAFTING SKILLS FFXIV ARR5420 CPReduces Flawless Synthesis CP cost and durability loss to 0. Effect duration determined bu recipe difficulty.
Available only on the first step.

Goldsmithing Skills Discussion

Manipulation: Strictly better than Masters Mend in most cases. You save a bit of CP, and you do not have to do it while other buffs are cast.

Flawless Synthesis: A strange skill. Increasing progress by a flat 40. It can easily one-shot lower level recipes… but why bother? The uses of this skill are extremely rare, if any…

Innovation: +50% control for three steps is exactly as good as it sounds. For 18CP, this is huge bang for your buck. If you only succeed basic touch three times, this skill already paid for itself, and more. With better touch skills, and higher control the benefits become astronomical. Scales beautifully with better gear. Arguably the most powerful crafting skill.

Overall, Goldsmiths have great skills. Manipulation is great for a level 15 skill, and Innovation is a monstrous skill once you have good crafting gear. Innovation is especially insane when paired with things like Great Strides or Byregot’s Blessing.

Goldsmith Leveling Guide

We suggest starting crafting by leveling all crafting classes to 15 at once.

Where are the Goldsmith Levequests?

  • Level 1-45 Levequests: Ul’dah Adventurers Guild.
  • Level 1-10: Scorpions Crossing
  • Level 15: Horizon
  • Level 20 – 25: Quarrymill.
  • Level 30: Costa Del Sol
  • Level 35: Coerthas, Observatorium.
  • Level 40:  Coerthas, Whitebrim.
  • Level 45: Mor Dhona, St. Coinachs Find.
  • Level 50 – 60: Ishgard

The items required, and more details on this and the crafting log can be found in the Goldsmith Leveling Guide.


  • A general crafting class that crafts most if not all kinds of accessories.
  • Goldsmithing is ideal for Thaumaturges (Black Mage), but VERY useful for anyone, really.
  • Goldsmiths skills are very powerful overall. Innovation is completely nuts, and will probably be fixed.

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5 thoughts on “FFXIV Goldsmith (GSM) Class Guide & FAQ”

  1. Would be awesome if you could provide insight as to most efficiently get to level milestone. Such as copper ingots 1-5, ect

      1. I mean other than running around doing levequests, as far as what items are most efficient. For me anyway, when I do the math at least at lower levels I get more exp/hr crafting then running around.

  2. What do you mean by, “We suggest starting crafting by levelling all crafting classes to 15 at once” ?
    Is there a quest that lets you level them all to 15? or do you mean go to each hall, becoming a crafter of each tradeskill, and then leveling each one to 15?

    1. Unfortunately, the author means the latter. Keep in mind that the first 15 levels can be done in an hour if you’re using engineering manuals and food. If you don’t want to level all of the DoH classes, you should at least pick a few for the crossable abilities. Weaver, Leatherworker, Alchemy, and Culinary level 15 abilities especially come to mind (in that order).

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