FFXIV White Mage (WHM) Cross Class skills guide

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What are the Conjurer -> White Mage Cross Class Skills? Here, we will be strictly discussing the cross-class skills White Mage can get.

How many cross-class skills can I get as a White Mage? Any job class may only equip five (5) cross-class skills.

From what other classes does White Mage get skills from? Arcanist and Thaumaturge.

What are the best White Mage cross-class skills? This is discussed below.

Full list of White Mage (WHM) Cross-class skills

NameIconLevelDescriptionFrom Class
Ruin1Generic non-elemental nuke.Arcanist (ACN)
Physick4Basic heal.Arcanist (ACN)
Surecast8Your next spell cannot be interrupted by damage.Thaumaturge (THM)
Ice II12Weak AoE bind.Thaumaturge (THM)
Virus12Reduces targets STR & DEXArcanist (ACN)
Swiftcast27Causes your next spell to have no cast time.Thaumaturge (THM)
Eye for an Eye34A defensive shield that gives a chance to reduce enemy damage dealt.Arcanist (ACN)

White Mage (WHM) Cross-class skills discussion

Ruin: Useless. Use Stone II over this anyday.
Physick: Still useless. Cure is still more synergistic with your overall kit.

Surecast: Useful in PvP! It’s use in PvE is extremely rare, but it still deserves one of the 5 slots.

Ice II: A weak potency AoE attack, with a bind effect. It’s your only choice for AoE until holy (But this is really weak…). This is really good in PvP though!

Virus: The second best WHM cross-class skill. Reduces boss physical damage, great for heavy damage phases.

Eye for an Eye: Admittedly this isn’t exactly game-breaking, but useful enough. A % chance to have the striker deal less damage is just way too inconsistent, but any increase is defense is always good.

Swiftcast: THE BEST CROSS-CLASS SKILL of all time. The sheer effectiveness of Swiftcast on White Mage is just insane. Along with Benediction, this becomes an “anti-wipe” on a 60 second cooldown. Pure insanity. Maximizing Swiftcast will cause the reversal of many otherwise failed raids. (Yes, Swiftcast + Raise works)


Ideal White Mage (WHM) Cross-class progression

  1. Conjurer to 15 for: Unlocking other classes.
  2. Conjurer to 30 for: WHM Requirement.
  3. Arcanist to 15 for: WHM Requirement.
  4. Conjurer to 50 for: Maximum level.
  5. Thaumaturge to 6 for: Thunder
  6. Thaumaturge to 27 for: Swiftcast
  7. Arcanist to 34 for: Eye for an Eye (All Cross-class skills obtained)

Getting THM 6 is a step you should not skip. It’s absolutely worth the trouble, as you will be using Thunder for the rest of your life as a White Mage, and makes levelling up much less painful.


  • White Mages use skills from: Arcanist and Thaumaturge.
  • Learn to use Virus early and often!
  • Swiftcast is amazing. Get it and practice using it. It will save many raids.

More Info: Conjurer | White Mage | CNJ WHM Stats

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14 thoughts on “FFXIV White Mage (WHM) Cross Class skills guide”

  1. Swift-cast + Benediction looks a bit out of line there.

    as of patch 2.1 Benediction is a instant cast with a 300 sec. cool-down.
    though Swift-cast is still a must have, especially when you know there are big attacks coming up and a very quick heal is needed

  2. “Thaumaturge to 6 for: Thunder
    Thaumaturge to 27 for: Swiftcast”

    Swiftcast is level 26 and thunder is not a cross class skill.

    1. Yes it’s now Ice II. We’ve been waiting for a major patch to update ALL of our basic character skill info… this will be updated very soon (sitewide)

  3. Virus and Eye for an Eye are excellent skills for reducing boss damage on tanks, especially for high-end encounters. By rotating these skills along with Scholars, Summoners and Black Mages, you can lower the overall DTPS of the party or tank.

    Surecast is just as useful as Swiftcast with the short cooldown. Pop it just before a heavy hit is about the strike the party and watch yourself cast Medica/Medica II right though the heavy damage without interruption and heal your allies back up in a moments notice. Extra points if the enemy chains heavy AoEs

  4. Great guide, very simple and to the point. I’m a lvl 32 whm and I never knew what was a good cross class. I shall work on this when I get on tonight!

    1. Yes you can! But remember, you can only equip 5 cross class skills at level 50. There also needs to be the tag WHM on the skill description.

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