FFXIV ARR A Relic Reborn Guide

Find out how to get your Jobs RELIC WEAPON.

**This page is still useful – but we have a more modern Consolidated Relic Guide,
which details ALL steps in your relic.**

What is A Relic Reborn? What are the Relic Weapons of each Job?

A Relic Reborn, is a series of quests that lead you to get your Job’s Relic Weapon (basically the weapon you see your Job wearing in the intro movie) this quest WILL test your patience and you cannot simply finish this quest without putting some hard work, strategy and a good group of friends to help you out – you’ll know what I mean when you start doing the quest! To get your appetite’s wet, below you will find a list of each Job’s Relic Weapon.

JobRelic Weapon (hover over link to view)
Black MageStardust Rod
BardArtemis Bow
DragoonGae Bolg
Holy Shield
SummonerThe Veil of Wiyu
White MageThyrus

A Relic Reborn Walkthrough

Step 1: Complete Main Scenario Quest, All Class and Job quests for that respective weapon.

Step 2: Talk to ‘Nedrick Ironheart‘ in Vesper Bay who will give you the quest ‘A Relic Reborn

Step 3: Talk to ‘Rowena’ in Revenant’s Toll

Step 4: Talk to ‘Gerolt‘ in Hyrstmill (Northwest of Fallgourd Float – take a Chocobo Porter)

Step 5: Gerolt will ask you to find your respective ‘Broken Weapon‘ go to:

  • Natalan: BARDDRAGOON
  • Sapsa Spawning Grounds: SCHOLAR
  • Sylphlands: SUMMONER
  • Zaha’rak: MONK, PALADIN

Step 6: Present Gerolt with your Job specific weapon double melded with Grade III Materia. (either buy these weapons from the Marketplace or look below to find out how to get these weapons)

  • BARD: Longarm’s Composite Bow + 2 Heaven’s Eye Materia III
  • BLACKMAGE: Sanguine Scepter + 2 Savage Might Materia III
  • DRAGOON: Champion’s Lance + 2 Savage Aim Materia III
  • MONK: Wilding Cesti + 2 Savage Aim Materia III
  • PALADIN: Aeolian Scimitar + 2 Battledance Materia III
  • SCHOLAR: Erudite’s Picatrix Of Healing + 2 Quicktongue Materia III
  • SUMMONER: Erudite’s Picatrix Of Casting + 2 Savage Might Materia III
  • WARRIOR: Barbarian’s Bardiche + 2 Battledance Materia III
  • WHITEMAGE: Madman’s Whispering Rod + 2 Quicktongue Materia III

NOTE: This step is where a lot of people are getting stuck, for one, Grade III materia for this quest costs an arm and a leg… and secondly not many people know how to meld materia. If you are patient, you can spirit bond level 48 and above armor and weapons and convert them into materia, if you are lucky you will get the type of materia you need for the quest, otherwise sell the materia to earn enough to buy form the marketplace. To meld materia into armore you need to find a Disciple of Hand who is level 50 to meld into your gear


Step 7: Obtain ‘Alumina Salts‘ from fighting the D’horme Chimera in Coerthas (Northeast of Camp Dragonhead). You must defeat the Chimera as the Job you will get the relic weapon with. Once defeated bring the salts back to Gerolt.

Step 8: Obtain ‘Amdapor Glyph‘ from completing Amdapor Keep. You must complete Amdapor as the Job you will get the relic weapon with. Bring this to Rowena

Step 9: After going back to Gerolt, he will ask you to slay 24 beastmen with the ‘Unfinished Relic Weapon‘ he just gave you

  • BARD: 8x Natalan Boldwings, 8x Fogcallers, 8x Windtalons
  • BLACKMAGE: 8x U’Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8x Bedesmen, 8x Priests
  • DRAGOON: 8x Natalan Boldwings, 8x Fogcallers, 8x Swiftbeaks
  • MONK: 8x Zahar’ak Lancers, 8x Pugilists, 8x Archers
  • PALADIN: 8x Zahar’ak Lancers, 8x Pugilists, 8x Thaumaturges
  • SCHOLAR: 8x Sapsa Shelfspine, 8x Shelfclaw, 8x Shelftooth
  • SUMMONER: 8x Sylpheed Sighs, 8x Screeches, 8x Snarls
  • WARRIOR: 8x U’Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8x Roundmen, 8x Bedesmen/Priests
  • WHITEMAGE: 8x U’Ghamaro Quarrymen, 8x Bedesmen, 8x Preists

NOTE: Watch out for the quest markers on top of the enemies you need to defeat, some quests we know are bugged, where they say you have to kill a certain mob, but the quest icon on top of the monster does not show up. Kill the monsters with the quest icon on top of their heads instead.

