FFXIV 3.2 Dragoon (DRG) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! DRG Best in slot guide! “I dropped blood”. DRG Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

So you’re thrusting forward yet again as Dragoon in 3.2! Well you’ve been pointed to the right place for 3.2 DRG BiS! You’ll need it to get the jump on these robots!

Quicknotes: There’s alot of sets that can come up with VERY similar stats.

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3.2 Dragoon Best-in-Slot

WeaponMidan Metal SpearACC VACC V2486118-
HelmAugmented Splitstream Helm of MaimingACC VSS V606912
BodyMidan Jacket of MaimingACC VACC V2478107-
HandAugmented Splitstream Gauntlets of MaimingACC VACC V2448-69
BeltMidan Belt of MaimingACC V-1236-51
LegsAugmented Splitstream Breeches of MaimingACC VACC V2411275-
BootsMidan Boots of MaimingACC VACC V2469-48
NeckMidan Neckband of SlayingACC V-4851--
EarringAugmented Primal Earrings of SlayingACC V-4851--
WristAugmented Primal Bracelet of SlayingCRIT V--48-51
RingMidan Ring of SlayingCRIT V-5148--
RingAugmented Primal ing of Slaying
CRIT V--124936
FoodBaked Pipira Pira1837
StatsTotal stats from gear357745349267
End value7111099567621

DRG BiS Discussion

Let me first preface this discussion by saying theres more than one way to arrive at a set that has nearly the same stats. And a whole lot of other
ways to make sets that are about 95%+ efficiency as this BiS.

Accuracy? It’s got 99.8++ frontal accuracy for A86 which should be more than enough. This should be enough! If you’re foreseeing problems, go ahead and change one of the ring melds to acc.

621 Skillspeed? It’s 5 points above the practical softcap of 616 (and the absolute minimum for DRG which is 590). As far as I know DRG’s should not go much higher than 616 – it may even be detrimental to the rotation. If you wan’t to go for 590+ (depending on your latency and experience) you can drop the single SS meld above and meld a DPS stat.

The LORE WEAPON and LORE BODY both have SS, and both are good fillers anyway. Lore Body large amounts of accuracy, So DO NOT HESITATE to pick that up even if it’s not BiS!

Melding? Can be a pain since it’s one of those sets that need accuracy melded on. Stick to cheapmelding IV’s (DPS stats or ACC) if you’re far from your BiS, and switch to accuracy V slowly. (The lore body helps out with this)

Lore Body BiS? Is very possible. Just change the melds and switch body piece THATS IT. The only downside is a little overcapped with SS, and lower DET (Not too painful). The upside? Much more flexibility with melds. It’s not BiS but can serve as a temporary solid set. This is the route you wanna take if you have no money for ACC V, lol.

Aside from this, the set works out quite well with over 1k crit and a safe level of SS (616+), and the rest being the “worst”, non-scalable stat, DET
which we can’t really avoid. Overall, quite a good BiS yet again for DRG!

DRG Lore Tomestone Buy Order

  • Weapon: Still worth even if its not BiS. Go further down the list if you haven’t gotten your hypercharged tome yet.
  • Legs: By order of Midan appearance. (A7)
  • Helm: Likewise (A6)
  • Glove: Since helm is a more stable choice, this is last.
  • BODY (You’ll get this either now, or after accessories).
  • Ring > Earring > Bracelet. By order of stability.

Everything ELSE IS OPTIONAL! left-side fillers priority Body (if you didn’t get it earlier),  Boots, Belt – then accessories Earring > Neck.


The boxes below are expandable on click!!!

Midan Savage Pages


This strategy purely outlines the “speediest BiS” getting:

A5S: Belt > Ring > Neck > Any
A6S: Boots > Illuminati Dark Gobcoat x 3 > Any
A7S: Illuminati Taut Gobtwine x 3 > Any
A8S: Weapon > Body > Any (Waiting for Spear and getting Gobdip is OK)

Midan Normal Parts


“what should DRG’s pick up in Midas normal”! Is something I get asked often so here it is…

This is a general thing, and people might have varying levels of gear or goals but as a catch-all good enough recommendation:

Week 1pedalpedalshaftshaft
Week 2chainlensshaftshaft
Week 3boltlenscrankcrank
Week 4boltboltANYANY

We avoid legs since we’re getting it with lore ASAP. The body isn’t too good but its better than 210. Pretty good since you get all body pieces by W3. W5+ = ANYBolts? Ring > Bracelet > Any

Click the boxes above to expand!!

