FFXIV Healer Role Actions: Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about Healer Role Actions in FFXIV, the replacement for cross-class skills!

Here’s quick  guide about Healer Role ActionsShadowbringers has brought yet another update to the Role Actions system (previously the cross-class skills system). This time around, we no longer have to choose – and have access to all Role Actions!

What Jobs get the Healer Role Actions?

Job Classes

Astrologian (AST)
Sage (SGE)
Scholar (SCH)
White Mage(WHM)

Base Class 

Conjurer (CNJ)

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Healer Role Actions list

8ReposePuts target to Sleep.302.52.5
10EsunaRemoves a single debuff from your target.-12.5
18SwiftcastNext spell is cast without cast time.10Instant60
24Lucid DreamingRegain MP over time.21Instant60
44SurecastSpells can be cast without interruption. Ignore most position altering effects.6Instant120
48RescuePull a party member to your side.-Instant150

Healer Role Actions: Quick Strategy & Discussion

Here we talk a little bit about each of the role actions, and their applications.


I dont think this has ever been used in raiding, but this is a godlike soloing and questing skill. Putting enemies to sleep so you can interact with objects is the best.


Bind it close – this comes up in almost all dungeons and many raids. And it’s very important to use when it does come up! Clearing a debuff is often the difference between life and death.


Will mostly be used to instant cast your resurrection, or AoE heal. I guarantee that’s the use 99% of the time. The other 1% is the rare heavy single target heal you need to make sure someone survives.

Lucid Dreaming

Use it often. Restoring your mana is great, for reasons I need not expound on. “Mo’ Mana, No Problems”. Timing on using it isn’t so important these days but try to avoid “mega overflow”.


Very niche skill in some raid encounters. It’s super rare that a strategy would require the use of Surecast, but please be aware of this skill in your repertoire in case it does!


An amazing skill that saves lives. Admittedly it’s quite difficult to use sometimes because of its “animation lock”. Admittedly I forget to use this when I could have saved someone – bind it “close enough”. I had it bound to 8 before, and I didn’t get much saving done until I bound it closer.

Healer Role Actions – Navigation:
Healer Role Actions List | Role Actions Uses & Discussion

Well, that’s about it for Healer Role Actions! FOR NOW! I’ll be adding to this soon.

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