FFXIV Botanist Leveling Guide (L90 Endwalker UPDATED)

Shadowbringers Updated! Level up Botany Quickly 01 to 80! Recommended Leves? Botany Quests Items? Stop wasting time! Power Level your Botanist!

MIN & BTN Leveling Guides updated. Other notes...

Botanist Leveling to 90, as well as Miner Leveling to 90 are updated for the Endwalker tier. Older tiers needs some fixing, although I modernized what I could quickly – I placed the important notes on the top of the aforementioned guides reflecting the major things that you need to take note of.

I will post a personal update soon, for those that are curious…

Endwalker tier COMPLETELY UPDATED. At older parts of guide? OPEN THIS

Finally, the L80 to L90 portion of the BTN/MIN Leveling Guides are 100% complete and current. The older parts, however… (GEAR UPDATES per tier are most important)

While I will update these ASAP (promise, hehe).
Here’s the important banger notes:

GEAR UPDATES? Any time I mention gear updates in the lower tiers, (except 0 to 60), IGNORE IT AND BUY SCRIP TIER GEAR INSTEAD.

A Realm Reborn Gear Scrip gear? NO SCRIP, my notes are still pretty valid.
Heavensward L50 Scrip gear?
 NO SCRIP, my notes are still pretty valid.
Stormblood L60 Scrip gear: Augmented Keep tier IL200
Shadowbringers L70 Scrip gear: Landking tier IL350 (Offhand from L330)
Endwalker L50 Scrip gear: Landsaint –  Guide already reflects this.

All of these upgrades are “good” until the end of their tier.
Get scrip by: Custom Deliveries and Collectables.

COLLECTABLES? Not only did the rotation / skill names change TWICE since SHB into EW, the entire System was overhauled pre-EW. Instead of rotating nodes with normal names, it’s SET NON-ROTATING RAREFIED materials. The rotation is also different, but somehow simpler. I’ll update a universal DoL Collectable / Rotation guide for this, instead of repeating myself 100 times.

TLDR: The old “everyday it changes” is OUT. Rarefied “set-in-stone” is in! Ignore mentions of OLD ROTATIONS AND SKILLS. I’ll remedy this ASAP

Endwalker tier is, of course, updated in this regard.

BEAST TRIBES? Each tier has a beast tribe you can use to level up, which I didn’t seem to note as I always blast through DoL super early… These are decent sources of EXP while also giving you some neat items.

A Realm Reborn: Ixal (DoL and DoH)
Heavensward: Moogle (DoL and DoH)
Stormblood: Namazu (DoL and DoH)
Shadowbringers: Qitari (DoL only) 
Endwalker: Omicron (DoL only) –  Guide already reflects this.

Please click on and read the above clicky box if you're leveling 01 to 79. 

Botany Leveling 80 to 90 | BTN Endwalker tier

In my new format, I’ll be separating tiers according to “logical changes in activities”, instead of hard forcing a tier discussion every 2 levels (DoL tiers past 50). I think this makes much more sense since your play patterns will change with each tier listed here, instead of in-game.

Botany Leveling Guide – Navigation:
BTN Endwalker tier L80 to 90 (Scroll to): Prep | 80+ | 83+ | 85+ | 87+ | 89+
Botanist Level: Level  0-50 | 50-60 | 60-70 | 70-80 | 80-90

BTN 80 to 90, Preparation, Setup, Reminders

Here’s a bunch of reminders, macros, and notes to kickstart your botanists level 80 to 90 journey.

BTN L80 GEAR UPDATE: Get scrip gear | Landsaint tier

The absolute most important thing before setting forth in Endwalker botanist leveling content is, as always, UPDATING YOUR GEAR! Here’s the gear you want, loosely ordered by IMPORTANCE.

Universal Gear upgrades for all DoL

SlotEquipment NameScrip CostImportancePerception
BodyLandsaint’s Coat8401238
HeadLandsaint’s Bandana5602476
BootsLandsaint’s Boots5603262
LegsLandsaint’s Breeches5604119
HandsLandsaint’s Gloves56050
EarringLandsaint’s Earrings20060
NecklaceLandsaint’s Necklace20060
WristLandsaint’s Bracelet’s20060
RingLandsaint’s Ring20060
RingLandsaint’s Ring20060
How and where to buy these?

