FFXIV Dawntrail Aether Currents Guide (COMPLETE)

Just a simple guide detailing where to find Aether Currents in Dawntrail, to ease the stress a little! Spoiler FREE, and now complete with all six maps.

Hey there would be flyers! This is my simple Dawntrail Aether Currents Guide. While the DT currents are pretty stress-free, it’s nice to be able to see them all in one place.

July 7 2024 Update: All Aether Current map images complete! Adjusted some table info, etc.

The tables are numbered, corresponding to the “green diamond” in your Aether current tracker. All Aether Current quests have a “blue exclamation point”, but I’ll list down the names either way for each map. These are the yellow markers on your tracker.

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Urqopacha Aether Currents Locations

129.426.73Worlar's EchoNOn a cliff north of Worlars Echo, approach from the right-ish. (Left of Naryor Gorna)
228.921.32.8Worlar's EchoNEASY FAR. Northern edge of the South half of the map. E of Shades of Grief
322.836.32.2Worlar's EchoWEASY. VERY FAR. At the very south middle of the map, E of Chirwagur Lake.
418.79.81.2WachunpeloWMID. Approach from the left of Ciblu's Coffee Grounds.
529.87.80.8WachunpeloNEASY. At the very top of the Hill in Agave Jaws.
617.417.51.4WachunpeloWEASY. On a rock SW of this "field" in between the town and farm.'s EchoWRight before you queue up for trial 1. Far west of the map, Left of Sentinel.
817.520.32.4Worlar's EchoNWEASY. MSQ brings you right here. N of Proof
912.211.51.9WachunpeloWEASY. On a ridge overlooking the "farm".
1017.417.51.4WachunpeloSEASY. Right on top of a rock formation.
1Worlar's EchoThe Flames Burns No More
2Worlar's EchoAn Illuminating Ritual
3WachunpeloA Crisis of Corruption. MSQ direct unlock.
4WachunpeloA Traveler to the Rescue. MSQ direct unlock.
Urqopacha Aether Current Locations Map
Urqopacha Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

You’ll “come back here” in the MSQ – you can’t complete it on your first visit.

Kozamauka Aether Currents Locations

131.1381.2Many FiresSEASY, FAR. Southeast of Deceiver's Mantel by the river at the edge of the map.
224321.1Many FiresSWEASY. On the island at the south lake.
36.423.91.3EarthenshireNWMID. In a cave northwest of town. West of The Imperious
431.714.60.1Ok'HanuEEASY. North of Stride of the Sun, east of the river from Ok'Hanu.
539.813.40.1Ok'HanuEFAR EASY. A long walk all the way to the eastern edge of the map. NE of Dock Poga
68.611.70Ok'HanuWEASY. Right at the stairs of House of Winds High
722.427.21.4Many FiresWEASY. In between Many Fires and Earthenshire. N of Marsh Ligaka
815.534.21.1EarthenshireSEASY. By the river. You'll see it as you MSQ.
99.4180Ok'HanuSWEASY. It's "downstairs" at the coords. In a cave south of Bopo'ulhih.
1027.47.70Ok'HanuNEEASY. Nearby the stairs to the big tree.
1EarthenshireAll Good Potpacts Must Come to an End, after MSQ The Shape of Peace.
2EarthenshireDivine Inspiration MSQ direct unlock. Shape of Peace
3Ok'HanuRite of Winds Chosen
4Ok'HanuRipe for the Offering
Kozamauka Aether Current Locations Map
Kozamauka Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

You’ll “come back here” in the MSQ – you can’t complete it on your first visit.

Yak Tel Aether Currents Locations

136.435.71.2MamookSEASY. Ridge above the Southest side of the lake S of Mamook Aetheryte.
225.524.61MamookNWEASY. At the lake (downstairs), right north of Cenote Neyozzote.
37.926.21.3MamookWW Far. N of Ankledeep.
433.726.13.1MamookNWBefore descending The Ty'iinbek Traverse, go southeast of it. On the cliff.
517.76.43.2Iq Br'aaxNEEASY. NW of the airstrip above Yak Awak Tsoly
610.418.72.9Iq Br'aaxSIn the path gonig down into the pit E of The Fanged Foundry.
722.221.41.4MamookNWEASY FAR. R of Moxutural Zooj
819.133.90.8MamookWMiddle of the lakebed SE of Cenote Jayunja
929.710.63.1Iq Br'aaxEEASY. On a ridge overlooking the beach N of Village f Ilyon Asoh
1019.110.93Iq Br'aaxEEASY. South of Yak Awayk Tsoly, near the bridge.
1MamookLost and Powerless
2MamookBeast of the Heartlands
3Iq Br'aaxAiming High
4AirstripSecrets in the Cinderfield
YakTel Aether Current Locations Map
YakTel Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

