FFXIV ARR Grand Company Guide

Each city-state in Eorzea has a Grand Company, they were initially formed to combat the Garlaen empire during the 6th Umbral era to prevent the great tragedy and now stand as protectors of their people. All Grand companies have their respective leaders leaders whose job is to ensure the interests of the citizens of the city-states they represent are kept in tact.

What is a Grand Company?

The Grand Companies are military and technological factions of each respective city-state that they represent. They we’re created. See the official website for more information: http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/company/index.html

What are the Grand Companies?

The Maelstrom
(Limsa Lominsa)
The Immortal Flames
The Order of the Twin Adder

Where are the locations of the Grand Companies?

  • Gridania – The Order of the Twin Adder – East of Aetheryte Plaza (Adders’ Nest)
  • Ul’dah – The Immortal Flames – East of Ul’dah Aetheryte Plaza (Hall of Flames)
  • Limsa Lominsa – The Maelstrom – East of The Aftcastle ,accessible through Aethernet (Maelstrom Command)

Why should I join a Grand Company

  • The main reason would be, you get your Chocobo through a quest only if you join a Grand Company
  • Grand Company Seals give good items
  • You can purchase an attribute reset item called ‘The Keeper’s Hymn’ for 10,000 GC Seals

How do I join a Grand Company?

Once you reach the 20 story quest you will be asked to choose between the Grand Companies. Quest name: The Company You Keep (GC Name). There will be 3 NPC’s which will allow you to choose which GC you want to be a part of.


What are Grand Company Seals and what can I use Grand Company Seals for?

Grand Companies offer many goods in exchange for company seals. Some of these items include the Chocobo license (your own personal chocobo), Chocobo barding, Equipment, Weapons, Survival/engineering manuals, and more! Seals given by your Grand Company cannot be used in other GC’s

How do I earn Grand Company Seals?

There are many ways to earn company seals such as completing company quests, or caravan escorting (repeatable mini-quests). One of the NPCs at your Grand Company’s counter offers company seals for specific items, materials, and equipment (obtained in dungeons). Joining F.A.T.E.’s will also award you GC Seals and this is a very fast way to get them.

What is the purpose of getting promoted in a Grand Company

Receiving promotions advances your rank in the Grand Company (much like the military). Advancing through the ranks expands the amount and quality of goods that can be purchased with company seals at your Grand Company. Gaining higher ranks also unlocks additional quests from your Grand Company.

How do I get promoted in a Grand Company

The first step in receiving a promotion is to speak with the quest-issuing NPC at your Grand Company and choose “Promotion”. Upon doing so, the NPC will require you to pay a fee in GC seals for your new rank. In addition to paying, you must have completed a specific Grand Company quest to advance to your new rank.

Can I be part of more than one Grand Company

Not simultaneously but you can switch freely, still unknown if you lose your rank and GC seals

What is the Political setup of the Grand Companies?

The MaelstromThe Immortal FlamesThe Order of The Twin Adder
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  1. To update on changing GC, you do not lose seals nor your rank from your primary GC, all it does it freezes the seals from being used to another GC, when you do return to your primary, you will be able to use those frozen seals once again, however you can’t switch back and forth in one day, I beleive you need to stay with a GC for a month or somewhere around that.

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