By the way, you buy these at any place that does scrip exchange (choose: Gatherer’s Scrip (Gear) -> Scrip Exchange Lv.80/IL 500). Also – if you’re rocking hardcore gear from the previous tier (Melded Aesthete), feel free to skip this gear upgrading phase.

Priority of each item? On a budget?

If you’re on a scrip budget, I highly advise taking these in order of importance. After the gloves, however, you can skip the accessories for now and get the weapons. Why? Accessories only give GP, and you’ll have more than you’ll need with virtually anything equipped there. People with older, melded gear are better off with that most of the time, as these “blue” accessories are typically pretty bad.

Botany Specific Gear

SlotEquipment NameScrip CostImportancePerception
OffhandLandsaint’s Scythe3501833
WeaponLandsaint’s Hatchet3502476
Some notes on the weapons

If you MUST choose first, off-hand a little more value than the mainhand. Why? You can’t easily cheat Perception when you’re going for collectables. This is the same-ish reasoning for the body pieces, but since the actual chest piece gives gigastats, that’s the highest prio.

It’s really up to you how you want to go about which pieces to get first, but if I were to recommend a one-size fits all path: All left-side pieces > weapons > accessories.

TLDR: Get leftside body pieces > weapons for BTN (and or MIN) > accessories.

— Need Scrips?

How to farm Scrips

Help! How do I farm Scrips?

If you don’t have enough Scrips, well, there’s a couple things you can do.

Using up your weekly allowance on DoL Custom Deliveries is a double whammy. Not only will it jumpstart your leveling process via EXP, but this is hands down the fastest way to gain scrips in a short period of time.

Get whatever upgrades you can, then try the L80 collectables on (preferably both BTN and MIN), see how you fare. This is another amazing source of scrips. Don’t worry if you can’t max them out. You simply need to submit the bare minimum collectability to gain some scrip.

If you really can’t do them, or need a further boost in scrip, do the L70-80 Shadowbringers tier collectables. It might seem weird and tedious to do them at this point, but its a near infinite source of scrip, albeit a little slower. This is probably the “lowest point” that you should be willing to dip into.

TLDR: Custom Delivery > Try Endwalker L80 Collectables? > L70-80 Collectables

Waiting for next week’s Custom Delivery is also valid, lol.

Is there anything else I can do...

No scrip? Desperately undergeared? Other gear options?

Patience is the answer here, as buying the older (Aesthete) gear or the L81 gear are pretty bad choices both ways… I’d highly suggest sticking to the plan:

Custom Delivery > L80 Collectables? > L70-80 Collectables

If you really can’t do L80, the lower level collectables can give good scrip. With a tiny bit of patience you’ll get the scrip you need. Trust me, I honestly wouldn’t spend a single gil on non-landsaint tier gear.

BTN 80 to 90: Collectable Rotation Macros

Here are Macros you’re gonna be using from L80 to 90.

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV
This is due to “technical limitations”, but just bear with it for now…

3 Scrutiny 3 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 3Scr3Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land, let 3 Scrutiny be enough!”

Remember to press whichever Field Mastery you need before you press this one, if you need it.

This is the baseline macro where you begin your experimentation. For each new node, if you can’t reach 1000, then try the next one. If you think you get 1000 “always or often”, then try the last macro on this list which includes 1x Restoration.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8083 or whatever.

3 Scrutiny 4 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 3Scr4Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land… 4 Scour, seriously?”

Remember to press whichever Sharp Vision you need before you press this one, if you need it.

Slightly more powerful than 3x Scrutiny, if you still can’t reach 1000 reliably, then try the next one.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8587 or whatever.

4 Scrutiny 4 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 4Scr4Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land… this… is what desperation looks like.”

Remember to press whichever Field Mastery you need before you press this one, if you need it. HOWEVER, 4x SCRUTINY WON’T ALLOW FIELD MASTERY due to lack of GP! If you’re pushed to these lengths, maybe settling for more tier II gathers is better…

If the previous macro doesn’t cut it, then use this. The absolute most powerful macro you can employ, reserve this for the toughest nodes you need to 1000 reliably (87 and 89 I’d imagine).

