FFXIV 3.3 Crafting (DoH) BiS and Materia Melding

3.3 UPDATED! Find out crafting best in slot, Melding caps for BiS Ironworks Crafting set and info on Augmented Keep set.

Welcome to our Crafting (DoH) BiS and Melding guide! It’s updated for 3.3 which means it has information on Ironworks Crafting Set and Augmented Keep Set. So, let’s see what’s going on with these…

  • Which set is ‘BiS’ for 3.3?
  • How does the Augmented Keep set line up?
  • Suggested melds for “ANY” and “FREE”
  • Core crafting reminders for 3.3

3.3 DoH BiS (“Practical BiS”)

We’ve come to a point that we don’t need a fully melded ‘BiS’ to do endgame crafting. But EXTRA STATS always help, right? So the properties of this list are as follows:

Thankfully BiS this tier is the universally usable Ironworks Set.

DoH GearCra CAPCon CAPCP CAP12345
High Mythrite Mortar+54+29+4FREEFREEFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Cap of Crafting+10+14+0CON VCON IVCON IIICRA IIICRA III
Ironworks Apron of Crafting+45+14+0ANY VANY VFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Sleeves of Crafting+10+14+0CON VCON IVCON IIICRA IIICRA III
Ironworks Belt of Crafting+10+14+4ANY VCP IVFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Breeches of Crafting+2+14+4CON VCON IVCP IVCON IIICRA I
Ironworks Boots of Crafting+2+14+4CON VCON IVCP IVCON IIICRA I
Ironworks Necklace of Crafting+10+9+8ANY VFREEFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Earrings of Crafting+10+9+8ANY VFREEFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Armillae of Crafting+10+9+8ANY VFREEFREEFREEFREE
Ironworks Ring of Crafting+10+9+4CON VCP IVCRA IIICRA IIICON II
Totals: no melds or food891813378
Grand totals w/ melds above935887394
w/ Seafood Stew (Need CON?)935918444
w/ Baked Onion (Need CRA?)963887442
With soul?+20+20
  • What can be “practically” capped is shown above
  • ANY and FREE represent melds that you can or should save in case any thresholds appear in the next tier. They are likely irrelevant in 3.3.
  • If any stat “tresholds” appear for rotations, this will be updated.

Craftin BiS Notes

***Stat summary is WITHOUT the ANY or FREE melds, and as you can see is more than enough stats for a baseline set in preparation for the next tier, with enough open melds to be able to compensate for any tresholds that may come.

Weapon? GET EITHER ONE, seriously. Both are a significant upgrade to the previous tiers weapon. Of course, they still aren’t equal.

FRESH OFF THE BAT: Augmented Keep is slightly better.
WITH MELDS: Crafted of course, comes out ahead.

So this all depends on your budget and red scrip amount. Personally? I’ll pick up crafted.

Earring? Bracer? Necklace? If you have a GODLIKE ASTRAL BIRCH ACCESSORY – use it. Otherwise, “not so tryhard” melding these is okay if you’re coming in with anything lower.

They aren’t “practical to cap” I listed that as ANY / FREE above. But they are cappable as of now using the below meld:

Capping Earring Bracer:

Augmented Keep set? Worth it?

While an upgrade is an upgrade, I highly advise AGAINST getting any of these unless you are absolutely swimming with red scrip. EVEN THEN I WOULD ONLY CONSIDER THE CHEST PIECE.

The non-universal nature of this set is really a pain in the butt.

The Ironworks Crafting chest requires a bit of an investment for it to beat the Augmented Keep chest, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons. You can buy some chests for the core classes while gearing up, but don’t invest into any other piece.

Suggested melds for “ANY V” and “FREE”?

Again these are HIGHLY dependent on stat tresholds and budget. But at the very least SUREMELDS should be considered.

  • Control? Every bit of CON helps.
  • CP? Again, every bit helps.
  • Craftmanship? This purely depends on tresholds, and

So you can’t be sad if you stick CON V and CAP CP on each piece you can. And just try to cram in Craftmanship later on if you need it.

Again, it’s impossible to recommend a general scenario for everyone.

