FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats and Attributes

All our research on stats, and the effects on each class. Stay ahead of the game. We will update this regularly!

Stats & Attributes
Here, we will be discussing all the known stats and attributes found in FFXIV A Realm Reborn.




ARR Primary Stats

Strength (STR) – Melee Physical Damage. Block & Parry AMOUNT.
Dexterity (DEX) – Ranged Physical damage. Block & Parry CHANCE.
Vitality (VIT) – HP Pool.
Intelligence (INT) – Attack Magic Potency.
Mind (MND) – Healing Magic Potency.
Piety (PIE) – MP Pool

In FFXIV ARR, stat points are obtained passively as you level up (which meld to what current class you’re using). You also gain 30 stat attribute points to spend at level 50.

Still, the main source of stat points will be gear.

Secondary Stats

Your primary stats have a direct effect on many of your secondary stats. I can see that some of these secondary stats can only be modified by gear or skills. For example, the Marauder skill Storms Eye reduces the targets resistance to slashing damage.

Offensive Properties
Accuracy – Your chance to successfully land attacks.
Critical Hit Rate – Your chance to critically hit.
Determination – Affects damage dealt by all attacks and HP recovered by spells.

Defensive Properties
Defense – Overall physical damage reduction. (Mainly gained through equipment)
Parry – Your chance to parry. Parrying reduces incoming damage by a certain percentage.
Magic Defense – Overall Magical damage reduction. (Mainly gained through equipment)

Physical Properties
Attack Power – Your overall physical damage capability.
Skill Speed – Reduces recast time of weapon skills.

Physical Resistances
Slashing  – Resistance to slashing type damage. (Axes, Swords)
Piercing – Resistance to piercing damage. (Spears, Arrows)
Blunt – Resistance to blunt type damage. (Fists, Staves)

Mental Properties
Attack Magic Potency – Your overall magic damage capability.
Healing Magic Potency – Your overall healing capability.
Spell Speed – Reduces cast time of  magical skills.

PvP Properties
Morale – ?

Crafting & Gathering Stats

Gathering Stats
GP – Increases GP, which allows you to cast gathering skills.
Gathering – Increases chance to successfully gather an Item
Perception – Increases chance to gather high quality items.

Crafting Stats
CP – Increases CP, which allows you to cast crafting skills.
Craftsmanship – Increases the amount gained to reach a successful synthesis.
Control – Increases the amount of quality gained when using “Basic Touch”.

Elemental Resists

Fire – Reduce amount of Fire elemental damage taken.
Ice – Reduce amount of Ice elemental damage taken.
Wind – Reduce amount of Wind elemental damage taken.
Earth – Reduce amount of Earth elemental damage taken.
Lightning – Reduce amount of Lightning elemental damage taken.
Water – Reduce amount of Water elemental damage taken.

Upon character creation, these stats are represented by “elemental attributes”. This was kind of misleading because people assumed you could increase elemental damage if you chose the right god. However, across all characters created the God stats only seem to affect resists.

If speculation is true, this only affects Conjurers, Thaumaturges and Arcanists. (And the Dragoon final skill: Dragonfire Dive).


Well, there’s still much to be learned, but we’re getting there. The better we understand these stats, the better recommendations for end-game character builds we can give. Needless to say, we’re working on it!

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15 thoughts on “FFXIV A Realm Reborn Stats and Attributes”

    1. Lifefitness01,

      While we have not tested this across all shield bearing characters (THM, CNJ) we will definitely rework this page past P4, which is rumored to have a bit of a stat (mostly allocation) overhaul. Our guide will reflect this during / post P4.

  1. You also do not gain 1 stat point each level to each of your stats. The exact number of points gained per stat seems to be based on your class and can vary from 1 – 4 at least in the first 10 levels. In fact you may even lose 1 stat point from level 1 to 2. For example when a gladiator levels from 1 to 2 you lose 1 dex and gain 1 vit but everything else stays the same. At level 3 you gain 1 per stat and at level 4 you gain 2 in every stat except int which only increases by 1.

    1. Sorry I misspoke on the losing 1 dex from level 1 to 2. I had it written down wrong. From 1 to 2 you only gain 1 vit and nothing else. At level 3 you gain 1 in every stat. Level 4 you gain 2 in every stat except int which goes up by 1 and at level 5 – 10 you gain 1 – 4 in any given stat based on your class.

      1. This definitely needs observation. The 1 per stat was observed more than once across various LOW LEVEL characters, but news of changing the system on the upcoming beta P4 has us a little iffy about delving deep into stat development as of P3. We will definitely keep you posted!

  2. The math is wrong regarding primary stats :

    “In FFXIV ARR, stat points are (as we observed) granted at level 10 (3 points) and every even level after that. (12,14,16,18). If we get 3 points every tenth level, up to 50 that’s a total of 28 stats points that you can put in.”

    Three points at each tenth level – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 – gives 5 * 3 = 15 points.
    Four points total in between each tenth level – 12-18, 22-28, 32-38, 42-48 – gives us 4 * 4 = 16 points.

    15 + 16 = 31 points.

    1. The primary stat points could even be less. I’m level 25 and I think i have either 8 or 9 points. If its 9 that means its just 1 point every even level.

    2. Yeah, we’ve been calculating but then it seems our initial formula doesn’t hold up. Our post just hasn’t reflected our more current findings.

      Just like mitlet said down there, it could be even less, Possibly 3 at level 10, and 2 at every even level, which results in a total of 23… At this point, until anybody naturally hits 50, we cannot know for sure.

  3. From what I have seen in my gathering and crafting. Control determines how much quality you add to an item per use of ‘basic touch.’ Craftsmanship increases how much you put towards the items completion per use of basic synthesis. It scales with level and difficulty of the item being made. Perception would increase my percent chance of gathering a high quality item.

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