FFXIV 3.2 Ninja (NIN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

HEAVENSWARD FINALIZED! NIN Best in slot guide! “We’re FOTM! Huton 4days!!”, NIN Esoterics buy order, melding and more!

So you’re back with daggers to dismantle robots 3.2?! Don’t be Suiton about your BiS since you’ve found the right place – Welcome to our 3.2 NIN BiS Guide! Shoutout to Raika Tsugum for helping me out!

Quicknotes: Eh, not much to say here. If you have an alt BRD or MCH, since they all share the same accessories pretty much.

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3.2 Ninja Best-in-Slot

WeaponMidan Metal DaggersCRIT VCRIT IV-110-123
HelmAugmented Torrent Halfmask of ScoutingCRIT VCRIT V6969-
BodyAugmented Torrent Tabard of ScoutingCRIT VCRIT V7824107-
HandMidan Gloves of ScoutingCRIT VCRIT IV-6966-
BeltMidan Belt of ScoutingDET V-5146-
LegsAugmented Torrent Tights of ScoutingDET VDET V-1122478
BootsMidan Boots of ScoutingCRIT VCRIT IV6969--
NeckMidan Neckband of AimingDET V-365112-
EarringAugmented Primal Earrings of AimingACC V-125134
WristAugmented Primal Bracelet of AimingCRIT V-5148--
RingAugmented Primal Ring of AimingCRIT V--4849-
RingMidan Ring of AimingCRIT V-361251
FoodBaked Pipira Pira--1837--
StatsTotal stats from gear369751338252
End value7231127579606

NIN BiS Discussion

The BiS is quite intuitive this time around and it basically builds itself. Nearly every piece with crit is used with the exception of Midan Body.

Midan Body isn’t too big of a loss since we actually need the accuracy from its counterpart. Midan Body also has SS so the 88 Crit (while sorely missed) is something we just cannot afford to dip our greedy hands into.

Even with the Mudra Changes, SS is still pretty bad. It’s main function is a garbage stat that you’re forced upon cause you have no choice in gear selection.

The Augmented Torrent Kris is an amazing “filler”. Not all classes can say their lore weapon stands up as a near equal to the Midan Counterpart but Ninjas have that luxury. Besides, not everyone will be able to clear A8S asap.

There’s not much else to say here. Un-upgraded Ring may provide less than 0.3% DPS increase but is overall a bit of a hassle, and has problems scaling into greater content (so adjusting your gear to this may not be the best idea IE more ACC Melds)

NIN Lore Tomestone Buy Order

The below spending strategy is purely to obtain BiS fastest:

  • Weapon: Amazing stats, worth every tome as a “filler”.
  • Body: Since Midan is A8
  • Legs: Since Midan is A7
  • Helm: Rounds out left-side BiS
  • Wrist > Ring > Earring by order of value stats.

ANYTHING ELSE IS OPTIONAL: left-side fillers first Gloves > Boots, then accessories Neck > Ring(Unupgraded).


Click on the expandables below to see how you should spend pages, and which Midas Normal parts to get first –

Midan Savage Pages


Page spending detailed below is to get BiS fastest:

A5S: Belt > Neck > Ring > Any
A6S: Boots > Hands > Illuminati Dark Gobcoat x 3 > Any
A7S: Illuminati Taut Gobtwine x3 > Any
A8S: Weapon > Any (Gobdip while waiting for Dagger is OK)

Midan Normal Parts


“what should NIN’s pick up in Midas normal”! Is a common question, so here it is! This is a general thing, and people might have varying levels of gear or goals but as a catch-all good enough recommendation:

Week 1chainpedalSpringSpring
Week 2boltpedalSpringSpring
Week 3boltlenslenscrank
Week 4boltboltANYcrank

This setup is perfect! We avoid body for 2 reasons, the stats are nightmarishly bad, and we’re picking up lore body ASAP anyway. I don’t know what else to say except that you get all important gear pieces in 4 weeks. Head and Belt are extraordinarily good fillers.

BOLTS = Ring > Neck > Any. Week 5+ ANY.

Click the above!!!

NIN Crafted Gear Viability

I’ll update this later on so I can finish all the other BiS lists. Pretty much 90% of what ‘yer lookin’ for is here already anyways.

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NIN BiS | Discussion | Lore Buy Order | Crafted TBA

Doton’t let RNG and Robots put you down! You’ll get your Ninja 3.2 BiS soon! Good luck with it, and thanks for checking out our NIN BiS Guide!

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22 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Ninja (NIN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

    1. Nevermind. I see now. Also the headpiece caps with Crit V and Crit IV. So the Crit V is unnecaessary

    1. Just a heads up, the Subtitle says esoterics when you mean lore (might be the old 3.0 subtitle left over for the page)

      1. The third link has an absurd amount of SS. The second list is OK. Keep in mind I made this when A8 Acc cap wasnt finalized. It’s a difference of a few melds from that you posted.

  1. Already commented saying this…in the purchase order for ESOTERICS you are stating that the chest piece is BiS and gives crit, again, it does not, that is the GORDIAN chest piece, not ESOTERIC. Very misleading stating it as BIS when it’s covered in Skillspeed.

  2. You’ve put in the Eso purchase order for NIN “Body: fixes accuracy, bis, gives crit… value of heavens.” The body piece with eso’s doesn’t have crit, that’s the Gordian you are quoting :)

  3. why would you swap out ironworks for dreadwyrm pants, instead of swapping out dreadwyrm wrists for ironworks? calcutated both and swapping out the wrists for augmented puts you at acc cap while having higher crit/det and less skill speed…..

    1. 110 Rings are generally worth it if you need the VIT. In the case of ninja (or bard) I would go out on a limb and say YES, thought the melds would cost you an arm and a leg…

      Melds (not really in order)
      VIT IV, CRIT IV (worth the pain)
      MORE VIT if you have an iffy scholar for t13
      ACC III’s to top it off for usability.

    2. Will you be adding this to the jobs drop down list anytime soon? Really surprised as to why it is not there already.

      1. If you can’t see it, it states that the menu is under repair.

        Also, “they” is a false statement. 99.9% of updates/words seen here are typed up by ONE guy.

    1. Its almost the same except you might want to get the least amount of SS possible. Here’s the changes from the mnk 2.2 bis:

      Weapon (of course)
      HA Ring
      Auroral Wrist/Ears/Choker/Ring

      Maybe I should make a table thats seen here, ey? Thanks for the comment!!

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