FFXIV Leatherworking (LTW) Class Guide & FAQ

Where is the Leatherworking Guild? The Leatherworkers Guild is located in Gridania, and is Headed by Geva, who is pictured above.
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If you’re new to crafting, you might want to check out Crafting General Guide / FAQ first, and our Crafting General Leveling Guide.

What do Leatherworkers craft? (End Game)

Battlecraft Gear
Pugilist / Monk Armor
Archer/ Bard Armor
Pugilist Fist (Main Hand)

Tradecraft Gear
Crafting Armor (Belt, Gloves, Boots)

Fieldcraft Gear
Gathering Armor (Body,Gloves,Boots)

Components used by other crafting classes


What classes should be Leatherworkers?

Mainly charged with making physical DPS armor for Lancers (Dragoons), Archers (Bards), and Pugilists (Monks). Leatherworking is good overall since their main component (Leathers) is widely used. Not to mention they have quite a number of useful crafting and gathering gear that anyone can use. Overall, a very good class for anyone to pick up.

Again, every crafting class benefits / relies on other crafting classes for components, so it’s never truly useless to train Leatherworking (or all crafting classes)

Leatherworking skills

Every Crafting (Disciple of Hand) class shares a large pool of skills, four of which are unique to each class. Below are the Leatherworker only skills.

Waste Not1556 CPReduces loss of durability by 50% for the next four steps.
Brand Of Earth3715 CPIncreases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is Earth.
Efficiency: 100%(200%)
Success Rate: 90%
Waste Not II5098 CPReduces loss of durability by 50% for the next eight steps.
Name Of Earthname of earth leatherworker CRAFTING SKILLS FFXIV ARR5415 CPFor the next five steps, Brand of Earth efficiency is increased. Increase determined by current progress.
Only one Name of the Element action can be used per synthesis.

Leatherworker Skills Discussion

Waste Not: 53 CP for 20 durability doesn’t sound super it’s actually massive. The over time effect IS also a big advantage versus Master Mend. More details on that below in the entry for Waste Not II. Long story short, this skill is exceptionally powerful and well worth a level 15 skill.

Brand of Earth: Like any ‘brand’ skill, this is almost always better than any generic synthesis skill. As a cross-class skill, this of course depends on the element of the item you’re crafting. Use it if you the item you’re crafting is earth element. (Determined by shard used?)

Waste Not II: 95CP for 40 durability over time makes this the best durability restoration skill. Again, this is mostly because you do not have to waste a step when having additional effects on. Many times, you are going to dedicate steps to restoring durability using Masters Mend – this almost always coincides during critical times where additional effects are on. By pre-casting Waste Not, you are effectively giving yourself more options to continue and react to certain random crafting events.

From the comparison above, we can assume Waste Not I is extremely worth a level 15 skill, and is in most cases better than Masters Mend II (Since MMII cannot be used on items with only 40 max durability!). Waste Not II is the most efficient durability restoration mechanic in the game. It completely invalidates Masters Mend I, II and Waste Not I, and in my opinion, is a must-have crafting skill. Brand of Earth is always good when needed.

KEEP NOTE: that this is the only case when using skills that decrease durability on each step Waste Not is active. Otherwise, Waste Not will not trigger. Now… time to stack Inner Quiet with Basic Touch, yes?

Leatherworker Leveling Guide

We suggest starting crafting by leveling all crafting classes to 15 at once.

Where are the Leatherworker Levequests?

  • Level 1-45 Levequests: Gridania.
  • Level 1-5: The Bannock
  • Level 10: Bentbranch Meadows
  • Level 15: Hawthorne Hut
  • Level 20 – 25: Quarrymill.
  • Level 30: Costa Del Sol
  • Level 35: Coerthas, Observatorium.
  • Level 40:  Coerthas, Whitebrim.
  • Level 45: Mor Dhona, St. Coinachs Find.
  • Level 50 – 60: Ishgard

The items required, and more details on this and the crafting log can be found in the Leatherworker Leveling Guide.


  • A general crafting class that crafts most if not all kinds of accessories.
  • Archers (Bard) & Pugilists (Monks) have the most to gain from leatherworking, but it’s one of the more general classes anyone would be happy to pick up.
  • Leatherworking skills look “meh”, but are extraordinarily powerful, and are all useful at any point of your crafting level.

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8 thoughts on “FFXIV Leatherworking (LTW) Class Guide & FAQ”

  1. Can someone tell me why I power leveled my leatherworking from 0-9 tonight and then all of a sudden it wont even let me make basic leather from animal skin, im new to the game and archer level 16 but not the process for simple leather is like 20????

  2. Waste not 2 isn’t as good as this guide claims. For starters, it will still lose a charge on ANY skill you use, even if it isn’t a touch or synthesis skill, and through those 8 charges you will most definitely use at least 1 non durability reducing skill, wasting charges – and CP basically because you are not getting full use out of the 98 CP. Waste not is generally superior most of the time.

    1. All of that is true, however consider this:

      Steady Hands > WN II > 4x actions > Steady Hands > 3x actions.

      You waste ZERO triggers of waste not, since the “5” durability acts like 10. Waste Not II is impractical to use in the current crafting meta, but it still remains the most efficient Durability saving skill.

      1. What annoyed me most about Waste not 2 was that I can’t stick ANY other skill in between except for a steady hands at most, or it’ll be a waste. Most often this happens if I ran out of the first cast of steady hands and a good condition pops, and I can’t really use tricks of the trade without wasting a charge of WN2, whereas that won’t have been a problem with waste not – or an excellent popping at the end of the first steady hands, which means it’ll get a poor if I use steady hands and I can’t use observe (before casting steady hands) without wasting a Waste not 2 charge.

        Still, I did use it when leveling lower level crafts to get as many touches as I could, particularly for 40 durability recipes.

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