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8789 or whatever.

2 Scrutiny 3 Scour 1 Restoration

Macro Name: L???? 2Scr3Sco1Res

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac “Ageless Words” <wait.3>
/ac “Solid Reason” <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San, I hope they’re all as easy as this one…”

Remember to press whichever Field Mastery you need before you press this one, if you need it.

This one is for the greeders. Honestly, I’d only ever use this on the L80 collectables. It removes one Scrutiny in exchange for a restoration, which can potentially tank your collectability rating.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L80 or whatever.

This one needs a “wrong” skill in the Macro so it will work with both Botanist and Miner.

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

The general idea is, use the triple Scrutiny first (as a baseline) and work your way upwards until you find the most reliable “100%” macro for each node level. Or simply triple Scrut all the way if you want zero thinking.

100% Collectability? Or bust?

100% Collectability, or more gathers? Always go for max. The only case this isn’t true is if when you can only gather A SINGLE 1000 item, rather than 2x of the lesser one. For a vast majority of cases, max collec is the way.

Of course, If you “practically” cannot, then settle for a rotation which preserves as much GP / gathers for tier II.

Field Mastery?

In case this point didn’t make it across: At some point you will want to use FIELD MASTERY I/II, you must press these BEFORE pressing your macro, depending on how close to 100% (or how much you want to gamble).

Manual Rotation?

Manual rotation will always yield better results in the long run, however, the brainpower and extra clicks / thoughts aren’t worth it IMO (I levelled MIN by hand and BTN by macro). Honestly, the “watching anime on another monitor” energy is much more worth it. I highly suggest sticking to MACRO.

DOL L80 to 90 Beast Tribe: Omicron

Thankfully there is now a DoL beast tribe for Endwalker, the Omicrons in Ultima Thule! DoL Beast Tribes are always a welcome daily burst of easy, brainless, and chunky EXP.

Best way to use daily beast tribe allowances?

While you “SHOULD” be focusing on using these up for FSH leveling, as that’s considered the most tedious for me… if you wanna rush your Mining to 90, then feel free to augment your EXP with this before moving onto Fishing.

Is there a good time or deadzone to do these?

Leveling up in this tier, 6ET to 10ET is completely dead of unspoileds, so you have a decent window time to do this if you’re really grinding it up. That’s like, what, 15 minutes dead-time? haha. Honestly, most people would just do this as a change of pace. Don’t feel bad if you end up missing a few collectables.

General DoL Leveling / EXP sources summary

A quick reminder on the main sources of where you’ll be getting your EXP!

Beast Tribe Quests are fast, easy, brainless, but only daily.

Grand Company Delivery: Do these everyday, it’s an easy source of massive EXP. Feel free to use the marketboard if you’re lazy. CTRL+U, then click on GC. Seals can be used to purchase Cordial.

Levequests are great these days, but only if you have excess. They’re far better used for leveling up crafters. If you feel like you have more than enough or are overflowing – feel free to use Fieldcraft levels to help speed up your Botanist leveling process.

Custom Deliveries: are similar to levequests, in this regard. Use them up for DoH / Crafters since EXP can be harder to come by for them, and potentially costlier… The only exception to this is that, early on, these are an amazing source of SCRIPS which you need for your starting gear.

Grinding is your last resort, but actually not bad if you need materials too

L80 to 90 Collectables Echo Macro

This macro looks funny, but it’s simply a way to remind you in-game of where and what you need to gather, where you need to teleport, what class and level node… It’s actually something I’ve always loved to use.

