FFXIV Healer Role Actions: Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about Healer Role Actions in FFXIV, the replacement for cross-class skills!


Hey guys! In Stormblood, the cross-class skill system was completely replaced with the Role Action System. Here we talk all about the Healer Role Actions, and what’s best to use!

What Jobs get the Healer Role Actions?

Astrologian (AST)
Scholar (SCH)
White Mage (WHM)

– base classes –
Conjurer (CNJ)

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Healer Role Actions list

(still debating the best way to present this table)

Cleric Stance890Increase attack magic potency by 5%.15
Break12040% Heavy, 50 potency.20
Protect160Increases PDEF and MDEF of all party members in range.30 m
Esuna200Removes a single negative status effect form a target.NA
Lucid Dreaming2412080 potency mana refresh and halves current enmity.21
Swiftcast3260Next spell in cast immediately.10
Eye for an Eye36120Enemies hitting your target have a 20% chance to get
debuffed to do 10% less damage for 20 seconds.
Largesse4090Increase healing magic potency by 20%20
Surecast4430Prevents Sleep, Stun, and position-altering effects
to stop casting.
Rescue48150Instantly draw a target party member to your side.NA

Healer Role Actions: Quick Strategy & Discussion

Here’s a general rundown and a quick analysis on how useful each of the Healer Role Actions are.

Cleric Stance: A far cry from the old days, ey? This is a luxury now, IMO, and has more impact to those on the razor’s edge of progression.

Break: While it has no cooldown, its cast time prevents this from being too useful. Almost every other class has a better heavy. Only take if it’s an absolute must for the raid encounter strategy.

Protect: Your group must ALWAYS have Protect for obvious reasons. Free defense is good! You can sneak in another cross-class as BOTH healers in a raid may not need it.

Esuna: While heavily encounter dependent, I’d say this is one of the “musts”.

Lucid Dreaming: MP regen is always useful. By default ALWAYS TAKE IT! Removing this is reserved for GGEZ farm content – but what else would you take in its place?

Swiftcast: Very useful for progression! Swiftcast + Resurrection will get you the most “learning per run” so to speak. Before you berate me and tell me this is optional, seriously… “You dress for the wipe, not the ride”, as bikers would say.

Eye for an Eye: A tricky to maximize but great defensive cooldown. Learn how to use it! It’s great for dungeons and most raid encounters. A very high priority pick.

Largesse: A very powerful effect, which you should never leave home without.

Surecast: Hmm… this is definitely very niche. It’s either “amazing” or “useless” depending on the encounter.

Rescue: Another encounter dependent skill. Can be used to make mechanics “easier” or “cheese mobility”, and can also help save people sometimes, too. While it potentially has a use in ANY encounter, I’d be wary to recommend this as a default.


Healer Role Actions for Dungeons

These role actions should be taken when “queuing blind” in a random dungeon, and should serve you well for general content.

  • Protect: For obvious reasons. Free stats is free stats.
  • Esuna: You don’t want to be caught without it when it’s needed.
  • Lucid Dreaming: Can’t go wrong with MP regen.
  • Swiftcast: For raising people.
  • Largesse: Makes large pulls more manageable.

Eye for an Eye is an honorable mention. It’s great for massive speedrun pulls.

The other skills are iffy for “casual random dungeon runs”.

The order is largely irrelevant, but the above is a decent ordering given the dungeons you will encounter when you scale down to <50.

Healer Role Actions for Raids


  • Protect: at least ONE healer should have it, freeing up a slot for the other.
  • Esuna: on encounters that need it! Even then, sometimes only ONE healer may need it.
  • Swiftcast: To recover from mistakes and get more learning per run.
  • Lucid Dreaming: Just take this always, man.
  • Largesse: Too powerful – 99% of the time it is better than Eye for an Eye.

We will discuss a few more since we can arguably ditch a few of those up there…

  • Eye for an Eye is the next logical choice.
  • Rescue ranks up GREATLY depending on how it can be applied.

Cleric Stance is in a weird place. It highly depends on the kind of group you play with. Only take it if you need to meet strict DPS requirements. Inversely, take it if you’re disgustingly over-geared and wanna shave a few seconds off the fight.

Surecast is strictly dependent on the encounter design – just be aware when you might actually be able to use it.

Break seems useless for most raids. Lots of classes have a better heavy.

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Well, that’s about it for Healer Role Actions! The new system ain’t bad, but I hope they give us profiles or something! Ciao!

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1 thought on “FFXIV Healer Role Actions: Guide & FAQ”

  1. You can get what you want in terms of “profiles” via macros – the /aaction command lets you set role actions.

    For example, a macro to set your preferred dungeon healing actions listed above would look something like this:

    /aaction clear
    /aaction “Protect”
    /aaction “Esuna”
    /aaction “Lucid Dreaming”
    /aaction “Swiftcast”
    /aaction “Largesse”

    Make separate macros for each combination you’d like to have and you can switch them with a single button :)

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