FFXIV Paladin (PLD) Cross Class skills guide

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What are the Gladiator -> Paladin Cross Class Skills? Here, we will be strictly discussing the cross-class skills Paladin can get.

How many cross-class skills can I get as a Paladin? Any job class may only equip five (5) cross-class skills.

From what other classes does Paladin get skills from? Marauder and Conjurer.

What are the best Paladin cross-class skills? This is discussed below.

Full list of Paladin (PLD) Cross-class skills

NameIconLevelDescriptionFrom Class
Cure2Restores target's HPConjurer (CNJ)
Foresight2Increases defenseMarauder (MRD)
Skull Sunder4Attack that generates enmityMarauder (MRD)
Fracture6Damage over time (DOT)Marauder (MRD)
Protect8Increases physical and magical defenseConjurer (CNJ)
Bloodbath8Converts damage dealt to HPMarauder (MRD)
Raise12Ressurect targetConjurer (CNJ)
Mercy Stroke26Attack that can only be executed when enemy is below 20% HP. Up to 20% life steal.Marauder (MRD)
Stoneskin34Shield that absorbs damageConjurer (CNJ)


Paladin (PLD) Cross-class skills discussion

Skull Sunder and Raise are useless in 8-man raids. Raise has it’s uses in 4 person dungeons, though.

Protect – can be used if you somehow do not have any WHM’s. Why? The Conjurer Protect gives magic resist (Proshell)

Cure – an enmity generator during fight “downtimes”. Stoneskin does this alot better, though.

Foresight – As basic as this is, +20% defense is nothing to scoff at. Take it.

Stoneskin – This is pretty good. During phases where nothing happens in fights, this is the best skill to use. Hands down.

Bloodbath, Mercy Stroke – While not stellar, these two are the only ones which marginally have a place in your skillbar. Bloodbaths heal gives enmity (effectively +10%), and Mercy Stroke isn’t so bad.


Ideal Paladin (PLD) Cross-class progression

  1. Gladiator to 15 for: Unlocking other classes.
  2. Marauder to 6 for: Fracture, Foresight
  3. Gladiator to 30 for: PLD Requirement.
  4. Conjurer to 15 for: PLD Requirement.
  5. Paladin to 50 for: Maximum level.
  6. Marauder to 26 for: Mercy Stroke
  7. Conjurer to 34 for: Stoneskin (All Cross-class skills obtained)


  • Paladin use skills from: Conjurer and Marauder.
  • Stoneskin is useful for “downtime” during fights.
  • While not “super exciting”, you get lots of use from Fracture & Foresight.
  • Best Paladin Cross-class skills:
    Foresight, Stoneskin, Bloodbath, Fracture, Mercy Stroke.

More Info: Gladiator | Paladin | GLD PLD Stats

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15 thoughts on “FFXIV Paladin (PLD) Cross Class skills guide”

    1. You go into your actions and traits panel and pick from where it says “additional”, you just click whichever class icons are lit up and then pick the skills within that you want to use from there. The ones you choose will go into a line of boxes/slots on the bottom of the panel, and yhen you can drag them to your action bars.

      You get more boxes/slots as you level, and It’s important to remember that because -for instance- say your synced down to a level 16 dungeon for whatever reason and your usually a much higher level, you’ll only have access to the extra skills from slots unlocked in that level range you’ve been synced to, but not higher. So say your 50 and you put fracture in your last cross slot, you wont be able to use fracture in the level 16 dungeon, it will be faded out on your action bars until your finished and back to your proper level. So be sure to pick your most important extra skills for your earliest slots so you won’t be without them.

  1. I quite like cure with . I only really cast it when i no longer have hate so defence down is not an issue. Nice for duo’s. Small dungeons or when there are 2 tanks and I can gain some free emnity whilst helping out the healer even if its only a small amount.

  2. I quite like having cure set as a option. I use it when i have lost hate to get it back rather than using it whilst I am tanking. Helps stop the mage from cure bombing the DD and then pulling hate also. (That said, im only low level at the moment).

  3. When you say we can only equip 5 skills, how does that work? I´m still a level 10, but am studying =p
    I can “learn” them all, but only use 5 at a time?

  4. Cliff Notes: Get Cure, Foresight, & Stoneskin. Protection if you don’t have a healer in your party. Rest of the skills are almost completely worthless.

  5. Thanks for this, so good, all the info I needed summarised quickly and in a easily read format. Kudos.

    Just hit 15 Conj so I can go Pally, didn’t know what level was good to go to for Mar so just going to pop it to lvl 10 quick with my exp helm and get on with my main story quests! Cheers!

  6. I’d also be interested on opinions of bloodbath. I used it pre 40 and found it to be so lackluster that I dropped it for cure, which at least gives a noticeable, if not still somewhat trivial heal and which works better with convalescence. With shield oath and reduced damage output at 40, bloodbath seems even less useful. I might work it back in when I have 5 cross class skills since it’s sadly better than a lot of the other options (for grouping purposes).

    I’ve been lazy since my pali is only 42 so far and hadn’t explored all the cross class options for pali so thanks for this list (and I love this site and refer it to friends for info period, thanks for the dungeon guides – I always read em before I tank em). Good to know stone skin is an option even if it’ll be a grind to get to it.

    I think I’d prioritize stone skin over mercy stroke. A spammable damage reducer vs a dps hit (with no +threat component) that only heals on a killing blow? Mercy stroke actually sounds kinda useless to me.

    1. I believe or have been told, that when using cure you put down all of your defenses, meaning no blocks/parry ( same applies for stoneskin). Also there is the 10%enmity boost from bloodbath, which won’t lower your defenses. As a tanker it seems best to avoid all conj skills in dungeons, leave the healing to the healer.

  7. Why would you use skull sunder when it does the same exact effect and damage as savage blade – and you can’t combo it. Am I missing something?

    1. Yep – some cross class skills are really pretty “useless”. More on this when the discussion sections are updated!

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