Shaaloani Aether Currents Locations

134.623.10.9HhusatahwiNEOn the middle eastern most point of the map, in a tiny alcove. a flat rock in the fields between-ish all the aetherytes.
334.4130.6MehhwatsoanEEast of the lake, right at Otsekairi Shore.
49280.6ShesheneweziSWAt the end of Yowekwa Canyon. DO THIS ALONGSIDE "Meeting of the Spirits"
517.620.41.1ShesheneweziEsEASY. Really near town on the bottom right, on a hill.
69.314.41.1ShesheneweziNWSW of Mount Loazensasaya
72911.30.5MehhwatsoanSSouth of Mehhwatsoan, just near the lakeshore.
82017.90.9ShesheneweziEnEASY. Really near town to the right and a little up.
97.2201.2ShesheneweziWEasy. Near the "bandit town", N of Tonatenyawi.
1027.331.50.7HhusatahwiSWSW part of town, on the second floor of a building.
1ShesheneweziA Bad Case of the Blue Devils
2HhusatahwiWhen the Bill Comes Due
3MehhwatsoanRroneek Seeker
4HhusatahwiMeeting of the Spirits
Shaaloani Aether Current Locations Map
Shaaloani Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

Again, for that distant #4 Aether Current – do it alongside the quests that give currents – one will lead you right to it. Double whammy.

Heritage Found Aether Currents Locations

112.335.30Electrope StrikeSWIn the middle of "town", E of Submerged Skyline.
220.928.10.8Electrope StrikeSEOn a hilly field SE of town, but you gotta approach from the southish.
315.716.10.7Electrope StrikeNOn the right side of the island north of town.
435.211.11.5Yvasulani S.NOn a ridge East of Electric Potential
533.617.61.4Yvasulani S.NWest of the Thunderyards, near the end of the railway.
62318.61The OutskirtsE"Above", on the left side of the land bridge overlooking the "Farm". South of Yyupye's Halo
79.426.80.1Electrope StrikeWOn a bridge on the west side of "town".
89.712.10.3The OutskirtsWS of the Driftdowns, on a ridge. MSQ brings you here somewhat.
925.57.90.7The OutskirtsECant miss it, MSQ brings you right here at rthen Sky
1029.425.91.6Yvasulani S.WJust a little left of the Aetheryte.
1The OutskirtsAunty Knows Best
2Electrope StikeSHe Who Remembers (far S of town)
3The OutskirtsWPhyt for Survival
4The OutskirtsStressed Testing
Heritage Found Aether Current Locations Map
Heritage Found Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

Living Memory Aether Currents Locations

111.820.40.5Leynode AeroSEWest side of the Blooms of Discovery.
224.815.30.4Leynode AeroWBehind the western benches of the Arena of Valor
327.710.60.6Leynode PyroNWAt the southern tip of Matchlock Menagerie. (Get with Volcanic Disruptions Quest)
434.234.20.2Leynode MnemoWIn "between" the ferris wheels, (Esperance Wheels)
526.132.30.2Leynode MnemoENorth of Starglass under a water tower.
611.135.10.2Leynode MnemoWSouth / middle ish of Canal Town area.
710.211.30.1Leynode AeroWNE of the Museum of the Natural
831.78.40.5Leynode PyroNAt the entrance of the mask room in the volcano. W of Steps of the Speaker.
936.528.30.6Leynode MnemoWOn the castle walls before you go down to the terminal. E of Proto Alexandria.
107.530.90.2Leynode MnemoWSouth of Hydro Terminal
1Blueprint Protocol
2Volcanic Disruptions
3Perplexing Puzzles, Endless Fun
4Well-wishing at the Wishing Well
Living Memory Aether Current Locations Map
Living Memory Aether Current Locations Map by Mahiko San

Dawntrail Aether Current Locations – Scroll to:
Urqopacha Aether Currents | Kozamauka Aether Currents
Yaktel Aether Currents | Shaaloani Aether Currents
Heritage Found Aether Currents | Living Memory Aether Currents

Summary, Outro, Related Info

Well that’s about it for my Dawntrail Aether Currents guide. It’s a lot easier than the old days, ey? Thankfully, I remembered to keep track of my Aether Current getting journey so I could make the maps…

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