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

Macro Reminder for L80 to 90 DoL Collectables

Macro Name: L80-90 DoL Collects

/echo = Job L | Time | Collectable | Map | Aetheryte | LOC XY =
/echo MIN 80 – 12 ET – R. Raw Ametrine – Labyrinthos – The Archeion – 32, 21
/echo MIN 83 – 06 ET – R. Bismuth Ore – Mare Lamentorum – Sinus Lacrimanum – 16, 32
/echo MIN 85 – 12 ET – R. Sharlayan Rock Salt – Labyrinthos – The Archeion – 32, 21
/echo MIN 87 – 02 ET – R. Phrygian Gold Ore – Garlemald – Camp Broken Glass – 12, 22
/echo MIN 89 – 10 ET – R. Blue Zircon – Elpis – The Twelve Wonders – 36, 8
/echo BTN 80 – 02 ET – R.Palm Log – Thavnair – The Great Work – 14, 14
/echo BTN 83 – 04 ET – R. Red Pine Log – Garlemald – Tertium – 35, 6
/echo BTN 85 – 02 ET – R. Coconut – Thavnair – The Great Work – 14, 14
/echo BTN 87 – 12 ET – R. Sykon – Elpis – Poieten Oikos – 25, 6
/echo BTN 89 – 06 ET – R. Rye – Labyrinthos – Aporia – 10, 22
/echo ===== Mahiko San’s L80 to 90 Collectable Reminder! =====

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

Even if you’re using unspoiled timers outside the game, trust me, having this macro still helps A LOT. Try it, you won’t look back. It uses the “Echo” communication channel (unseen by anyone else but you), so make sure you’re on a chat window that has it on.

Minor odds and ends

And here, we talk about some little things to wrap up our preparation…



I don’t care what kind of Cordials you use, but I’ve certainly survived with NQ (NO QUALITY, BASIC, TRASH-TIER) El basic of the basic, old-school, OG, “Cordial” and I had no problem. You can get cheap better ones, sure.

Food Buffs

Food Buff

3% EXP for “free”. Even if you use dumpster-tier boiled egg or something similar, do yourself a favor and get this buff. Now, if you can easily snipe some cheapo PERCEPTION FOOD off the marketboard, or through some other means, great! NPC’s also sell good food. Perception is the name of the game for leveling up, so try to get food that buffs that.

Flying Unlocked

Flying Unlocked?

I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST LEVELING YOUR BOTANIST / DOL JOBS IF YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED FLYING IN THE ENDWALKER ZONES. I certainly don’t pay your sub, so I can’t tell you how to play, but I hope I don’t need to explain this one further.

Riding Maps

Riding Maps

Buy the relevant Riding Maps for the Endwalker zones for extra mount speed if you can. Not just for leveling gatherers, but just playing in general. Ultima Thule is the prime suspect for this, as you are doing your Omicron Beast Tribe quests there. How do you get these? Via the Shared FATE system, and In the case of Endwalker tier you only need to do what, 10 or less fates to access the riding map from the vendor.

And with that, we can FINALLY begin!

Botanist Leveling 80 to 83

Ok, lets begin! I hope you read all the reminders and notes up there.

New BTN Collectable unlocked!
BTN L80 | Rarefied Palm Log | Thavnair | The Great Work | X14, Y14 | 2ET

BTN 80 Gear updates? Again, get the scrip gear mentioned above. If you’re short on scrip and need to round out your gear, you’ll want basic-melded Aesthete tier gear (item level 490). I’m going to assume these will be more expensive, and rarer, as time goes by as this is “old high-end gear”. Honestly, stick to scrip (Landsaint) unless you find a good deal.

BTN L80-83: What to do in this tier?

Your main source of EXP right now is your very first Botanist collectable for Endwalker, Rarefied Palm Log, at Thavnair. Gather this as much as you can.

During your downtime, feel free to travel to and gather every new material you’ve unlocked – every “first time” gives you bonus EXP via the Gathering Log. There’s no better time than now. (”b” to open your gathering log, then check the L81 Logging and Harvesting nodes)

Since this tier can be a little empty, it’s a good idea to pair it up with Miner leveling – you can visit both of the L80 collectables to level up both your Miner and Botanist. MIN spawns at 12, BTN at 2, so it’s an EZ 1-2 punch of heavenly value.

Levequests are decent option at this tier as well, since there’s a lot of waiting around. As always, be careful using them up for your DoL / Gatherers, as they’re generally more efficient for Crafters.

Daily GC Submits, Beast Tribe, you know the drill.

Reminder: Maximum Collectability is Best

This one’s important, and I’ll say it again. Try out which macro works for a “100%” chance for a max collectability.