DRG Crafted Gear Viability

Well, I’ll get back to this once I wrap all BiS up – it’s pretty much better for ALTS at this point anyways. 90% of the info you’ve come to look for is above, anyway.

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DRG BiS | Discussion | Lore Buy Order (&Pages)  | Crafted TBA

Well, I wish you all the luck in getting your Giers! GL with your Dragoon 3.2 BiS!

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27 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Dragoon (DRG) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. So without beating A8S how does this look?
    By putting acc on the 240 relic you could remove some Acc 5’s and replace them with crit 5’s.
    Another improvement would be on the belt as well.
    Are there anygood sets for doing a full dps relic 120 crit/115 det/ 5 sks?

  2. So, coming back to this, I’ve done some experimenting and the Gordian Spear BiS heavily outweighs the Brionac, the 87 det affecting your auto attacks, which come up as almost 20% of your damage alone, even without the crit multiplier (Which caps at around 26% at ~867 crit. Not a hard cap, but diminishing returns), I’d say the Gordian spear is the best BiS with the Thordan Halberd being a notable filler over brionac pre-Gordian Spear.

    Hope it helps, my best wishes to you guys o/!.

    1. In the discussion I put the SS swaps needed, HOWEVER, yes I was expecting these specific ‘590’ sets, so I may as well put one up.

      1. Personally, I feel this build is wrong, not only the Brionac is Inferior to the Trident in stat weighs, but relying on it for sks caps does not pay off stat wise, the acuraccy is way too high considering A4S front is 640, and sacrificing almost 100 det to get a bit more crit/meet sks cap does not pay off in the overall build, because the highcap of 2.39 still gives you an optimal performance.

        imho, this is what a real DRG BiS should look like: http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/QZFW

        Note: This page’s BiS, to compare: http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/RPCQ

        1. Aldric, upon reviewing the two links… The main difference is..

          Your BiS gives: +87 DET +31 SKS
          My BiS gives: +61 CRIT

          The loss of crit seems a little too staggering for me. DET isn’t too hot this patch. While your list does reduce accuracy to prevent a waste of stats, i personally do not know if it will even outweigh the listed set.

          Thankfully the difference is only TWO PIECES (one being the gordian spear), so it’s quite easy to experiment with. Thank you for the input!

          1. Given the current stat weighs, those stats still make for a weighted 9.9 for crit vs 15.317 for det and sks, so it IS noticeable. I don’t have my gordian spear yet, but as soon as I do, I will buy both sets and do some field testing.

          1. Hey, that’s pretty awesome! Thank you for that. I’m here should you like to discuss anything else with me. Thanks again :D.

  3. What would be BiS il120 gear as a combination of WoD and Poetics gear look like? Just curious. I’m getting back into the game after a 7 month hiatus. I have the WoD chest and head gear for my DRG. All of my accessories are from SCoB. I want to save my poetics for my weapon as I only have the Liberator right now and I never upgraded my Zenith o.O Thanks!

    1. ffxiv.ariyala.com – lock in the gear you want to keep from your current set, lower the max ilvl to 120, set up bis solver to ignore skill speed and include food buffs, and click solve.

  4. Dreadwyrm Spear is not the BIS. Longinus Zeta with full Crit & Dex come out to have 57 STR, 67 VIT, 53 CRIT, and 38 DET. With an auto attack at 57.22. Only thing Dreadwyrm Spear head is a slightly lover delay. Longinus Zeta has 2.96 delay.

    1. Probably because of some impractical thing called “stat weights”, while useful – it doesnt and CANNOT take into consideration actual combat practicality.

    2. Yeah like ffxiv guild said, ariyala puts a little over 1/10 weight on skill speed which causes a difference. To verify this, you can set the stat weight to 0 for skill speed on ariyala’so bis silver, and it will show the same set you see here.

      Sorry for spelling/capitalization. I’m on my phone.

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