Step 10: Slay the Hydra in Halatali. You must defeat the Hydra as the Job you are getting the relic weapon with.

Step 11: Defeat Ifrit (Hard) and obtain ‘White-Hot Ember‘. You must defeat Ifrit as the Job you are getting the relic weapon with.

Step 12: Defeat Garuda (Hard) and obtain ‘Howling Gale‘. You must defeat Garuda as the Job you are getting the relic weapon with.

Step 13: Defeat Titan (Hard) and obtain ‘Hyperfused Ore‘. You must defeat Titan as the Job you are getting the relic weapon with.

Step 14: Purchase ‘Bottle of Radz-at-Han Quenching oil‘ for 900 Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy from Rowena


How do I get the pre-requisite relic weapon to meld in Step 6?

Like we mentioned earlier, its easier to buy these items in the marketplace. But if you really want to, here are the recipes to craft them. Base Weapon Location’s are in Wanderer’s Palace, formulas are below.


  • Madman’s Whispering Rod (WHM): 1x Growth Formula Delta, 1x, Thavnairian Mistletoe, 1x Vampire Plant
  • Erudite’s Picatrix Of Casting (SMN): 1x Enchanted Gold Ink, 1x Bloody Grimoire Binding
  • Erudite’s Picatrix Of Healing (SCH): 1x Enchanted Gold Ink, 1x Bloody Grimoire Binding


  • Aeolian Scimitar (PLD): 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Blunt Aeolian Scimitar, 1x Basilisk Whetstone
  • Barbarian’s Bardiche (WAR): Darksteel Nugget, 1x Bloody Bardiche Head, 1x Basilisk Whetstone


  • Champion’s Lance (DRG): 1x Spruce Lumber, 1x Bloody Lance Head
  • Longarm’s Composite Bow (BRD):1x Spruce Lumber, 1x Bloody Bow Rim


  • Wildling’s Cesti (MNK): 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Bloody Cesti Covers


  • Sanguine Scepter(BLM): 1x Darksteel Nugget, 1x Pinprick Pebble

Base Ingredient Locations:

  • Darksteel Ore: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Mining – Rare Node – 1:00 am Eorzea Time
  • Gold Sand: Drybone (Eastern Thanalan) Quarrying – Rare Node – 5:00 am Eorzea Time
  • Spruce Log: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 10:00 am Eorzea Time
  • Thavnarian Mistletoe: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 5:00 pm Eorzea Time
  • Trillium Bulb: Hawthorne Hut (East Shroud) Harvesting – Rare Node – 10:00 pm Eorzea Time
  • Vampire Plant: Dragonhead (Coerthas) Logging – Rare Node – 5:00 pm Eorzea Time
  • Cinnabar (Quicksilver): Low level mining
  • Rocksalt: Low level mining
  • Basilisk Egg: Drops from Basilisk-type monsters
  • Spoken Blood: Drops from Djigga-type monsters


‘Magnesium02’ from Lodestone: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/71222-A-Relic-Reborn-Walkthrough
Bluegatr Thread: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/117775-Relic-Reborn-information
Reddit Thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/1lb8jo/how_to_get_relic_weapons

**This page is still useful – but we have a more modern Consolidated Relic Guide,
which details ALL steps in your relic.**

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  1. Also, if you abandon your relic quest for some reason (like you decide mid-way you’d rather go for your relic on a different job first), then you must go see Gerolt in North Shroud to restart the quest again. NOT Nedric if you’re restarting.

  2. Might be worth mentioning that after you complete step 7. That you cant just head right to AK like the guide suggests, you actually need to talk to Rowena in RT and she will give you the quest to head into AK. (Found out the hard way)

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