Garuda Extreme Mode (FFXIV: ARR)

Garuda Extreme Mode strategy guide and Loot List!

Garuda Extreme Mode Teaser Video

Garuda EX Abilities

Some of the usual suspects return for extreme mode:

Slipstream: Avoidable cone stun that does extreme damage.
Friction: The usual targetted AoE
Wicked Wheel: Garuda does Wicked Wheel whenever the adds are alive. It’s extremely powerful and should be avoided.

Whenever Garuda disappeard from the map, a large spread of AoE’s will follow in her last location. They deal moderate damage, and cause Windburn (Wind DoT).

Adds (Suparna, Chirada) Abilities

Suparna (Red):

[Special] Wicked Wheel: Suparnas Wicked wheel is extremely powerful. For a non-tank, it’s a potential KO. It’s avoidable so GTFO.
Slipstream – Channeled Frontal Cone stun.
: The usual targetted AoE
Downburst: A medium strength cone attack.

Chirada (Green):

[Special] Downburst: Chiradas downburst is extremely powerful. It’s a cone attack. The target is marked by a crosshair.
Slipstream – Channeled Frontal Cone stun.
Friction: The usual targetted AoE

While either Chirada or Suparna are alive: Garuda cannot be damaged.

Razor Plumes: Like before, they target a stone pillar or guy, and will explode dealing damage after a set time.

Spiny Plumes: The “Key” add to this fight. Upon killing it, releases an AoE which causes Windburn (Wind DoT). A short time after it’s death – it will put up a “Safe Zone” wherein Garudas Reckoning will do significantly less damage to those inside. The initial target of Spiny Plume seems to be the second Highest Enmity (and in some rare cases – the MT).

Spiny Plumes give a stacking debuff to its target. If it reaches 3 stacks it will do “Super Cyclone” dealing tons of damage (Likely a KO) to everyone. Provoking the Spiny Plume before its target reaches 3 stacks is important, and is one of the main reasons many groups will wipe.


Garuda EX Phase 1 – Stone Pillars

Reminiscent of Garuda Story and Hard Mode. Nothing special here. The first sub-phase, every non-melee should be in dead-center of the pillars. Preserving the stones are your goal for this phase. It has 3 Sub-phases:

Starting Phase – All non melee stack dead center to avoid Friction hitting rocks. Once she vanishes, hide behind the rocks old-school style.

Razor Plumes – Razor Plumes show up and target random rocks. Kill them asap. Again try to stack in the middle as much as possible, with the exception of tank and melee. This mini-phase has the usual “Vortex” mechanic.

Initial Adds – The first time adds spawn. You should memorize what to do here, for the next time adds spawn:

  • MT picks up Suparna(Red) and Garuda.
  • OT picks up Chirada.
  • Chirada must be tanked ACROSS the map from the others. If they’re too near each other -> they gain immense defense.
  • Ranged DPS and healers should stay in a place where friction wont hit rocks.

There are things you have to note here:

  • Downburst will hit the OT for heavy damage, but shouldn’t be much of an issue.
  • On the MT side, WICKED WHEEL becomes a “one hit KO”. Make sure melee DPS and MT avoid this. Using virus on both Garuda and Suparna is a good “insurance” in case tank gets hit. All forms of damage reduction / mitigation should be used in preparation.
  • Chirada uses Downburst simultaneously with the Wicked Wheel on the other side. This always happens after Friction!

If you have enough rocks alive, Reckoning shoudn’t kill you! On to the next phase…

Garuda EX Phase 2 – Vortex

Wind surrounds the outer ring of the stage, and players should remain near the middle, or suffer a pushback + large damage.

Spiny Plume makes its first appearance here, along with a bunch of Razor Plumes. Your goals here are simple:

  • Kill all Razor Plumes
  • Leave Spiny Plume at a low HP%.

A rather simple phase, with no heavy incoming damage. A great time to use Mages Ballad, as you’ll be needing max DPS next phase.

Once Garuda disappears, destroy the Spiny Plume and seek refuge inside the safe-zone it generates. (Remember to avoid the initial death AoE of spiny plumes)

Garuda EX Phase 3 – Tornado

5 Tornados spawn in static locations on the map, forming a cross-like (T) formation. The safe spots are located near the brown markings on the map (Where the pillars used to be).

Chirada and Suparna show up during this phase. As usual, MT takes both Garuda and Suparna. Off-tank takes Chirada. And again, Suparna should be the first target. There are some things to note during this phase. The main difference in this phase is Tornadoes + Spiny Plumes.

  • The MT’s position should be loose enough that the melee dps and himself can get away from the “Double Wicked Wheels”.
  • Healers and Ranged DPS should stay at the very tip of the center tornado, to be in range of everyone.
  • Like last phase, leave Spiny Plume at a low HP%, and destroy it at phase transition.
  • There are four safe pockets – Ranged and healers should have a good spread.

Travelling between “safe-zones” through tornadoes can be done using the following:

  • Sprinting along the edges (Recommended for casters…)
  • Dragoon jumps
  • Monk Shoulder Tackle.

Remember not to kill the Spiny Plume too early, or too late!

