FFXIV 3.2 Machinist (MCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! MCH Best in slot guide! “BRB buying bullets in town”. MCH Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

So your 1 key hasn’t worn out yet and you’re back to being a “Robot Sympathizer” which isn’t too popular with the Eorzeans! Thankfully, MCH got some pretty beefy buffs – so GL getting your 3.2 MCH BiS! Thanks to Tiffany Faye for the help!

Quicknotes: Of course, is very similar to BRD BiS. The most glaring difference I can tell you is that SS is absolutely garbage for MCH.

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3.2 Machinist Best-in-Slot

WeaponMidan Metal MusketoonCRIT VCRIT V-110-123
HelmMidan Goggles of AimingDET VDET V486924-
BodyAugmented Torrent Tabard of AimingCRIT VCRIT V1122475-
HandAugmented Torrent Armguards of AimingDET VDET V486924-
BeltMidan Belt of AimingDET V--5146-
LegsAugmented Torrent Tights of AimingCRIT VCRIT V-102-112
BootsAugmented Torrent Boots of AimingCRIT VCRIT IV-6966-
NeckMidan Neckband of AimingDET V-365112-
EarringAugmented Primal Earrings of AimingDET V--5146
WristAugmented Primal Bracelet of AimingCRIT V-5148--
RingAugmented Primal Ring of AimingCRIT V--4849-
RingMidan Ring of AimingCRIT V-3612-51
FoodBaked Pipira Pira--1837--
StatsTotal stats from gear349741342286
End value7031095560640


only making short discussions to update all BiS quickly

MCH BiS Discussion

640 SS? What gives, man!? Well, SS is locked in 3 key pieces of gear

  • 100+ from 245 Weapon (Silly not to use this)
  • 100+ from Legs (Other legs are ACC DET and no crit…)
  • 50+ from Ring (Un-upgraded ring is OK, but lose too much ACC!)

So with that, we’re stuck. You may not like it, but we HAVE NO CHOICE.

Why not use Midan Body? It has CRIT! Well, there’s this other stat that’s slightly more important that Crit sometimes – it’s called ACCURACY. The 50~ Crit lost from body more than makes up for the tons of accuracy WE ACTUALLY NEED. It’s just a 50~ point loss, shh bby is ok.

Frontal Accuracy? This set is 20 points away from Frontal ACC cap. If you find yourself needing it, simply replace 1 (2 max) DET melds for ACC.

Technically, you can swap the body and legs, as both of those slots have mirrored stats. This BiS just assumes everyone will get the legs sooner than the body. Just tossin’ that out there… meaning:

  • Choosing Midan Body + Midan Legs (saves lore)
  • Choosing Lore Body + Lore Legs (Earlier BiS power spike to beat A7/8)

If your MCH is an alt you may consider the Midan option.

It is as of yet confirmed if Piety increases your worship levels and boosts proc chance. If that’s the case you can check WHM… (This is a joke, k).

MCH Lore Tomestone Buy Order

The below spending strategy is purely to obtain BiS fastest:

  • Weapon: Not bad so why not? You’ll have to buy this at some point, man.
  • Body: By order of Midan counterpart…
  • Legs: By order of Midan counterpart…
  • Hands: This before boots since the stats are way better.
  • Boots: Yep… “That’s a lot of Lore, MAN!!!!”
  • Ring > Wrist > Earring in that order of value.

ANYTHING ELSE IS OPTIONAL: left-side fillers should be prioritized (Head > Belt), then accessories Neck > Ring(Unupgraded).


Click on the expandables below to see how you should spend pages, and which Midas Normal parts to get first –

Midan Savage Pages


The below spending method is for getting BiS fastest:

A5S: Belt > Ring > Neck > Any
A6S: Head > Illuminati Dark Gobcoat  x 3  > Any
A7S: Illuminati Taut Gobtwine x 4 > Any
A8S: Weapon > Any (Gobdip then just wait for Gun is fine…)

B-but Mahiko Senpai, the piece I bought dropped the next week! Don’t blame me. Blame yourself, or God. Not “God Mahiko”, just God. Or yourself.

