FFXIV Machinist Leveling

Level up your Machinist (MCH)! Setting up – Early Rotations – Gear Checks and more!

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re likely leveling up a Machinist. You’ve found the right place. Hopefully, our Machinist Leveling Guide helps you out – especially with setting up and the early L30+ rotation!

Machinist Leveling Guide Navigation:
Page 1: Unlocking, L30 Skills & Rotation, L30 Gear, Class Quest List
Page 2: Leveling MCH 30 to 50 (Basic info for now)
Page 3: Leveling MCH 50 to 60 (Basic info for now)
Page 4: Leveling MCH 60 to 70 (Basic info for now)

For those who jumped right into this page, we will add a little blurb about unlocking Machinist, if you haven’t already.

Unlocking Machinist (MCH) Job

Quest Name: Savior of Skysteel
Quest Location: Foundation (X:8, Y:10)
NPC Name: Stephanivien

You will be rewarded with the Soul of the Machinist, your main hand weapon (Steel-barreled Carbine), and a free coffer of 30 left side gear (Toadskin Jacket and Toadskin Brais)! Equip them as soon you have them!

Continue doing any and all quests in the chain. You should get the Hotshot skill before proceeding.

Since Machinist starts at level 30  (provided you have a level 50 character), there are a few things you have to “catch up to”… Namely, your Skills, Rotation, and to a lesser extent, Gear.

Fresh Level 30 Machinist Rotation & Skills

Thankfully, there aren’t too many skills unlocked by L30 so you won’t be overwhelmed.

MCH Rotation Summary

The MCH “rotation” or if we can even call it that, is all about bullets, procs, RNG, and frustration.

Reload and Quick Reload add bullets into your gun that “surely” proc your next combo in the chain. If you’re doing it “raw”, your combo is reduced to a chance.

You must be very keen of procs, and maximizing the use of every bullet!

It’s useless to go into detail this early at L30. In the next tabs, we will mention ALL AVAILABLE SKILLS and the context wherein they’re used.

L30 MCH Single Target Rotation
L30 MCH Single Target Rotation

Use Reload (L4) and Quick Reload (L26) as often as possible. Be mindful never to go above 5 bullets.

Is Hotshot (L30) buff up? If no, use Hotshot, if yes, proceed.

Split Shot (L1) Proc or bullet? Proceed. If not, spam Split Shot (L1)
Slug Shot (L2).

If you have Reassemble (L10), use it only on your strongest skill (in this case, Slug Shot with Ammo.

Heartbreak (L6) when the enemy is at low life.

L30 MCH Basic AoE Rotation
L30 MCH AoE Rotation

DO NOT USE YOUR AOE ON 2 TARGETS.  A case can be made for using spread shot on 2 guys IF YOU HAVE AMMO – but I don’t think it’s ultimately worth it.

Spread Shot (L18) spam on 3+ targets.  Obviously with 4 or more targets, Spread Shot becomes beastly – but be wary of the TP costs.

Remember to still keep Hotshot (L30) up.

L30 MCH Misc (Cooldowns, Utility)
L30 MCH Utility Skills

Reload (L4) and Quick Reload (L26), just a reminder, gives bullets which increase potency on most skills, and ensures proccing the combo chain.

Reassemble (L10) ensures your next weapon skill is a critical strike – always save it for your strongest shot.

Blank (L15) is a decent pushback, you can interrupt skills with it. Careful using it in dungeons – you don’t wanna loosen up piled enemies.

Rapid Fire (L30) speeds up your GCD considerably for 3 skills. Useful in the near future with Wildfire (L30). For now, it’s a generic DPS cooldown.

L30 MCH Role Actions
L30 MCH Role Actions

Long story short a basic solo setup is:
Invigorate > Second Wind > Peloton > Any

For a detailed guide check out our Ranged DPS Role Actions guide.


Fresh level 30 Machinist: Gear Check

The free gear you get from completing the Machinist quest is, ultimately, lacking. You only get a chest and leg armor, while lacking Helm, Belt, Gloves, Boots – and the entire 5 right-side accessories. If you plan to maximize your options in leveling – you wanna shore this up ASAP.

Ignore this section if you’re one of those pure PotD types.

FOR THE ACCESSORIES: Fluorite Tier, OPTIONALLY melded with Heaven’s Eye > Savage Aim > Savage Might. You can meld your other gear, too, if you like.

L30 MCH Basic of the Basic gear
WeaponSteel-barreled CarbineFree from coffer
HeadHQ Steel SalletMarket board / ARM
BodyToadskin JacketFree from coffer
HandsHQ Toadskin ArmguardsMarket board / LTW
BeltHQ Toadskin BeltMarket board / LTW
LegsToadskin BraisFree from coffer
BootsHQ Toadskin Leg GuardsMarket board / LTW
EarringHQ Fluorite EarringMarket board / GSM
NeckHQ Fluorite ChokerMarket board / GSM
WristHQ Fluorite BraceletMarket board / GSM
RingHQ Fluorite RingMarket board / GSM
RingHQ Fluorite RingMarket board / GSM

Machinist Class Quests: Where!?

It happens to everyone, don’t worry. We will be listing the relevant chunks per tier on the respective page of this leveling guide as well, for easy reference.

Machinist Job Quests 30 to 50
30Master of MarksmanshipOuter La Noscea2018Rostnsthal
35Always the Last Place You LookFoundation810Stephanivien
40Rook Before You ReapFoundation810Stephanivien
40Securing the LocksFoundation810Stephanivien
45A Suppressive StrategyFoundation810Stephanivien
45Blood on the SandsFoundation810Stephanivien
50Rage against the MachinistsFoundation810Stephanivien
50The Power of a TourneyFoundation810Stephanivien
Junior Machinist’s Armor Coffer
Machinist Job Quests 50 to 60
50A Joye-less CelebrationFoundation810Stephanivien
52Pushing the BrumeFoundation810Stephanivien
54A Joye-ful ReunionFoundation810Stephanivien
56Wheels of JusticeFoundation810Stephanivien
58Taking the FallFoundation810Stephanivien
58Rusted SteelFoundation810Stephanivien
60Rise of the MachinistsFoundation810StephanivienMachinist’s Armor Coffer
Machinist Job Quests 60 to 70
60The Machinist’s ChoiceFoundation810Stephanivien
63The Hrunting HeistFoundation1212Hilda
65Release the HoundsFoundation1212Hilda
68Snouts Down, Tails UpFoundation1212Hilda
70The Mongrel and the KnightFoundation1212HildaGunner’s Armor Coffer

Machinist Leveling Guide Navigation:
Page 1: Unlocking, L30 Skills & Rotation, L30 Gear, Class Quest List
Page 2: Leveling MCH 30 to 50 (Basic info for now)
Page 3: Leveling MCH 50 to 60 (Basic info for now)
Page 4: Leveling MCH 60 to 70 (Basic info for now)

I’m sure you’re itching to level up – and I hope you took the above preparations to heart! Just continue onwards with the links just above!

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