FFXIV ARR Guildhests Guide

What are Guildhests?
Guildhests are like small tutorials on group/party play, which are pretty useful to newer players to the game (Or newer players to the MMORPG genre). They familiarize you with basic dungeon concepts like avoiding danger zones, patrolling enemies, understanding boss mechanics and the like.

Where can I find Guildhests?
The easiest way to access Guildhests is through the Duty Finder. You can also access a list of Guildhests through various levemetes called “Battlewardens” around Eorzea (Although it’s much more of a hassle).


Why should I do Guildhests? Should I repeat Guildhests?
The primary reason Guildhests were made to teach players their way around organized play. But, even if you’re the most grizzled MMORPG veteran, theres still a very good reason to do these. Guildhests are worth a massive amount of EXP and GIL. But these large rewards are only given the first time you do any specific Guildhest. You can repeat them with your friends, but the reward is alot less.

List of Guildhests

Level 10 – Basic Training: Enemy Parties
Level 10 – Under The Armor

Level 15 – Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds
Level 15 – Hero on the Halfshell

Level 20 – All’s Well that Ends in the Well
Level 20 – Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Level 25 – Pulling Poison Posies
Level 25 – Stinging Back

Level 30 – More than a Feeler
Level 30 – Annoy the Void

Any other guildhests (we assume these will extend to level 50) that will be added to the game will be listed here.

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