FFXIV Arcanist / Scholar Stats & Materia Guide

NOTE: This page is for Arcanists planning to go Scholar. Not you? You were probably looking for the:
Arcanist->Summoner Stats Guide

What’s a good arcanist stats build? What are useful scholar stats? Arcanist / Scholar materia? If any of these questions brought you here, you came to the right place. Whether its by stat allocation, gear or materia, knowing what stats your Arcanist or Scholar need should never be far from mind!

Arcanist (ACN) & Scholar (SCH) Stats

What are the arcanist or scholar stat weights?

MND > PIE  > Critical Chance > Determination > VIT > Spell Speed 

*These may vary slightly from patch to patch, or by personal preference. Following the recommendation above will always give you a good ACN > SCH build.

Arcanist (ACN) Scholar (SCH) Primary Stats Allocation

What stats should I add as an arcanist going scholar?


Since this is where people may mess up the most, I’ll explain it in word for word. When you allocate stats, put as much points into MND (Mind) as you can. If you cannot put any more points into MND, place points into PIE (Piety). If you cannot put any more points into MND and/or PIE, invest in VIT(Vitality).

Mind – Increases healing power. As a Scholar, this is your main concern.

Piety – Increases Mana (MP) Pool. While not such a big issue for Scholars, this is always good to have.

Vitality – When you cannot take anything else, go for VIT and be less squishy.


Arcanist (ACN) & Scholar (SCH) Secondary Stats

What are good secondary stats for arcanist -> scholar, and why?

Critical Chance > Determination  > Spell Speed

While you can’t allocate this directly, these will be heavily considered when picking gear upgrades and slotting materia.

Critical Chance – The best choice for scholar, as critical heals will alleviate your problems of a small base heal, and beefing up the shields given by succor. Also triggers your pets passive.

Determination – A flat bonus to both healing and damage is always welcome.

Spell Speed – Reduces GCD and cast time, resulting in more heals. Not too hot for Scholars, though.

Arcanist (ACN) & Scholar (SCH) Materia

This is directly related to the first section. As you may know, all gear has a limit for each stat it can have, the higher its Item Level, the higher amount of stats it can hold. So the idea is to max out (or get close to maxing out) the left most, and work your way right. Again:

MND > Determination > PIE  > Spell Speed > Critical Chance > VIT

Materia Name
MND: Mind
PIE: Piety
VIT: Vitality
Critical Strike: Savage Aim
Determination: Savage Might
Spell Speed: Quicktongue

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  • Overall ACN SCH stat importance: MND >  PIE > Critical Chance > Determination > Spell Speed > VIT
  • ACN SCH Stat allocation: MND > PIE > VIT
  • Secondary stats for ACN SCH: Critical Chance > Determination  > Spell Speed > 
  • Reference links: Arcanist FAQ, Scholar FAQ
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5 thoughts on “FFXIV Arcanist / Scholar Stats & Materia Guide”

  1. Gotta agree with the other two comments. I’d take CRIT over PIE any day, as a SCH pretty much has unlimited mp due to Energy Drain (as long as they are capable of effectively managing their mp). You do need some PIE, but a CRIT on an Adlo (for example) is going to prove to be more helpful in the long run. Let your WHM healing partner worry about getting the extra PIE.

    1. Piety still overtakes Crit IMO, but our ACN/SCH pages have always had bad luck when it comes to caching and DB problems, since they were injected before launch. It should show up properly now, Ryes.

        1. I have to update these, but Piety still has a massive role to play in SCH (these were written in beta). If you bred out all PIE in your gear, you would regret it.

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