FFXIV White Mage (WHM) Leveling Guide

How to level up your White Mage (WHM) fast! Useful cross-class skills, reminders, and the best places to be in any level – HERE!

So you’ve taken the White, huh? If you’re leveling a White Mage, you’ve found the right guide! First of all you might want to check out the White Mage Basics. You NEED to complete all CNJ class quests (last is level 30) (If you have Cure II, that means you’ve done it). Arcanist (ACN) class quests up to 15 (If you have Summon II on your Arcanist, you’ve done it). Again, this WHM leveling guide is meant to be used WITH the General Leveling Guide.

Help! Where’s the WHM Guildmaster / quest giver? It’s Raya-o-Senna, located in Camp Tranquil, South Shroud (18, 27). If there’s no quest available, check back in the CNJ guild in Gridania

Wait a second, I’m below level 30! Then you should be in the Conjurer Leveling Guide :) Coming into this guide, you should have completed your level 20-29 hunting log, and allocate all stat points into MIND. If you haven’t, you can go ahead and buy a Keepers Hymn from your Grand Company supplier and do so.

Reminders before we proceed: Your WHM will hit 50 faster if you continue to abuse Challenge Logs and Daily Roulettes! Again – Accuracy Food will help you more than you think.


White Mage Level 30: Patience of Mind

Reminder Level 30: Queue up for guildhests More than a Feeler and Annoy the Void.
> Level 30 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Costa Del Sol, Eastern La Noscea.

The grueling soloing and going out of mana continues! Picking up from the CNJ Leveling Guide, you should be in Costa FATE grinding right now. You can do this until a MAX of level 35 (But you can move to Coerthas sooner).  Same process – if FATES aren’t popping get your WHM butt over to the levemete!

Level 32 trait reminder – Freecure: An amazing trait every White Mage should abuse! Each cure has a chance to proc a free Cure II. This trait wont be seen much while soloing, but when you queue up for dungeons you should learn to be aware of it! You should adjust your HUD to make it CLEAR when you’ve hit a proc.

ffxiv freecure easy proc hud white mage leveling

As seen above, I have Freecure (and soon to be Overcure) right beside my partylist, and right under my character. It’s also a habit of mine to put CD’s there for easy checking.

Level 34 skill reminder – Stoneskin: Ah, this skill. Hate the long cast time, love the effect. This skill will make or break many a raid. But for now, learn to use it in between pulls for yourself when soloing, and for your tank when in dungeons!

Reminder Level 35: Queue up for guildhests Shadow and Claw and Long Live the Queen.
Level 35 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Observatorium, Coerthas. (Also, Wineport ELN)

At around level 35 you can move to Coerthas Central Highlands. This place is usually very populated, and contains a huge number of FATES. So numerous that ‘tagging’ them all might be an impossible task if soloing! Partying up in Coerthas is popular, so you wont have a hard time finding one! The Svara quest chain is exceptionally good for EXP (Begins @ Svaras Fear)

Level 38 skill reminder – Shroud of Saints: The White Mages only mana replenishment skill (pre 3.0). Use it early and often! Soloing as WHM can be painful because mana regen can be an issue – at least this helps you out somehow. In raids, needless to say, this skill is gold.

Before proceeding, as always, allocate all unused points to MIND, complete all White Mage job quests, and beat up your hunting log. Done? Okay.

White Mage Level 40 to 50: The last stretch… for now…

Reminder Level 40: Queue up for guildhests Ward Up and Solemn Trinity.
Level 40 Battlecraft / GC Leves: Whitebrim, Coerthas.

Once you hit WHM 40, the first thing you want to do is gain a few quick levels – How? Hunting Log (as much as you can), Challenge Log (any uspent entries), and Daily Roulette (Guildhest and Low Level). You need to get a few levels quickly here, since our next destination is CPP, Northern Thanalan to FATEGRIND. Mor Dhona is the next logical step, but it’s often not very populated. Check the PF or Shout – you’re gonna need a party for the early 40’s here.

Reminder Level 45: No more guildhests for now :(
Level 45 Battlecraft / GC Leves: St. Coinachs Find, Mor Dhona.

Level 46 skill reminder – Aero II: Well, finally you get another basic DPS skill. Starting off with Aero II -> Aero should be standard for any WHM! Of course, if the enemies are weak just spam Stone II.

At level 49, you might as well finish all your WHM hunting logs. They’re pretty much useless after.

End-game resources for your White Mage

So you’ve hit max level – CONGRATS! What to do now with your sparkly new WHM?

  • WHM BiS – Best in slot end-game gear and some tips on how to get there.
  • WHM Healing Guide – Some tips on how to maximize your WHMs potential!
  • Raid Guides Directory – You SHOULD be at least attempting to clear coil, right!

It’s been a long journey leveling your White Mage – but fortunately the adventure is JUST BEGINNING! Thanks for reading! For more updates check Like our Facebook! Hit us up on Twitter! Ciao!

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White Mage – leveling up 50 to 60

Level 50 Battlecraft / GC Leves: ???

Level 55 Battlecraft / GC Leves: ???

This section is reserved for The 3.0 Heavensward update. For now, check out our Heavensward info page.

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