Core crafting reminders for 3.3

The MOOGLE BEAST TRIBE QUEST LINE Rewards DoH Materia! This starts out in Churning Mists:

Tricks and StonesDisciple of the Hand level 50
The Churning Mists (X:27.2 Y:34.5)
NPC: Seething Stonemason
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Into the Aery” and the quest “Laying the First Brick.”

Unless I’m mistaken, there seems to be a chunky amount of pre-requisite sidequests so good luck with that sir.  I don’t know if the high level dailies give V’s, but the latter Rank Up quests do, so that’s worth it in any case.

Well that’s about it for Crafting BiS changes in this patch. Thank the heavens that they gave us a solid universal set!!!

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147 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.3 Crafting (DoH) BiS and Materia Melding”

    1. So as a fresh 60 crafter, wonder what the ideal path is now. If you are ungodly rich, I suppose you could drop the 5+ million per slot for Ironworks HQ and declare victory, but that seems a bit silly.

      The “Chimerical Felt” set of level 60 crafted seems a good starting point, when HQ it is better than the Blue Scrip Adept set, and can be melded. I picked up all 6 left side HQ pieces for 70-90k each. Can buy the crafted iLevel 150 primary and iLevel 140 secondary (lvl 60 and 59 respectively).

      With that you should be able to craft stuff for Blue Scrip fairly efficiently, and for 600 Scrip each pick up the iLevel 180 primary. I also suppose now is the time to buy the Mastery III books for 360 scrip each. 7,680 scrip if you want all 8 classes primary and book.

      Attach a few melds and you should be in position to craft the iLevel 170 secondary tools and some HQ Astral Birch iLevel 170 accessories (Fieldcraft Demimateria III… eww)

      What next? Maybe look at 650 Red Scrip to upgrade primary to Augmented level? That is a gain of 37 Craft, 20 Control.
      Is it worth it to gather a boatload of Red Scrip for your secondary tool? I think a melded HQ iLevel 170 is good enough.

      720 Blue Scrip for each of the Mastery IV books.

      This is where it gets dicey. Is a fully melded Chimerical Felt + Astral Birch + Red Scrip primary enough to craft the Ironworks set? If not, I guess you get the Blue Scrip base (400 blue) + Red Scrip augmentation (450 red) for the chest slot of your specialization classes. And once you start crafting Ironworks it just gets easier with each piece you finish.

      1. After you get the Mastery IV books for your weaver and leatherworker, you can make the ilvl 170 Carbonweave set of gear. That will probably provide a nice stepping stone of Ironworks gear.

        1. I was looking at that, and it seems only worthwhile if you can HQ them. A NQ carbonweave is the same base stats as a HQ Chimerical for chest, hat, and gloves but with a bonus +cp. If you’ve already fully melded a Chimerical, the effort (gathering parts, requiring HQ, redoing full meld) is not trivial for a smallish gain. Pants and Shoes are certainly worth it though, as they offer +craftsmanship base stat

  1. Where’s the level 50 data at? The 1-49 guide linked here for how to meld level 50 gear, but it seems to just be talking about the level 60 HW stuff.

  2. So, I was doing some math here, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but the craftable mainhand actually cannot be melded to reach the same stats as the red scrip mainhand (it has the capability, but 5 slots isnt enough, even with all tier 5 materia), and the chest barely meets the red scrip chest (and would require all tier 5 as well).

    Therefore, wouldn’t those 2 red scrip pieces actually be BIS over the melded craftables?

    1. You know, I was also considering this. I’m recalculating all this since 3.2 introduces a new “stats to aim for” Which is 850 CRA 820 CON. Given that the old BiS was basically “not even useful”. I’ll be checking this out soon – great observation, I’m thankful im not the only one who noticed lol.

  3. Astral Birch Necklace +9 +8 +8 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
    Aurum Regis Earrings Of Crafting +9 +8 +8 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
    Astral Birch Armillae +9 +8 +8 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

    for those 3 pieces it should be v in craftsmanship and 2 iv for cp and 2 iv for control only way to cap them if u trying for max stats from melds

    for belt to max cap that its 2 v controls, and iv cp, and 3 and 2 craftsmanship

  4. Is it possible to do a passable job at high-end crafting with only the melded traded artisan’s set?

    I ask this because demimaterias cost way too much, and this is made worse by the fact I may fail at getting it to 100% HQ, even with all the cross-class skills (and there’s no way I’m grinding my way through the desynthesis skill at this point).