Midan Normal Parts


“what should MCH’s pick up in Midas normal”! Is a common question, so here it is! This is a general thing, and people might have varying levels of gear or goals but as a catch-all good enough recommendation:

Week 1chainboltspringspring
Week 2pedalpedalspringspring
Week 3boltlenscrankcrank
Week 4boltboltlensANY

So we’re avoiding body here since we’re picking up lore ASAP. Every other body piece is pure value and will serve you as far as A8S! The stats are surprisingly great. BOLTS = Ring > Neck > Any. Week 5+ ANY.

Click the above!!!

MCH Crafted Gear Viability

I’ll be updating this in the second pass just so I can finish more BiS pages asap. 90% of the info you’ll need is already here, though.

Navigation: Machinist BiS
MCH BiS | Discussion | Lore Buy Order | Crafted TBA

As the robots rise and fall – so does your proc chance!!! GL with yer’ Machinist for BiS in 3.2!

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15 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Machinist (MCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Please update this info its all outdated and im sure you know this? so why you still have this old gear and melds here?

  2. Would the 240 MCH Relic become best in slot just due to it being 120 crit 115 det and 5 acc? I think that would outweight the 245, but not sure.

  3. “MCN Lore Tomestone Buy Order

    The below spending strategy is purely to obtain BiS fastest:

    Weapon: Horrific stats, luckily you’re forced to buy other items due to waiting on Hypercharged Tomestone… “what do”. You’ll have to buy this at some point, man.”

    But but, ideal sedondary stats (being delicious capped-crit, and det) on the lore weapon, horrific?


    Is it possible you skimmed the stats and misread the crit as ss, or perhaps confused it with the stats on the relic? (=

  4. Personally I’m going with Torent Body + Midan Legs. The bodies don’t feel drastically different in stats, but the legs are Crit + Acc vs Crit vs Det, and I would rather the Crit +Det, then I just stack on some det Materia to really pad it out. Still over 700+ Acc which is more then enough, but also have a sweet amount of Crit and Det added. My only concern is that my SS is sitting at 470+ and sure it’s dirt, but I would personally prefer it to be at 500-600. But maybe that’s just me.

  5. There’s no way this BiS is right, you’re not even meeting the flank cap for A8 much less the frontal, 703 is simply too low. MIDAN BODY + MIDAN LEGS has nearly identical stats with accuracy cap to meet the flank requirement, I’m sure there’s several other ways to do this, but what you have here is purely wrong and you’ll have people wasting lore on body/legs when they’re simply not going to be used.

    1. EDIT: At first glance I thought there was a mislinked Item but everything was in order… I will address your 2 concerns of Accuracy and MIDAN/MIDAN vs. TORRENT/TORRENT body/legs combo.

      Now for ACCURACY there’s 2 factoids goin on here. 723 is too high, the original number thought to be frontal A8S is supposedly wrong. It’s closer to 712. As we know early on we cannot be exactly sure, in which case my advice listed in the guide is as follows:

      “Frontal Accuracy? This set is 20 points away from Frontal ACC cap. If you find yourself needing it, simply replace 1 (2 max) DET melds for ACC.” So until the final word comes out, I smartly recommended a single change that would accomodate 720+ or 700+, it’s a modular solution while data is in flux and affects ZERO body pieces.

      As for your second concern about the Augmented Torrent Body and Augmented Torrent Legs combo – you can literally interchange those two to MIDAN+MIDAN , the solution to your conundrum is also listed within the guide:

      Technically, you can swap the body and legs, as both of those slots have mirrored stats. This BiS just assumes everyone will get the legs sooner than the body. Just tossin’ that out there…

      The BiS you’re talking about merely switched the two pieces of gear that have mirrored stats but HARDER TO OBTAIN. I chose to use TORRENT BODY + TORRENT LEGS since A7/8S is further down. Your suggestion of MIDAN BODY + MIDAN LEGS is EQUAL IN STATS but harder (or merely a different method) to obtain.

      To say that LORE BODY and LEGS are useless and wouldn’t be used are a little extreme since it has the same exact stats as the MIDAN + MIDAN combo you’re stating.

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