FFXIV How to Unlock Viper and Pictomancer

No BS. How to unlock the new Dawntrail jobs: Pictomancer and Viper.

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If you’re here, you’re probably excited about Dawntrails release and the two new jobs that come with it, and so am I. This is a short and sweet post to about unlocking Viper and Pictomancer – the new Jobs in Dawntrail! Beastmaster? Not much info yet will update asap. So, dawn’t wait any longer! Lesgo!

How to Unlock Viper (VPR)

Below are the quest details for Unlocking the Viper Job.

  • Viper Unlock Quest Name: Enter the Viper
  • Location: Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (9.3, 9.2), it’s near the main aetheryte.
  • NPC: Worried Weaver
  • Prerequisites: Level 80 Disciple of War or Magic.

The most important detail here is you need an L80 combat class. After that, you’re ready to rip!

Viper is a melee DPS (Damage Dealer) that seems to lean on the faster pace of things. Is it the class for you? No harm in trying right!? My friends say they’re very similar to Reapers playstyle… Who knows.

Aesthetically, you get what they’re going for. Who doesn’t love a good edgelord. In fact, this one’s double.

Mahiko San Note: Viper is compared to Zidane from Final Fantasy 9, who also uses dual-wielded shortswords OR the “combined” double bladed “thief sword”. I’m unsure if this was ever officially stated, but they’re pretty damn similar.

Supposedly the three letter code for Viper is VPR, let’s see.

How to Unlock Pictomancer (PCT)

See: Pictomancer Starter Guide
Rotation, setup, gear, tips and more!

Here’s the quest info for Unlocking the Pictomancer Job.

  • Pictomancer Unlock Quest Name: The Joy of Pictomancy
  • Location:New Gridania -> Conjurer’s Guild (8.0, 10.3)
  • NPC: Cheerless Hearer
  • Prerequisites: Level 80 Disciple of War or Magic.

Remember you need an L80 combat class to unlock this, and you’re prepared to paint the town!

Pictomancer is a magical caster DPS (Damage Dealer) that is mostly comparable in-game to Black Mage, both having “limited mobility”, or so they say. I tend to agree with this assessment.

They have a very lively aesthetic, using “paint” and some “cute’ attacks – their main weapon is a Brush ffs. I personally can’t wait.

Mahiko San Note: Picto is most definitely “inspired” by Relm from Final Fantasy 6. A nice callback for an old ancient treebark such as myself.  In fact, according to that wiki her Job is indeed Pictomancer haha. Even some of her actual skills are very similar to Picto’s.

You can say it’s “Relm Reborn”
– Mahiko “My Picto” San

Supposedly the three letter code for Pictomancer is PCT, let’s see.

Summary, Closing, Other Info

Welp, there it is How to Unlock Viper and Pictomancer, both new jobs in Dawntrail. Have fun out there guys, remember to eat well, drink well, and rest well – as if you’re reading this you’re likely chomping at the bit to enter Dawntrail’s pre-release!

Happy stabbing and sketching out there!

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