FFXIV Monk (MNK) Cross Class skills guide

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What are the Pugilist -> Monk Cross Class Skills? Here, we will be strictly discussing the cross-class skills Monk can get.

How many cross-class skills can I get as a Monk? Any job class may only equip five (5) cross-class skills.

From what other classes does Monk get skills from? Marauder and Lancer.

What are the best Monk cross-class skills? This is discussed below.

Full list of Monk (MNK) Cross-class skills

NameIconLevelDescriptionFrom Class
Feint2Damages and slows enemiesLancer (LNC)
Foresight2Increases defenseMarauder (MRD)
Skull Sunder4Attack that generates enmityMarauder (MRD)
Keen Flurry6Increases parry rateLancer (LNC)
Fracture6Damage over time (DOT)Marauder (MRD)
Impulse Drive8Attack. Damage is stronger if dealt at the back of targetLancer (LNC)
Bloodbath8Converts damage dealt to HPMarauder (MRD)
Invigorate22Instantly restores 300 TPLancer (LNC)
Mercy Stroke26Attack that can only be executed when enemy is below 20% HP. Up to 20% life steal.Marauder (MRD)
Blood for Blood34Damage dealt +20%, Damage taken +25%Lancer (LNC)


Monk (MNK) Cross-class skills discussion

Feint – If there are key adds that can be slowed, and you don’t have a LNC / DRG, take it.

Foresight, Keen Flurry – Take one or the other if surviving physical damage is a concern.

Fracture – A decent DoT as always.

Impulse Drive – My impulses tell me it’s not worth getting this as a monk.

Bloodbath – A pretty decent self-healing mechanism, for the lack of other things to take.

Invigorate, Blood for Blood – well, this is the main event in terms of monk cross class. Take these two and dont look back.

Mercy Stroke – This is kind of underrated. Pretty strong for when it’s needed.

Ideal Monk (MNK) Cross-class progression

  1. Pugilist to 15 for: Unlocking other classes.
  2. Marauder to 6 for: Fracture.
  3. Pugilist to 30 for: MNK Requirement.
  4. Lancer to 15 for: MNK Requirement.
  5. MNK to 50 for: Maximum level.
  6. Lancer to 34 for: Blood for Blood.
  7.  Marauder to 26 for: Mercy Stroke(All Cross Class Skills Obtained)

Like always, getting an extra DoT from Marauder 6 is very helpful early on.


  • Monks use skills from: Gladiator and Pugilist.
  • Invigorate and Blood for Blood are your key offensives here.
  • For defensives, Foresight and Bloodbath.
  • Best Monk Cross-Class Skills:
    Blood for Blood, Mercy Stroke, Invigorate, Fracture, Bloodbath.

More Info: Pugilist | Monk | PGL MNK Stats

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8 thoughts on “FFXIV Monk (MNK) Cross Class skills guide”

  1. How useful is Mercy Stroke?
    it have 90sec CD and only can be used when emeny has 20% or less HP.
    which means most of time it can be only used once.
    wonder how helpful it is to adding just one more 200 attack..is it really worth it?

    1. Turn 8 mercy stroke is amazing. It can be used on every dread and the avatar at the end. it’s also the strongest move we get other than our dots and off the gcd. I’ll use it the moment I can, and I won’t even worry about the healing effect. Also turn 8 and turn 9 made me completely drop fracture. Dps gain is so minor compared to the tp cost (T8 issue) and keen flurry was actually useful to survive the double meteor stream dive (t9). The way I see it invigorate, blood for blood, bloodbath, mercy stroke, then the last one is personal preference

          1. Monks can, but the Gladiator/Pugilist note in the summary is still not correct and could confuse people.

            Also invigorate isn’t really offensive, it’s more of an “oh crap” reactive type button if you get low on tp, from that I can tell. Sure, if you have no tp you aren’t doing any damage, but it’s not directly influencing your dps like Blood for Blood is going to.

            As for Impulse Drive, I’ve noticed that it’s pretty effective when stuck in low level dungeons, primarily for trash, due to a lack of skills available at the time. At that juncture and purpose I found it to be just as good to get the Twin Snakes damage buff and stand behind things spamming Impulse Drive, then it was to bother with the usual rotation. Things died just as quick. But yeah, generally, I wouldn’t bring it to higher level parties.

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