FFXIV ARR Titan – Lord of Crags

Titans fight has 2 phases, and in case you’re wondering: Yes, you can fall off or be pushed off the platform. Titan can, and WILL, use this to his advantage.

Titan Phase 1

Rock buster (frontal cone attack): A basic cone attack that tanks should be pretty familiar with by now. Face this away from your party members.

Tumult (PBAoE) – Titan randomly casts this skill, and hits everyones. Does twice in succession when in Phase 2.

Geocrush (jumping attack AoE,): When Titan jumps in the air, all party members should get as far from the center as possible, while remaining outside of the red pulsing area which surrounds the platform. Party members standing on the red pulsing area, or too close to the center will be KO’d. This deals significant damage, so make sure your HP is not critical.

Landslide (frontal line attack) – Knocks affected players in the AoE back, pushing them off the platform and resulting in a KO.

All of the above abilities will continue throughout the fight.


Titan Phase 2

The addition of double casting Tumult makes this phase quite damage heavy. If your healer gets caught in a Gaol – get him or her out immediately!

Titans Heart – comes out at 50% must be destroyed within a certain amount of time otherwise his Earthen Fury will kill all party members. This is the same mechanic as Ifrits Infernal Nail.

Granite Gaol – Imprisons a random party member. Party members should attack the imprisoned party member to “free” them ASAP. Otherwise they are vulnerable to Titans various AoE attacks.

Weight of the land –  places two random ground AoE circles which should be avoided. The damage isn’t so big, but don’t get hit either way!

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4 thoughts on “FFXIV ARR Titan – Lord of Crags”

    1. Haha, it’s quite hard to explain through words i guess, huh? But technically being OUTSIDE the RED RING means you’re safe :)

      1. This is horrible advice. Being outside the red ring means you may fall as he breaks the edges off that are outside of the red circle on landing. I always stand in middle, so I can attack as soon as he lands. But, I’m a tank, and his landing has never ok’d me. Not a single time, never even over half my health was lost. Also, I was not ever knocked off the cliff when he landed. If you have a good healer, like I do, a little hit points cured, is better than death from falling off.

        1. Fixed the wording for clarity. Also just to note, in Hard and Extreme modes standing on the center will kill you.

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