    1. Melded Artisans set? Don’t quite catch your meaning here. Which set exactly are you talking about?

  5. Great guide! Just one question…

    In the section on pre-bis gear under off-hand you list: command IV, craftsmanship IV, command iii, command iii, command I.

    What do you mean by craftsmanship IV? Competence materia IV (+6 craftsmanship) or Competence materia II (+4 craftsmanship)??

  6. You can also obtain Moonstones from treasure map hunts, one’s I’ve seen have been in Peisteskin maps, and some of my friends have mentioned Unhidden and even lower tier maps as well. I can confirm the Peisteskin map does contain Moonstone though.

  7. Thanks for putting a bit of new info on here. I just happened to click on it looking for some old info and noticed the new stuff at the top. Can you rename the title since new 2.5 info is some what added?
    max new body is craft+18 control+6 cp+3

  8. Greetings!

    I am a Chinese preparing for 2.4 (we are in 2.3 now). We are actually shocked by the amount of FC3 needed to purchase the 11 main-hands.

    In total 110 fc3 are almost impossible for me to collect. I’d like to know what you did when you were in 2.3 and 2.4.


    1. Desynthesis is the way! Many people desynthesized this NPC buyable wedding suits/shoes… but I don’t know if that works still

  9. There is a mistake on one of the melds, you have Command IV Competence III and Competence II then Command I, however if you add the CP II you get craftsmanship 0 can you please fix this?

    1. To speak in defense of the people here, It is very difficult to recommend any stats at the moment. This is because the current setup allows it so that if you meld, you get way over the amount needed to hit the floor for 4-star. There are also 2 pieces of gears that are impossible to max out on meld (Artisan’s Apron and the Artisan’s Offhand). So the real answer to this question is: There actually is no “absolutely recommended stats” as there is no real superiority between craftsmanship and control (CP is always a thing of debate so I am just gonna leave it out of the equation here). You are going to have to juggle a bit yourself.

      To give my completely useless two-cents to you, I decided to invest heavily on Craftsmanship over Control. I have melded +15 on all the Artisan’s Offhand that I have and +18 on the Artisan’s Apron. Major reason why I did this was because I felt that as the new tier of crafting is added, there has always been a pretty big leap on Craftsmanship. As far as I know, I could be completely wrong for the next crafting update, but that is the choice that I made.

      1. Yes that is true. there is no “best” meld for the offhand and the chest – but I agree (like stated above) that 15 craft on offhand should be mandatory

    1. I asked the same question sometime ago. Did not receive the answer, but i figured out that when they say CPIII it is the materia that adds CP, tier 3

    1. With Lucis – this no longer is a requirement. But when it didnt exist most every high end crafter already chose to put 15CRFT in their OH – i can recalc later, but its a practical choice.

    1. Aye, this is indeed an oversight in my part – the crafting progression is confusing especially if you’re PAST those points

  10. Just an add-on, the crafted i60 Artisan’s gear, except the new Apron, can be nq and still melded to cap stats. The apron and offhands cannot have all stats capped anyways so HQ is BiS for that still.

      1. yep Positive, using the Artisan’s Culottes for example, NQ will start with 3 Craftsmanship and 29 Control I believe, if you use Command IV(control +4), Command III (control +3), Command III (Control +3), Cunning III (CP +3) , Competence I (Craftsmanship +3, in effect +1) it will reach the same stats as a capped HQ, just takes a couple more materia but could save you some cash.

  11. As of 2.5 AF Body is no longer the BiS

    HQ Artisan’s Apron: 101/33/0
    Capped 119/39/3*

    *If you do the math you’ll see that you cannot actually cap all 3 stats, so you have to choose 2. I’d probably cap control and cp because the extra craftmanship doesn’t really help you hit a breakpoint. This may change in the future however, so it’s up to you.

