FFXIV 3.3 Gathering BiS Gear & Materia Melding

3.3 UPDATED Find out gathering best in slot & materia melding caps for DoL BiS! Info for Ironworks Gathering and Augmented Keep sets.

So you’re looking to spend on melding for your DoL BiS again? Luckily, our little guide here can hope to blunt the costs for you!

  • What is BiS and melding for 3.3?
  • Melding notes and intricacies per slot?
  • Is Augmented Keep (Red Scrip) set worth it?
  • Core 3.3 DoL Reminders?

3.3 DoL Gathering BiS (“Practical BiS”)

Thankfully 3.3 introduced a universal set which happens to be BiS. The set and melds outlined below has a few properties you should be mindful of:

DoL GearGat CapPer CapGP Cap12345
High Mythrite SEE NOTES50285GAT VPER IVFreeFreeFree
High Mythrite tier28505PER VFreeFreeFreeFree
Ironworks Cap of Gathering9285PER VPER VFreeFreeFree
Ironworks Vest of Gathering28140GAT VPER VGAT ?GAT ?PER II
Ironworks Gloves of Gathering2190GAT VGAT IVGAT IIIPER IIIPER II
Ironworks Belt of Gathering975GAT VGP IIIGP IIPER IIPER I
Ironworks Slops of Gathering1415GAT IVGP IVGAT IIIGAT IGP I
Ironworks Boots of Gathering1145PER IVPER IIIGP IIIGP IIPER I
Ironworks Necklace of Gathering9910SAMPLEMELDBELOWSeeNotes
Ironworks Earrings of Gathering9910GP VGAT IVPER IIIPER IIGAT I
Ironworks Armillae of Gathering9910SAMPLEMELDABOVESeeNotes
Ironworks Ring of Gathering995PER VGAT IIIGP IIIGAT IIGP II
Totals w/ melds & no food913929679
Sample w/ Pasta Ortolano947963692
13 OPEN Melds
  • Anything that can be practically capped is capped in the melds above.
  • Any uncapped gear is noted by ANY/FREE or in the Melding Notes above.
  • The set offers 12+ FREE/OPEN melds for any thresholds that may appear.

DoL BiS Melding notes for each slot

Mainhand: High Mythrite Pickaxe

It becomes better than Red Scrip gear with those 2 melds. 3 open slots is a lot of flexibility for any stat soft caps you might need to chase, even just going with III’s.

Offhand: High Mythrite Sledgehammer

LEAGUES ahead of its predecessors. PER V is the only meld here I’d suggest and leaves 4 open flex slots.

Head: Ironworks Cap of Gathering

Brutally “impossible” to cap, but more flex slots for us!

Chest: Ironworks Vest of Gathering

I would highly suggest just putting GAT IV GAT III in the open slots here as Perception will be capped.

Hands: Ironworks Gloves of Gathering

Easily caps, thankfully uses only a single V.

Belt: Ironworks Belt of Gathering

If only it were like this. “Painless” in comparison – caps using one V.

Neck, Earring, Bracelet SAME MELD!

Okay so this is a “cheap meld” which leaves 4 GP uncapped. Does it really matter? No, not really. It’s very very expensive to cap this requiring an overmelded V and two IV’s to work out. All in all if you want to be “maxed out” on GP, consider replacing the perception melds in the suggestion above. Ultimately, everyone has their own budget but the meld I suggested has many good points.

Ring: Ironworks Ring of Gathering

Of those two melds, I like the the one that utilizes GAT V simply because they will be a little less in demand compared to PER V. It’s up to prices on the day you meld, anyhow.

It’s a painless meld that caps with a single V and not even an over-melded IV. Great!

Is Red Scrip Augmented Keep set worth it for DoL?

tldr no, except for fillers. If you’re swimming in Red Scrip might as well get weapon for a filler. Shirt is a far second. It doesn’t help that this set is class-specific… yuck.

3.3 DoL Core Reminders

The Moogle Beast Tribe rank-ups give materia V’s (Gathering too AFAIK) So they’re pretty worth doing.

Tricks and StonesDisciple of the Hand level 50
The Churning Mists (X:27.2 Y:34.5)
NPC: Seething Stonemason
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Into the Aery” and the quest “Laying the First Brick.”

You’re going to need a decent level DoH to complete these, though. Unlocking the Moogle Tribe is connected to quite a few side-quests in the map so GL with that.