THE ONLY SCENARIO where “Tier II collectability rating, but one more gather” is when you can only get A SINGLE GATHER of the highest tier, which should almost never happen, except for maybe L89.

As mentioned earlier in the macro section, try it out progressively. Start out with 3 Scrutitny 3 Scour. Not enough? Maybe 3 Scrutiny 4 Scour. Not enough? 4 Scrutiny 4 Scour – once you reach 4/4 you cannot squeeze out any more from your gear, and that’s the max you’ll ever reach.

Honestly, the 2x Scrutiny 3 Scour 1 Restore rotation can only possibly ever be worth it for the L80 Collectable, ignore that one for anything higher.

Botanist Leveling 83 to 85

New BTN Collectable unlocked!
BTN L83 | Rarefied Red Pine Log | Garlemald | Tertium | 35, 6 | 4ET

BTN 83 Gear updates? At L84 you unlock a new tier of gear that’s better than Landsaint (High Durium / Saigaskin / Snow Linen). The next tier unlocks at 87. IMO there’s only 2 choices at this point

Ignore gear upgrades

Pretty much ignore gear upgrades: You can “easily” get to L90 with just the Landsaint tier. You’ll RARELY have some issues with the higher level collectables but if you’re not in a hurry, it doesn’t matter. I tried both paths with each class and honestly, I didn’t mind the 0 upgrades. Yes, you will not get maximum appraisal on many nodes, especially with auto-gather macro, but that’s not a huge deal.

Tryhard L84 gear upgrades

Tryhard this L84 gear upgrade, and nothing else: Since the next tier is at 87, and upgrading your gear for 3 measly levels doesn’t make any sense. Investing now, and slightly speeding up the process for 6 levels, is more logical. Get a full HQ set and meld as much Perception > Gathering as you can.

Are some upgrades more important than others?

Very much so – some gear updates are MILES more powerful than others.

Left-side upgrades are generally the best. They’re used by all DoL classes and have the greatest impact to stats even without 2x basic materia melds. And even within this grouping BODY > HEAD > BOOTS > LEGS >>>> Everything else. I talked about this in the intro segment.

Weapons are amazing, but non-universal obviously, so there’s a cost issue here. The stats gained are titanic.

Accessories… hmm… very little gain as you’ll have to meld them to get more Perception, but a slight upgrade nonetheless. Universal for all DoL as well.

MELDING would be Perception VIII (x2 if possible ) > Perception VII (if you can get at least +10) > Gathering VIII (If perception is too near the cap) > everything else is a non-factor.

Why upgrade?

What exactly do you get if you choose to upgrade? Fewer button presses, lesser thoughts, higher average EXP… you’ll save some time and brainpower. But the main draw is ALL YOUR DoL CLASSES WILL BENEFIT.

BTN L83-85, What to do in this tier?

Mainly, spam the 81 and 83 collectable. You’ll be doing this for a while!

Thankfully, a new node to add into your routine. As you may notice, this one is a bit harder. Remember, “Always start with triple scrutiny”. As a note, I tried manual gathering with one class and auto-macro gathering with the other. While, of course, the yields may be better for manual, the brainpower used versus one-button yoloing is significant. I cannot, in good conscience, say manual gathering gives a godlike return vs effort.

The gathering gods are good, as even in this tier there are no scheduling conflicts if you’re leveling both MIN and BTN – the unspoiled nodes spawn at 12 (MIN) > 2 (BTN) > 4 (BTN) > 6 (MIN).

Levequests, as always, are good EXP but are better saved for crafters. Even more so if you’re leveling up both MIN and BTN on collectables, you won’t have much downtime for levequests anyway.

Reminder: Use Field Mastery

At this point, a quick reminder that you should use the appropriate Field Mastery skill to get you as close to (or over) 100% gathering possibility – BEFORE pressing your macro.

Field Mastery I and II give 5% and 15% respectively, and you probably won’t need Field Mastery III which gives 50%, but costs a ton of GP.