    1. they are probably trying to determine where and when to get the new i70 stuff, as its an alternative gearset.
      if you are only looking for the new chest melds, it cannot be max melded.
      best meld available is competence 4, competence 4, command 4, competence 4, cp 3. that leaves 2 control out, but max melds the other two.
      max is +18 crafts, +6 con, +3 cp

  12. hi guys, i am working on my crafts a while now, and as many of you on this page i got addicted to it wvr gsm crp and cul @ 50, bsm and arm 35+ alc and ltw 15, i am trying to get the right sequence for my skills so i can to make both the mosshorn earring and the rosegold choker hq, is anyone able to tell me with my available skills, what would be the best order to get them both hq, so i can start working on materia melding on my accesories ? i dont have artisan gear, but all ilvl 55 gear for wvr gsm cul and crp, so i am looking to get ready for the real e.g stuff ( still a long road lol ) if anyone could help me that would be awesome !

    1. IMO you’re better off buying SOME of the higher tier gear because itll save you ALOT of time intead of gearing up how the old-school crafters did. (Artisans OFFHAND comes to mind)

  13. Don’t forget to update the token trade-in section with the new values for 2.45 :D
    Most are significantly less than 50 now ;p

      1. I can only speak for the weaver class, since I just reached 3-star there. It only takes 8 weaver tokens to get the Artisan tool.
        I know it changes for each class, so take a look next time you’re in Mor Dhona.

  14. This guide screwed me. After making 4 Artisan Tools based in what is suggested here, I noticed that the craft is bellow 451, the value necessary to make 4 start items. Made me waste all time and money. I’ll never use this screwed guide anymore.

    1. You’ve definitely misread something buddy. Artisans tools are from the previous tier – SUPRA WEAPON is listed in the main table.

    2. Oh, and if you bought MILITIA offhand, thats from the previous tier too. ARTISANS offhand is also listed in main table. Please read properly before commenting.

  15. If you can not get HQ on these then you can still reach max stats on NQ versions. Works on legs gloves and feet.
    Command IV, Command III, Command III, Cunning III, Competence I.

  16. The Artisan’s Culotte’s and Sandals both have 3 guaranteed meld slots on them, so you’re better off putting 2 Control III’s on instead of a Control IV and Control II.

  17. i55 Off-hand – Command IV, Crafts IV, Command III, Command III, Command I.

    What does Crafts IV mean? Technically they all begin with the words Craftsman’s so which of the stats is this saying that I need to meld in this spot?

    1. The new 4-star items require Craftsmanship of 451 and Control of 407, having a difficulty of 586 and a Max Quality of 5783. Pretty steep. Right now, with the Supra MH and an unmelded HQ Artisan OH, rest of gear meld-capped, my BSM is sitting at 436 Crafts and 399 Control (no Ehcatl gloves, so 403 with those). With 5 points of Crafts melded onto that OH I could reach the 4-star requirements with the level II FC actions (+10 Crafts/Control), but that Ehcatl Sealant is enough of a pain to get (48 Oaknots = 6 Sealants = 8 days of missions per OH). I’m glad I have 2 lvl 50 crafting toons to run those Ixal missions!

      (With the new Shark Fin Soup buffing Craftsmanship primarily, I gotta wonder if there is some variation in the usual rotations that will allow for a lower CP requirement with your Crafts buffed … or whether it’s just another useless food the devs have tossed us so I can stick with HQ Bouillabaisse)

      1. I meant to say that the Sealant is enough of a pain to get that I’m not going to waste just tossing 5 Crafts into an OH without knowing what melds it can take overall, or knowing how much Control will be needed to hit that 5783. Given that the Dodore items only increased meld limits by 1 or so per stat, I imagine that the current OH limits of 19 Crafts and 11 Control are probably close to what the new OHs will take, so putting 3 Command IV materia onto an OH might be worth it. I just don’t have the IVs or the gil to buy them to test it out right now :(.

        1. My recommendations on which Artisan OHs to go for first, for Builders of the Realms:
          (1) Blacksmith: This class makes 6 of the crafting OHs including the one for CRP.
          (2) Carpenter: Artisan Sandals are a 4-star CRP recipe, and OHs for WVR & GSM.
          (3) Weaver: Artisan Culottes are a 4-star WVR recipe.
          (4) Leatherworker: Artisan Mitts are a 4-star LTW recipe.