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86 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.3 Gathering BiS Gear & Materia Melding”

    1. There might be some incorrect info. The GP “Totals w/ melds & no food” should be 706 instead of 679. My guess is you guys used some data of NQ gears. I made a full set of HQ gears and melded, and by only adding +3 GP on main/off/head gear, my total GP is 700 without food. (same happen in crafting gear as well, some data might be from NQ)

  1. FSH 50+ needs GP as well, and the more the better. Patience II costs a whopping 560GP to use, and more GP means you can use more Hooksets and less waiting and wasting buff time.

  2. hey there FFXIVGUILD, just want to inform u the Serpentskin Belt Of Gathering is changing name into Dragonskin Belt Of Gathering.

    and many thanks for your update since 2.0 until now, hope the best for ur website and ur FC :D

    ~ Ryakieus Ixion IGN
    Supreme FC

  3. 576 Perception seems to be the minimum for the lv 60 gathering rotaitons mentioned abover for the 450, 470, and 530

  4. I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I’m honestly quite new to the entire DoH/DoL scene (just got my MIN to 60 last night and have yet to get a crafter up there), and don’t fully understand the specifics of gear stat caps, melding, etc. As for my confusion, what exactly are you doing do achieve the Unmelded Stat numbers you have at the bottom of the table? Using the full set you have listed with no melds, I’m sitting at 500 Gathering, 510 Perception, and 573 GP. What am I missing to get me the 74 Gathering, 61 Perception, and 24 GP that I need to match your “unmelded” numbers?

      1. Items definitely HQ. Am updating this soon… it’s a bit strange this time around with a “3 tier” bis.

  5. The serpentskin bush hat has a much higher perception cap than 7; I’ve already melded 2x Gatherer’s Guile IVs and it’s letting me meld another one at full potency (for +18 total). I haven’t tried to meld more than that yet for lack of funds but if anyone gets a chance to figure out the REAL max meld for it, please let us know?

    1. Hmm? Is it HQ? I’m gonna verify all of these once alex S comes out. Red Scrip tier gear might render some of these obsolete

      1. I can confirm that the HQ Serpentskin Bush hat is more than 7. I think I screwed up some melds, but all well… :X

  6. Just a heads up: you need 650 gathering to be able to reach the legendary nodes in one hit. (At least for botanist, I assume it’s the same)

    1. Aye, I’m not sure of the exact, but 650 sounds in the right range. Will definitely update this on tuesday for savage.

      1. might be better to wait til thursday to update it seeing as wont be able to see the new red scrip gear til then

          1. looking at the new gear its better to get new crafted gear. since u cant get main hand from crafted u got to choice but to get main hand as red scrips.

            should be able to reach over 700 gathering and perc from new crafted gear and main hand from red scrips. not sure on gp depends on how much u want to meld

          2. you might want to double check the cap melds again, the belt caps at +7 gathering. also the only new crafted stuff for gatherers are offhand, belt, and accessories, the mainhand, hat, chest, gloves, pants, and shoes all can only be upgraded via red scrips.

  7. I’d say everything here is pretty much out dated since 3.0 heavensward. Might want to put at the top of this page or something that will let people know that this gear is pretty much useless so they don’t spend a fortune trying to get BiS melds that are outdated.

    1. Which is why the page title clearly states “2.4 BiS”. fortunately I’m updating this today.

    1. Hrm… I hesitate to recommend the right-side BiS for fishing. I will be adding this in the initial 3.0 update for this guide. For now here’s some advice:

      For the sake of “value for money” use the above right side even if GP is wasted.

      For the sake of “Who cares about cash”
      Meld 110 Platinum accessories with Perception and Gathering. I myself do not know the cap, but feel free to let me know.

    1. Never mind: means best in slot. How do I go about implementing these steps? Do I purchase them or make them? How do I go about maxing out my gathering?

          1. needs to be updated with Lucis weapon BiS and progression tips on how to obtain it. Also it is worth noting that Fishing BiS is different than Mining and Botany. For Fishing you want to meld i70 battle class accessories each with 5 gathering and 5 perception

  8. With regards to the melds for Forager’s Slops, it should really be Grasp IV, Guerdon III, Guerdon I, Guile I for the econo-meld, since Gathering cap is 6, rather than Grasp IV, Guerdon III, Guerdon III, Guile I. ^^

  9. Militia Bracelets can take at least +4 gathering.

    You have this listed:

    Wrist Militia Bracelets HQ 0(+) 0(+) 43(+10)

    1. Ga(4) Per(4) GP(10) is listed in the new main table. I think you’re refering to the pre-bis table which ill fix now, thanks!

