FFXIV Dragoon (DRG) Cross Class skills guide

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What are the Lancer -> Dragoon Cross Class Skills? Here, we will be strictly discussing the cross-class skills Dragoon can get.

How many cross-class skills can I get as a Dragoon? Any job class may only equip five (5) cross-class skills.

From what other classes does Dragoon get skills from? Pugilist and Marauder.

What are the best Dragoon cross-class skills? This is discussed below.

Full list of Dragoon (DRG) Cross-class skills

NameIconLevelDescriptionFrom Class
Foresight2Increases defenseMarauder (MRD)
Skull Sunder4Attack that generates enmityMarauder (MRD)
Featherfoot4Increases evasionPugilist (PGL)
Fracture6Damage over time (DOT)Marauder (MRD)
Bloodbath8Converts damage dealt to HPMarauder (MRD)
Second Wind8Instantly restores own HPPugilist (PGL)
Haymaker10Delivers an blow after evading an attackPugilist (PGL)
Internal Release12Increases critical hit ratePugilist (PGL)
Mercy Stroke26Attack that can only be executed when enemy is below 20% HP. Up to 20% life steal.Marauder (MRD)
Mantra42Increases HP recovery via curing magic by 5% for self and nearby party membersPugilist (PGL)


Dragoon (DRG) Cross-class skills discussion

Foresight – Well, I guess this depends on the encounter. If staying alive is absolutely critical, you can take this.

Second Wind – Any class that can take second wind, do so. If you have to ask why, then somethings wrong with you.

Fracture – Not a bad skill for longer fights.

Bloodbath – The heal on this is quite noticeable if you’re a dragoon…

Haymaker, Featherfoot – Again, best in a pair… ultimately not worth the trouble.

Internal Release – a no brainer. Increase critical chance is just too good to pass.

Mercy Stroke – Surprisingly good for bursting down tougher adds.

Mantra – Always decent in a large raid.

Ideal Dragoon (DRG) Cross-class progression

  1. Lancer to 15 for: Unlocking other classes.
  2. Marauder to 6 for: Fracture
  3. Lancer to 30 for: DRG Requirement.
  4. Marauder to 15 for: DRG Requirement.
  5. Pugilist to 12 for: Internal Release, Second Wind.
  6. Dragoon to 50 for: Maximum level.
  7. Marauder to 26 for: Mercy Stroke
  8. Pugilist to 42 for: Mantra (All Cross-class skills obtained)

MRD 6 for Fracture is a pretty useful DoT, and well worth the side-track to Lancer 30. Pugilist to 12 is also great anytime before 50, gaining important skills like Internal Release, and Second Wind.


  • Dragoon use skills from: Pugilist and Marauder.
  • Second Wind is really, really, really good. Get used to using it!
  • Internal Release is your key DPS cross-class skill.
  • Best Dragoon Cross-class skills:
    Internal Release, Second Wind, Mantra, Mercy Stroke, Fracture.

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      1. Not only this but you can also have both Phlebotomy as well as Fracture on an opponent at the same time, effectively doubling your DPS output while still attacking an opponent.

  1. Is it worth leveling the PUG class to lvl 36 to gain the traits of Third Wind (acquired at PUG 32) and Enhanced Internal Release (acquired at PUG 36)??

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