        2. Melds for 8 Control and 15 Craftsmanship on the Artisan OH (Cmnd IV, Cmnd IV, Comp III, Comp III, Comp III) will get you to 451 Crafts/407 Control/452 CP with the Supra MH and i55 gear meld-capped, which meets the minimums for 4-star crafting. Using the Ehcatl gloves will allow you to hit the mins with less than 2 Cmnd IVs on an OH until you get the Artisan Sandals, Culottes and/or Mitts for the increase in Control they give.

  18. Hi
    I’m new to this melding business. Before I start melding, got a question.

    Can you tell me why on my server Craftsman II costs 25K GIL when Craftsman III costs 10K? Could I just Craftsman III in place of Craftsman II, or would that do something bad?


    1. after recent changes to spirit bonding its much easier to get levl III material than II, and the market reflects that. As to your second Question, using craftsman III instead of II will have a lower chance of successful meld. today I needed to ad a Competence II, which had only a 13% chance of success. but competence II is running 44K on my server right now, and I already had a stack of 25 competence III. I checked and using competence III dropped to chance for a successful meld to 11%. I decided it was better to take a lesser meld chance than to shell out so much money on a material that had such a low chance for successful meld anyways. Sometimes the difference is more like 35% vs 22%, so you have to judge on a case by case basis.

  19. Ehcatl Smithing Gloves: ilvl 70 DoH glove. 4 craftsmanship, 39 Control. Requires to be Sworn with Ixal Tribe and exchange 10 tokens for it from the vendor.

      1. It’s still not bad to have as a universal for other classes as the trade off is 3 Control for 3 CP until you can save up enough materia to max meld the other gloves.

  20. There’s an ilvl 70 hands from the ixal quests they have 4 craftsmanship and 39 control would these be better than ilvl 55 class septic melded

  21. I’m curious if you plan on, or can implement, doing a Good – Better – Best type of BiS gear guide (like you do for DoW/M classes) for those that are just getting into the crafting arena and want to know what’s good and will help get them from Good to Better or Better to Best. Great guides otherwise. I use them to properly meld my FC members’ gear all the time.

  22. I dont know if im reading this wrong but you have 5 Materia listed under chest gear but my weavers chest gear only has 2 materia slots available….Same goes for all the other gear.. seems like there is more materia listed under each gear than what is actually meldable.

  23. Just this morning I was able the meld 3 grade 3 control materiak to weaver’s thighboots NQ I think it is time to recheck max meld on old items

  24. Hey, noticed that on the 1st table w/ the rose gold gorget you only have 0(+3), 0(+3) and 32(+5) on the craft/control/cp. this is wrong right? it’s supposed to be 4/4/6, which you have on the 3rd table. Just in case no one’s noticed yet.

  25. If you use a Rose Gold Gorget to craft, you’re probably going to have a bad time. Rose Gold Choker would be a bit better :P

  26. So…my question wasn’t acceptable? Only “OMG GREAT GUIDE!!!!” remarks are actually posted? …yea…that helps the community…

    1. im sorry but i’ve been on vacation – im sifting the massive pile of comments now – which one was yours?

  27. I’m…I’m genuinely baffled.

    Just taking control into consideration…with your max melds (which are accurate…I’ve done just this)…you get:

    61+69+36+36+36+31+36+36+3+3+4+4+4 = 359…not 374. I have maxed Dodore and Moss and have Artisan goggles…which brings me to 370. Still not 374 (except I blew a fortune in a couple classes to bring my offhand to +12).

    Similarly your maxed Command only comes to 378. >.>

    I’m not trying to be difficult…I just genuinely don’t get it. The numbers don’t add up. Even with each of these melds I can’t craft 3 star without food and/or an artisan weapon.

    What am I missing?

    1. Please keep in mind attmepting 3 star you need your i70 weapon…. i think you’re still using your blue weapon.

  28. Do you guys plan on updating this to 2.3? i think with all the new gathering and crafting items we need a new guide :)

  29. For the new Leatherworker master recipe — the Dodore Belt — HQ gives Control +31. You can put +5 Control, +4 Craftsmanship and +3 CP onto it. I chose this for my melds, in this order: Command III, Competence II, Command II, Cunning III.

    1. I was referring to Artisans Spectacles, which are highly recommended to get as compared to getting and melding class specific greens.