      1. Another possible mistake:
        You have Forager’s Legs listed as:
        Legs: Grasp IV, Guerdon III, Guerdon III, Guile I

        However, the I believe it should be Grasp IV, Guerdon III, **Guerdon I**, Guile I

        Since max gathering is 6, adding 2 Guerdon IIIs is overkill, no?

        Please confirm if Im in fact correct or if Im derping :P

  10. Thank you for another amazing guide FFXIV Guild, as always, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your letting me spend my time fishing rather than working out what these melds should be!

  11. There is still some disparity between your top chart and your bottom chart. In particular, it looks like the bottom chart reflects the pre-2.3 data on the old neck, belt, ear and ring melds while the top chart lists the data for the new iLvl 55 items in 2.3. And the meld bonuses on the Militia Wrists are still missing from the top chart.

    I was curious about the totals for Gathering because I’ve been seeing posts on other sites claiming certain iLvl 80 fish (such as the Frilled Shark) requiring a gathering stat of 390+. My gear, as far as I can see, is capped at 354 with the Halcyon Rod Supra. Add 24 more for HQ Spinach Quiche and 10 more for an FC action buff and you get 388. So, two questions:

    1) How many extra points or gathering can you put on the iLvl 70 (combat) jewelry (2-star lvl 50 Goldsmith recipes)?

    2) Would Square Enix be so nasty as to require fishers to get non-gatherer gear in order to catch the top fish in the game?

    (or, third question: Am I missing 2 points somewhere? Should the total for a fisher with the Supra rod be 356?)

          1. No, Militia Bracelets only takes +8 GP. I saw some guides saying it’s +10, so I planned to add +10, and ended up getting fooled. Could have done it cheaper.

  12. why is this guide so bad? on the chart it clearly says the max melds for legs are +6 gathering +4gp +4 perception, so why would you put a guile 1 in it which only has +3 perception? it’s the little stuff like this that is off with your guide. it just makes you seem like you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about

    1. The leg CAPS at 4, and holds +1 perception. Guile one does give 3, but you can only utilize 1 of it. If I could suggest Gatherers Guile 0.3 i would :D

  13. There seems to be incomplete stats above on the militia bracelets on both charts. Also not updated as it seems they can take +10GP now. Thanks for the guide :)

  14. The Perception cap on Offhand is 20, not 20+. I applied Guile IV, III, III, III and only received a RED +4 for the last Guile III melded.

  15. Does anyone know the specifics for the Materia that can be affixed to the Dodore Choker,Rose Gold Earrings of Gathering, and Dodore Ring? As I’m quite unsure what I should place in them.

  16. Three new gathering gear recipes in the master Leatherworker book: the Dodore Survival Belt, Dodore Choker and Dodore Ring. All are item level 55, which should point out one line in the patch notes people may have missed: “The GP cap when affixing materia to accessories item level 55 or above has been increased.” Effectively, the Militia Bracelets can now take a total of 10 GP in melds, not 7. I have my Dodore Survival Belt HQ (base +16 Perception) capped with +4 Gathering, +3 Perception and +4 GP on my melds (that’s up +1 Gathering and Perception each compared to the Raptorskin Survival Belt). The Dodore Choker HQ (base +45 GP) can take +4 each to Gathering and Perception (again, up 1 point each from the Raptorskin Choker). I ran out of Grasp Materia IIIs after getting 1 to stick and I can see that a Grasp IV will stick all 4 points. The question is will it take more than 7 GP on melds? The Dodore Ring HQ (base +23 GP & +1 Perception) will take melds of +4 Gathering, +3 Perception and +4 GP. Only a 1 point increase in Gathering compared to the melds for the Raptorskin Ring, but again the base stats include a point of perception on the new ring.