If you pass this phase, You go back to the Vortex Phase -> Tornado Phase -> Vortex Phase, repeats until Garuda is dead!

Garuda Extreme Mode Loot List

Garuda EX drops iLevel 90 Loot:

Tank – Vortex Ring Of Fending
Healer- Vortex Ring Of Healing
Melee – Vortex Ring Of Striking
Bard – Vortex Ring Of Aiming
Caster – Vortex Ring Of Casting

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Allagan Tomestones (Philosophy & Mythology)


What are Allagan Tomestones?

Allagan Tomestones are an end-game currency you get from various duties (Dungeons/Trials) which you can use to buy end game equipment. There are two types of Allagan Tomestones (Philosophy and Mythology). The Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy are easier to obtain than the Mythology (see our list of where to get Tomestones below)

How many Allagan Tomestones can you carry? What is the cap for Allagan Tomestones?

These are questions that get asked a lot, the simple answer is you can can carry up to 2,000 of each, for Mythology though there is a 300 450 a week cap (changed in 2.1). To view this cap simply go to your Character menu and click on ‘Currency’. The Tomestones on top are the Philosophy, the ones on the bottom are Mythology



Where can I use Allagan Tomestones? What can I buy from Allagan Tomestones?

In Mor Dhona (Revenants Toll) there is an NPC ‘Auriana’ near the Aetheryte. This is where you can spend your Allagan Tomestones, all the armor here is higher quality than that of the story quest. Also important to note that if you are doing your ‘A Relic Reborn’ quest, you will need to purchase a ‘Bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching oil‘ for 900 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy after defeating Titan Hard.


Where do you get Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy / Mythology?

Here is what we have so far, if you know of any other sources, please note down in the comments!

PlaceTome of PhilosophyTome of Mythology
Duty RouletteLow level dungeons - 100
Main Scenario - 100
Low level dungeon - 10
High level dungeon - 40
Must be level 50 to receive tomestones
If you are not level 50 you receive GC currency instead
Award is only received once per day
Castrum Meridianum100-
The Praetorium100-
Amdapor Keep10030
The Wanders Palace10030
Copperbell Mines (Hard)10050
Haukke Manor (Hard)10050
Pharos Siruis10050
Crystal Tower20050
The Binding Coil of Bahamut-50 (Myth only drops for Turn 1,2,4,5)
Ifrit (Hard)104
Garuda (Hard)157
Titan (Hard)2015
Ultima's Bane2017
King Moggle Mog1512
Garuda (Extreme)2519
Titan (Extreme)2522
Ifrit (Extreme)2525
Beast Tribe Daily0,5,10,150,3
Timeworn Leather Map??
Timeworn Goatskin Map??
Timeworn Toadskin Map??
Timeworn Boarskin Map??
Timeworn Peisteskin Map??

What is Darklight Armor / Relic+1 Armor / End Game Armor?

Here is the known tier system for equipment right now:

  • Story Quest / Grand Company / Crafted gear
  • Darklight: buy using Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy
  • Primal Weapons (Hardmode) from Titan (item level 80) > Garuda (item level 70) > Ifrit (item level 60)
  • Relic Weapon: from quest chain ‘A Relic Reborn’
  • Relic+1: buy using Allagan Tomestones of Mythology
  • Allagan: drops from the Binding Coil of Bahamut
  • Allagan Weapon (i95): drops from turn 5 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut

FFXIV ARR Garuda – Lady of the Vortex

Garuda Phase 1

In garudas first phase, you have one goal: Protecting the stone pillars. All of garudas listed abilities below can cause damage to the stone pillars, so positioning must be precise!

Wicked Wheel (PBAoE): A large 360 degree radius nuke.

Downburst (Targeted AoE): A medium sized AoE which targets random party members.

Slipstream (Interrupt-able, Stun): A nasty channeled attack that deals massive damage, and stuns you.

Razor Plumes (Adds): Kill them ASAP. They destroy the stone pillars if left alone.

After a while garuda will vanish and reappear on the edge of the map. You have to hide behind a rock opposite to her to prevent getting KO’d by the following attack.

This cycle repeats itself three or four times, until she does Aerial Blast.


Garuda Phase 2

Before officially entering Phase 2, You have to survive Aerial Blast. The better the condition of the stone pillar you hide behind, the less damage you take. Aerial blasts damage is absolutely brutal. Make sure you try to reduce it with various skills (As maruko did with Mighty Guard in the video)

The Arena becomes much smaller, but she retains all of the above skills. Exiting the “eye of the storm” results in significant damage. Make sure your tank doesn’t move around wildly. Having her face backward is extremely risky due to Slipstream in this phase, as there is little space to dodge it. Ranged guys, position yourself JUST OUTSIDE Wicked Wheels range. and far enough not to be multi-tagged by the Ranged AoE.

Razor Plumes continue to now explode on you, so kill them quickly or kite them.

Mistral Song is very similar to the disappearing mechanic in Phase 1. Treat it like Slipstream – but this one is a one shot kill.

Make sure throughout the fight you are aware of your position. Not too close, not too far. If your group has your positioning strategy down – Garuda is no problem!

Ifrit | Titan | Garuda
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