Botanist Leveling 85 to 87

New BTN Collectable unlocked!
L85 | Rarefied Coconut | Thavnair | The Great Work | 14, 14 | 2 ET
(Shares the same node as the L80 collectable, sadly)

BTN Gear updates? New gear appears at L84 (discussed in previous chunk) and L87 (discussed in next chunk). Nothing new here!

Botany L85-87, What to do in this tier?

So the TIMING of your process doesn’t change. 12 (MIN) > 2 (BTN) > 4 (BTN) > 6 (MIN) . If you’re only leveling Mining, then try to fill the downtime with other activities. I highly recommend leveling Mining at the same time in these early tiers.

Since he new collectable Rarefied Coconut shares the same exact node as the L80 one (Rarefied Palm Log), you’ll have to choose one over the other. You’ll definitely have to use some more oomph to get this 85 one to 100%. Lazy? Pick the L80 one…

Around this time, you’ll get a new batch of nodes unlocked. Like previously, this is a great time to get bonus EXP from the Gathering Log each time you gather something the first time. (Default “b”, then check for Logging and Harvesting nodes)

Botanist Leveling 87 to 89

New BTN Collectable unlocked!
L87 | Rarefied Sykon | Elpis | Poieten Oikos | 25, 6 | 12 ET

BTN 87 Gear updates?? While a new tier of gear does appear at L87, I highly advise against upgrading since you’ll only get a maximum of three levels of use from it. Terrible investment.

Botany L87-89, What to do in this tier?

The L87 Collectable (Rarefied Sykon) is, thankfully, in a brand new node so you can add it into your route. However, here’s where we get some scheduling conflicts.

Schedule Leveling both MIN & BTN: (suggested)
12 MIN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 MIN
Schedule of options for both:

Schedule Focusing on BTN Leveling:
12 BTN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 MIN – if leveling Botany only, 6ET is a deadzone.

This node (and the next L89 one) ain’t exactly “easy” as you’re stretching your stats to the limit at this point. Triple Scrutiny is the way, and just hope for the best.

I’ll remind you about the food buff here. The 85/87/89 nodes can be a little rough so you’ll want as much help as you can get. Snag any cheap perception food you can find from NPC’s or the marketplace. If nothing else, the slight EXP bonus is free.

Of course, if you upgraded your DoL gear at 84, this might go down a little smoother.

Botanist Leveling 89 to 90

The absolute last step – you’re close!

New BTN Collectable unlocked!
L89 | Rarefied Dark Rye| Labyrinthos | Aporia | 10, 22 | 6ET

BTN 89 Gear updates? There’s no new gear until L90! If you’ve leveled up this far, don’t bother upgrading, there’s only one level left! The last new upgrade tier was L87 for Botanist.

Botany L89-90, What to do in this tier?

The level 89 node is a wholly new one. Notably, the miner 89 node is at 10ET which is a previously unused slot – so there’s some value moves to be made if you’re leveling both. Which you should be…

The L89 Botany Collectable, Rarefied Dark Rye, is obviously rough, and at 6 ET this conflicts with the L83 MIN Collectable.

Rotation-wise, the 89 node will be brutal. You’re gonna need Sharp Vision, too. Try out 3 Scrutiny 4 Scour first and see where you’re at.

If you’re leveling up your mining in tandem, then I suggest gathering this L89 one with BTN, and dropping the L83 MIN. So what does the gathering schedule look like?

Schedule Leveling both MIN & BTN: (suggested)
12 MIN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 BTN | 10 MIN
Schedule of options for both:
12 BOTH | 2 BOTH | 4 BTN ONLY | 6 BOTH | 10 MIN ONLY

Schedule Focusing on BTN Leveling:
12 BTN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 BTN | 10 MIN – if leveling Botany only, 10 is a deadzone.

Either way, you won’t be here too long. Congrats in advance!

Summary and Outro

Botany Leveling Guide – Navigation:
BTN Endwalker tier L80 to 90 (Scroll to): Prep | 80+ | 83+ | 85+ | 87+ | 89+
Botanist Level: Level  0-50 | 50-60 | 60-70 | 70-80 | 80-90

Congratulations on snipping off Botanist level 90! That’s the final leaf of your botany leveling journey in the Endwalker tier!