    In case you’re interested, here are the material requirements for crafting these items:
    Dodore Survival Belt: 2 Dodore Leather, 1 Undyed Felt, 1 Darksteel Nugget, 10 Fieldcraft Demimateria I, 3 Earth Crystals, 2 Wind Crystals.
    Dodore Choker: 1 Dodore Leather, 1 Raptor Sinew, 10 Fieldcraft Demimateria I, 3 Earth Crystals, 2 Wind Crystals.
    Dodore Ring: 1 Dodore Leather, 1 Twinthread, 10 Fieldcraft Demimateria I, 3 Earth Crystals, 2 Wind Crystals.

    All are 1-star iLevel 55 recipes, Difficulty 195, Durability 80, Quality 2646, requiring Control of 255. Unlike the Dodore Doublet (lvl 47 LTW recipe), these are not aspected recipes (the Doublet is Earth aspect) in case anyone was curious.

    1. Hey can u please write down what are the stats u can attach to each of these new pieces and including the militia bracelet that u said it changed, so much info confuses me.

  17. I think the last Materia for the Alternate version of the Legs meld should be a Grasp I instead of Guile I

    1. Also, the alternate legs have +8 gathering total if I haven’t flubbed my math. They can only hold +6 according to the chart.

      Legs – Guerdon IV, Grasp IV, Guile I = +6 Gathering, +3 Perception, +4 GP

      Alternative – Guerdon III, Grasp III, Guile I, Guerdon I, Guile I = +8 Gathering, +6 Perception, +3 GP

      Did you mean:

      New Alternative – Grasp III, Guerdon I, Guerdon I, Guile I, Grasp 1 = +6 Gathering, +3 Perception, +4 GP

      Similarly, your Alt Body has +13 Gathering. Should it be instead:
      Alternative: Guerdon III, Guile III, Guerdon I, Guerdon I, Guile I

  18. What is the actual meld order for the off-hand? I see the “Off-hand” sub-heading in section 2.2, but I don’t see the actual meld order…

  19. How might the be modified to put some Gathering/Perception on belt/accessories and GP on “AF” pieces in order to use them cross-class with all gathering jobs including fishing?

  20. Another thing: the alternate meld order for feet you give is “Grasp II, Grasp II, Guile I, Guile I, Guerdon I”. Given the primary order of “Guile IV, Grasp IV, Guerdon I” shouldn’t those Guiles be II’s? Also, given the cost of materia and the differences between grades, how about an alternate meld order of “Grasp III, Guile III, Grasp I, Guile I, Guerdon I”? With two 100% meld chance slots on feet, using III’s would guarantee 75% of those stats sticking without a long string of overmeld failures.

    And a stupid question, but I have to ask it anyway: Is there any reason why Fishers need GP at all? I can’t see that they would, but before I go melding all my Fishing gear with the Grasps removed from the meld orders you suggest I’d like to be certain of it. :)

  21. I’m trying to meld my newly crafted Raptorskin Ring HQ with Gatherer’s Grasp Materia IV, but the materia in my melding window is greyed out, unavailable. Yes, I do have Grade 4 Carbonized Matter in my inventory — besides which, if you do not have the necessary carbonized matter it will still bring up the window to show the meld chance but it says “You do not possess the proper catalyst to complete the meld.” If it’s greyed out, it can’t be done. Is this something new that hasn’t bee modified in this guide yet?

  22. Does your materia meld guide total up to reaching Two star nodes (after getting better tool and headgear), or only one star?

    1. The suggested melds are posted to reach the certain max stat caps of each item. With that, plus the new Forager’s gear. You will very well be over the required cap for 2-Star nodes.

  23. I seem to have come across a problem where I am mining a level 50 node and I am 2 strength short of getting the +1 gathering attempt. I also have BiS for mining gear. Anyone else have this problem?

  24. One correction: raptorskin survival belt HQ is the best in slot for belt, not boarskin, not that it’s a huge difference thou, just 1 miserable perception so it doesn’t really matter.

  25. You don’t actually need to use the toil skill at all – all items gathered at unspoiled nodes are “fixed” in their location, for instance, gold ore is always the 3rd from the bottom. You can just waste 1 action clearing rubble, then use 600 gp worth of skills on the node. Of course, if you want 2 hits of deep vigor/brunt force you’ll have to use toil, but if you’re only interested in yield of normal materials, you can hit once to clear rubble and reveal the item, use blessed harvest 2/king’s yield 2 + 1 +5% increase gather chance skill and get 5 hits of +5 of an item. Same applies to if you’re using the +30% increased HQ mat skill with a 5% increase gather chance skill.

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