      1. Oh yes please… I love this websites guides, but i always end up confused when it comes to materia names :/

      1. I made all the new crafting accessories and melded them yesterday, so I have their stat caps on hand :). Dodore Belt HQ has 31 Base control, can be melded with up to 5 more control to 36, 3 CP, and 4 Craftsmanship.
        Rose Gold Choker HQ Has 32 Base CP, can be melded with up to 4 Control, 6 CP, and 4 Craftsmanship.
        Mosshorn Earrings HQ have 32 base CP, can be melded with 4 Control, 6 CP for a total of 38, and 4 Craftsmanship.

        I can confirm that all these stats are capped as I have them all melded, and any time I attempt to add any more of any of these stats, I get a red 0 in the meld window. Hope this helps!

        1. I verified this myself, and I can confirm it. This was a most useful info. My thanks for sharing it; I could reach 374 control points without having to meld off-hands at all thanks to knowing the melds for Dodore Belt HQ, which is sure to help a lot.

  30. Hi, really great guide! I just wanted to ask if this is all current gear/materia? because I’m going to start crafting my DoH end gear starting today, thanks. :)

    1. I think the general idea is none because with a fully melded set you should be able to get the Artisan’s glasses which have higher stats then the individual head gears for the craft classes and also require (and have) no melding possible.

  31. You should never have a IV in a non guaranteed slot, it’s to risky. The body should be Craft IV Craft IV Ctrl III Ctrl II Craft II

        1. That is ignorant comment. A guide can encompass almost anything, and the materia meld order has only to do with most “EFFICIENTLY” allocating the materia to your item. EFFICIENCY can be defined by cost so yes of course you could include “price” in a guide. Stupid ass troll

  32. Are you getting the materia names mixed up with the stats they give? I’m looking particularly at the offhand. The names suggest you’ll be getting 11 Control and 5 Craftsmanship. But I’m assuming you got the names mixed up and meant for the “Command” materia to actually be Competence and for the “Crafts” to be Command. That’d give 19 Craftsmanship and 4 Control.

    Also, I think a picture of you gear/materia would simplify things tremendously.

  33. I think you can improve this by taking your overages and applying them to the ilvl 55 head slot to reduce the number of IV’s needed prior to getting the ilvl70 hat.

  34. Great guide, however, I have noticed that there may have been a mistake in the CP part between the Earrings and the Choker.
    The first table states that the max meld for the choker is (5), and the earrings is (6).
    The second table states that the max meld for the choker is (6), and the earrings is (5).
    The third list of recommended melding states that the max meld for the choker is (5), and the earrings is (6).

    Another site states that the first and third are correct, so I’m going to assume you made a mistake with the order in the second table since you had the neck piece before the earrings in the others.
    It did confuse me at one point.

    Just a heads up. :)

    1. you’re right- there was an error in the second table (switched cp value of neck and ear). fixed!

    1. * The blue weapon for the level 50 quest will be replaced once you buy the class-specific Artisans tool. Neither of them are meldable with materia.

  35. Nice guide but confusing when you go back and forth between what the name of the material is vs. what it does.

    1. Yes most of the time the higher level & gil cost materia are further up. There are based on general server prices, so make sure you have a look first.

  36. Sorry, but no matter how often I calculate, with these melds and Artisan headgear and mainhand I only get to 384 Craftsmanship and 373 Control. Is there something I’m missing?

    1. Let me double check, since im looking at my stats right now and it sits at 390+ 374+ on both of my master crafters.

        1. You need the advanced melding action. Just go do the next quest materia quest where you got the first one (central thanalan?).

  37. Thank you very much for this. I noticed I had a bit of a surplus of Gil, but this soon fixed that. Cost me 1.4m gil just to do the jewellery!! Gonna have to save before i can finish the job on the regular gear :P

    I assume the order you do melds in is solely related to price? As on my server craftsmanship II is more expensive than CP III and CP IV, so I swapped them round for wrists/rings — that doesn’t change percentage chances right?

    1. This is from my general experience, but yes use your own wisdom when you think the prices are skewed. This melding pattern is based off both price/success chance ratio.

  38. Hmm maybe my math is wrong but doing all you post here, that’s without the artisan gear of course we get Craftmanship 378 and Control 359 just tell me where is the rest?

    Thank you in advance.

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