Typically, I used to add stuff here on guidance regarding DoL endgame, but I haven’t written about that in a minute… Let’s see, huh?

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  2. Hey guys,
    I just tried levelling my miner job from 60 to 70, and found a shortcut (more on that below). Since MIN and BTN in FFXIV share very similar mechanics, I suppose that the below is applicable to BTN as well. If anyone can confirm, that’d be great. I’ll also try and do the same with my own BTN job, will report back on how it went.

    So, I just got back to the game after a while, decided to level my lv.60 miner (lv.60 gear, 622GP).
    What I did was mine collectibles from lv.58-60 spots (e.g., Red Quartz & Adamantite, they have close in-game appearance times and are relatively close geographically). With a simple 600GP rotation I managed to score consistent 500+ collectibility, about 5-6 items per spot, about 15-17 items total. Turning in to Rowena’s appraisers in Idyllishyre blasted me from lv.60 to 65 in an instant. I didn’t have much time to test this method further, but I guess that I’ll at least easily reach lv.70 that way, with zero investment into lv.60-69 gear.
    As for the yellow scripts that you’ll inevitably get, use them to buy folklore books, you’ll need them to progress miner’s story missions (also, you’ll be able to mine better minerals and probably sell them at the market).

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey, I just got back into leveling BOT from 60, and noticed class quest xp gives an insane amount of xp (12.3mil xp at level 70, when the xp to 71 is 12,449,000, so its essentially a whole level.) It gives so much xp that the class quest at 70 essentially eliminates the dead zone since you’re just a few thousand xp away from 71. Just thought you should put this in the guide. Thanks!

    1. Aye, if you’re rushing through and are a newer player class quests are CHONKY. Sadly for the case for people like me, I got zero xp out of ’em back when they were the final one! I will add this in my next update thanks!

  4. First off, thank you thank you thank you! This guide is amazing and has enabled me to tackle botanist and basically speed through Leveling! I think it was mentioned before and I only scrolled through some of the comments but I’m currently grinding nodes at lvl 56 and found:
    1)Heavens Lemons node spawns at 6
    2) Cloud Bananas spawn at 4
    Thanks again for this awesome guide!

  5. Here’s a piece of advice, if you’re handing over lines to go in a macro, don’t use wonky fonts. Straight copy/paste into FFXIV and it won’t recognize them. ” is not the same as “

      1. The macro in the 71+ collectible rotation info box

        /ac “Discerning Eye”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
        /ac “Discerning Eye”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
        /ac “Single Mind”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”

        doesn’t work when copy/pasted directly from this page. I had to go in and change the two ” on each line, then they ended up working. Something about the quotation marks used doesn’t register in-game. Hope this info helps to fix it!

      2. I get the same problem, but it takes about 5 seconds to fix. Could be an OS/Browser issue. I’m on Chrome on Windows 10 and “lack of font” is different from “lack of font” (unsure how this might look while posted)

        Here’s a version I changed to work for me. I also reduced the wait from 3 to 2 with Discerning Eye and Single Mind, as it was unnecessary to wait so long.

        /ac “Discerning Eye”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
        /ac “Discerning Eye”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
        /ac “Single Mind”
        /ac “Methodical Appraisal”

        1. Yeah, the website seems to do some sort of conversion on the quotes once the comment is posted. Not sure what that’s about. And it ate my waits. Presumably thinking it was HTML due to the left and right carets.

  6. Thanks for the guide! I just wanted to leave a note here that I was able to follow the entire level 70-80 guide while wearing blue gear purchased with yellow gatherers’ scrip, no problem getting HQs for turn-ins or getting the right collectability level.

    1. This is a great suggestion, though I initially hesitated to add it due to not many people having it coming in – however it is a legit strategy so I’ll add it in soon!

    2. Very true, don’t waste your money on the gear mentioned in the guide. Short version, just do collectibles and in down time between them farm nearest and highest level nodes with gathering food active and the company times or the script tones that give you extra exp.

