FFXIV Armorsmith (ARM) Class Guide & FAQ

Where is the Armorsmithing Guild? The Armorsmiths Guild is Located in Limsa Lominsa, and is Headed by H’Naanza, who is pictured above. [City & Guild Locations]

If you’re new to crafting, you might want to check out Crafting General Guide / FAQ first, and our Crafting General Leveling Guide.

What do Armorsmiths craft? (End Game)

Battlecraft Gear
Gladiator / Paladin Shields.
Tanking Armor (Gladiator / Paladin) (Marauder / Warrior)
Lancer / Dragoons DPS Armor.

Fieldcraft Gear
Alchemists Alembic (Main Hand)
Culinarians Skillet (Main Hand)

Components used by other crafting classes
Ingots, Rings, Rivets, Plates


What classes should be Armorsmiths?

Gladiators (Paladins) and Marauders (Warriors) would benefit most from Armorsmithing. It’s a pretty narrow crafting class, which doesn’t offer much to others. They do craft the main hand arms for the most general crafting classes, Alchemist and Culinarian.

Again, every crafting class benefits / relies on other crafting classes for components, so it’s never truly useless to train Armorsmithing(or all crafting classes)

Armorsmith skills

Every Crafting (Disciple of Hand) class shares a large pool of skills, four of which are unique to each class. Below are the Armorsmithing only skills.

Rapid Synthesis15FreeIncreases progress. Progress.
Efficiency: 250%
Success Rate: 50%
Brand Of Ice3715 CPIncreases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is Ice.
Efficiency: 100%(200%)
Success Rate: 90%
Piece By Piece5015 CPIncreases remaining progress by 1/3rd.
Success Rate: 90%
Name Of Icename of ice ALCHEMIST CRAFTING SKILLS FFXIV ARR5415 CPFor the next five steps, Brand of Ice efficiency is increased. Increase determined by current progress.
Only one Name of the Element action can be used per synthesis.

Armorsmith Skill Discussion

Rapid Synthesis: at 250% synthesis efficiency, it’s the strongest progress raising skill. However, it also has the worst success rate (50%). Rapid Synthesis works well with steady hand (Increase success rate by 20%). Even then, this is pretty situational.

Brand of Ice: Like any ‘brand’ skill, this is almost always better than any generic synthesis skill. As a cross-class skill, this of course depends on the element of the item you’re crafting. Use it if you the item you’re crafting is ice element. (Determined by shard used?)

Piece By Piece: This one is a bit strange. It is a great starting synthesis move, specially when you are completing a craft which requires more than 400 points worth of craftmanship. Remember, it only takes into account the progress left, so if you are half way into your crafting do not use this skill as it will only progress 1/3 of what is left. Very situational, only practical for extremely difficult progress bars. Some iLvl 70 crafts need 4-5 synthesis to complete, this is where Piece by Piece shines.

Brand of Ice is probably the best of the bunch here (Having access to all brands is very useful). The usefulness of Piece By Piece is only seen in end-game crafting.

Armorsmith Leveling Guide

We suggest starting crafting by leveling all crafting classes to 15 at once.

Where are the Armorsmith Levequests?

  • Level 1-45 Levequests: Limsa Lominsa Adventurers Guild.
  • Level 1-5: Red Rooster Stead
  • Level 10: Swiftperch
  • Level 15: Aleport
  • Level 20 – 25: Quarrymill.
  • Level 30: Costa Del Sol
  • Level 35: Coerthas, Observatorium.
  • Level 40:  Coerthas, Whitebrim.
  • Level 45: Mor Dhona, St. Coinachs Find.
  • Level 50 – 60: Ishgard


  • A specialized crafting class which doesn’t offer much to others.
  • Armorsmithing is most beneficial for Gladiators, Marauders, Lancers and their advanced jobs.
  • Armorsmiths don’t have the most useful of skills to learn. Piece by Piece is okay.

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3 thoughts on “FFXIV Armorsmith (ARM) Class Guide & FAQ”

  1. I’m super new to the game and I am lvl 31 and can’t figure out how to start mending materia

  2. There are some changes in Live compared to Beta, which is what this guide is based on. Rapid Synthesis is now a 50% success chance instead of 70%, Brand of Ice is unlocked at level 37, and Piece by Piece is available at level 50.

    Rapid Synthesis remains the most efficient synthesis skill on paper, but it has a high risk of failure and so it is best for quickly completing synthesis after maxing out Quality gains with an Excellent proc.

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