FFXIV ARR Ifrit – Lord of the Inferno

Ifrit is the first legitimate boss you’re going to fight. Don’t let nostalgia get to you: Ifrit can catch you off guard!

Ifirt Phase 1

“Flame Breath”: A wide cone of fire without a warning area. It’s important that Ifrit never faces the rest of the party.

Vulcan Burst: (PBAoE, knockback): A huge AoE knockback. Don’t worry, the fire walls do not damage you. While annoying for casters, this does not do significant damage.

Eruption – A targetted AoE attack that you must run out of the moment you see it. The affected area is pretty big. Damage ranges from 50-75% of your health.

All of the above abilities will continue throughout the fight.


Ifrit Phase 2

Infernal Nail – At 50% Health Ifrit will spawn “Infernal Nail”. This should be killed immediately. After a set amount of time, Ifrit will cast Hellfire. If Infernal Nail is still alive, your party will be KO’d.

Hellfire – Like mentioned above, a sure KO if Infernal Nail is still alive. This still does a huge amount of damage otherwise. There are two ways to deal with this, either a tank cast limit break before it hits, or a healer casts limit break after it lands. Either way is okay.

Radiant Plume – This ability can affect either the outer rim of the ring, or the inner area. It’s quite obvious, because the floor turns to Lava. After a few seconds of casting it explodes. Avoid this, because it can deal critical amount of damage.

Ifrit | Titan | Garuda
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