FFXIV Warrior (WAR) Leveling Guide

How to level up your Warrior (WAR) fast! Useful cross-class skills, reminders, and the best places to be in any level – HERE!

A Warry kind of guy huh? You’ve found the right guide if you’re leveling a Warrior! Check out the Warrior Basics if you need a refresher. You NEED to complete all MRD class quests (last is level 30) (got Butchers Block?, that means you’ve done it). Also Gladiator (GLD) class quests up to 15 (got Shield Lob on your Gladiator? check). Again, this WAR leveling guide should be used ALONG SIDE the General Leveling Guide.

Help! Where’s the WAR Guildmaster / quest giver? It’s Curious Gorge, located in Costa Del Sol, Eastern La Noscea (18, 27). No quest? backtrack to the MRD Guild in Limsa.

Wait a second, I’m below level 30! No problem, the Marauder Leveling Guide is for you :) Coming into this guide, be done with your level 20-29 hunting log, and allocate all stat points into STR. Messes up your stats? Get a Keepers Hymn from your GC.

Reminders before we proceed: Your WAR will level up faster if  abuse Challenge Logs and Daily Roulettes! Also – Accuracy Food is a lot more useful than you think.


Warrior Level 30: Fresh off the Block

Reminder Level 30: Queue up for guildhests More than a Feeler and Annoy the Void.
> Level 30 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Costa Del Sol, Eastern La Noscea.

Facemelting and butchery continues! Picking up from the MRD Leveling Guide, you should be in Costa FATEing it up. You can do this until a MAX of level 35 (Warriors can move to Coerthas sooner…).  Same old same old – if FATES are hiding get your Warrior behind to the levemete.

Cross-class skills: When you equip your Warrior soulstone, your crossclass options reduce quite a bit. Flash, Provoke and Second Wind are the best bet for now.

Level 30 skill reminder – Defiance: DO NOT use this while soloing. DO USE this while in dungeons. This is your bread and butter tanking stance. Please, for the love of god… don’t be that “Oops, forgot defiance” guy.

Reminder Level 35: Queue up for guildhests Shadow and Claw and Long Live the Queen.
Level 35 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Observatorium, Coerthas. (Also, Wineport ELN)

At around level 35 you can move to Coerthas Central Highlands. This place has a bunch of people (most of the time) doing a bunch of fates. If you’re soloing you might not get to tag them all! Partying up in Coerthas is popular, so it’s easy to find one! The Svara quest chain is like swimming in a metaphorical pool of EXP. (Begins @ Svaras Fear)

Level 35 skill reminder – Inner Beast: Real talk – Inner Beast is a massive skill that uses up your warrior resource: Wrath. Learning about how and when and why to use Wrath and what for separates the Warriors from… well.. “b!tches”. Inner Beast gives a huge damage reduction for a small window. While it’s effects are straightforward, Inner Beast and its proper usage is a large part of a pro Warriors repertoire.

Level 38 skill reminder – Storms Path: This skill combos off Maim. It applies a SIGNIFICANT “damage dealt minus” debuff on the enemy. Great for single tanking painful enemies. It goes without saying – this skill is absolutely massive in raiding.

Warrior Level 40 to 50: The last stretch… for now…

Reminder Level 40: Queue up for guildhests Ward Up and Solemn Trinity.
Level 40 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Whitebrim, Coerthas. (or Bluefog NThanalan)

Once you hit WAR 40, your first objective is to get a burst of EXP to try and hit 41 or 42. How? Any free challenge log entries, daily roullettes, early hunting logs, and guildhests. Why? since our next destination is Ceruleum Processing Plant, Northern Thanalan to FATEGRIND. Why skip Mor Dhona FATEs? Not many people FATE there. It’s best to party up in CPP (especially the early levels) check the PF or Shout – there’s no downside to partying up here in the early 40’s.

Level 45 Skill Reminder – Unchained: Newer warriors may neglect this skill, but it’s the real deal. It cancels the damage reduction from Defiance. Learn to use this as often as able whilst tanking, and try to time your Berserk with it!

Reminder Level 45: No more guildhests for now :(
Level 45 Battlecraft / GC Leves: St. Coinachs Find, Mor Dhona (Or CPP, NThanalan)

At level 49, might as well finish your WAR hunting log – it’s the last chance anyway!

Level 50 Skill Reminder – Storms Eye, Infuriate: Storms Eye gives a slashing resist down debuff on the target (useful for many classes), a DPS and threat increase! Infuriate instantly gives you 5 stacks of wrath. It’s on a relatively short cooldown – so yes, this plus Inner Beast is balls. (It’s great for pulling with Unchained as well)

End-game resources for your Warrior

CONGRATS on reaching 50! What to do now with your sparkly new WAR?

It’s been a long journey leveling your Warrior – but fortunately the adventure is JUST BEGINNING! Thanks for reading! For more updates check Like our Facebook! Hit us up on Twitter! Ciao!

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Warrior – leveling up 50 to 60

Level 50 Battlecraft / GC Leves: ???

Level 55 Battlecraft / GC Leves: ???

This section is reserved for The 3.0 Heavensward update. For now, check out our Heavensward info page and Heavensward preparation page.

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