FFXIV Where is Fonjentaine? (Dawntrail MSQ)

You’re at “The Success of Others”, with objective “Search for Fonjeantaine.” I hope to give others success looking for this shy Elezen!

ffxiv fonjeantaine location banner image

Looking for Fonjentaine? For clarification, this is part of “The Success of Others”, with objective “Search for Fonjeantaine.” Dawntrail MSQ. No BS – answer right here:

You can find Fonjentaine at (11,5), on the left side of the red circle. In between the restaurant and the pier, at the beach. He’s leaning on the wooden poles near the stairs.

Here’s a picture of Fonjeantaine’s Location:

Well, I’m guessing you won’t be looking for Fonjentaine for long after this. Enjoy Dawntrail MSQ! It’s surprisingly difficult to type his name out…

I plan on making a spoiler free walkthrough to answer all of these little questions in the near future. But for now, this is it.

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