  7. The lvl 70 Yellow scrip II gear will carry you effortlessly all the way from 70 to 80. The only upgrade i made pre-80 was buying a HQ offhand at 74. Especially with the cost reduction to yellow scrip gear, there is no need whatsoever to buy any white gear aside from the HQ offhand. At 80, I was able to grind out the 4 white scrip collectables and kit out with the White scrip gear available. The currently craftable DoL gear for 80 is frankly not worth the money, at most you would buy HQ accessories and belt but there is painfully little gain.

    Tl;Dr Yellow scrip gear will carry you to 80, buy a HQ offhand at 74, don’t buy crafted gear at 80, just get the white scrip gear until they patch in better crafted recipes.

  8. The stormblood guide for botany would be better if they just stated what the quest turn-ins were so that we could grind them like they did in the past guides.

  9. It’s worth noting that the Blessed Fieldkeep’s Hatchet from the Achievement “I Found That: Botanist V” for gathering and recording discovery of 230 unique items as a Botanist actually beats out all of the hatchets during levelling – even the HQ Highsteel! It has stats like this;

    Ilvl 200
    Vit: 30
    Gathering: 292
    Perception: 167

    You can’t meld it, but I found that even with melds on the HQ Highsteel (Gathering: 274, Perception: 156) it didn’t beat those stats. I got it just by filling in all my gathering logs, so if people make an effort to do that as soon as they’re available, then you can get it quite early during levelling to 70! :)

    1. First of all, thanks A LOT for this great guide, I’m a new-ish player and this saved me a lot of time!

      Just a little heads up for anyone attempting Botanist Class Quest LVL70, not only the quest requires 5 normal items now (which has been covered correctly in this guide) but with Patch 4.2 “Ageless Words” doesn’t work anymore for this node in this particular scenario (this isn’t written anywhere in the patch note, but I just attempted it and it doesn’t work anymore sadly) so don’t bother wasting those 300GP on it, and use it to have 100% gathering chance instead (unless you have it already of course) else you’re forced to wait for the next time slot in order to complete the quest and it’s gonna be a pain. :(

      1. I just did this quest last night (Mar 31, 2019) on patch 4.5x. I completed both MIN and BTN 70 quests and used Ageless words on both to get another try to finish 5. It did work.

  10. I didn;t see it mentioned anywhere, but Its not necessary to grind lv 60 to 61 anymore, the stuff that Zhloe asks for for her orphanage gives excellent experience and was the same difficulty as the lv 58-59 stuff for me. Not to mention the storyline for that mini quest is actually interesting.

        1. it’s not a link sadly. just go to page 6 and look for a heading titled: “Botanist Gear: Upgrade Summary”. It should be under the “Botanist Leveling: 61 to 62”

          1. Ohhh! I found what you were talking about, jumped to the last page because I was level 69. Just wondering, do you also have a Stormblood endgame gear/meld guide for BTN?

  11. For the level 70 quest, HQ is needed. The first Rhalgr’s Streak you harvest will say it counts, but it doesn’t.

  12. I may have missed something here, but whats the suggested stockpile used for? Why are we stocking up these items?

    I get some of them are for the next class quest, but the rest?

    1. If you’re leveling crafters you need a small stock of some lower level items. Throw them away if your DoH is past the tier of your DoL – however this was made such a long time ago maybe I should just do away with suggested stockpile?

      1. Nah leave it in, it helps people who dont want to spend money on mats and want to profit fully from crafting.

        Thanks for the info :) keep up the good work!

      2. Nah, it was completely useful to me. Don’t like needlessly spending gil and the grind isn’t terrible

  13. Not sure if this is changed after SB, but tbh I just grind on Cedar log collectible 51-60. I can get 54 collectible logs in ~10 minutes, thats just shy of 1 mil XP (54 ,is just how many free slots I have in my inventory). throw in Coerthan tea leaves every 10:00ET and thats coming close to 1.2Mil – 1.5Mil every 10 minute run. Obviously this isn’t good if you want to sell things or gather things for crafting, but if you just want to grind up to the SB area these days and have no leves, it’s not a bad way to do it. If you’re rich, perhaps Wind Widows are better @58 and cloud mushrooms @59, but I can hit the above XP numbers on the logs with NQ gear and some cheap melds. No fancy skill rotations involved, just grab the log, appraisal twice and usually collect two or three logs per tree. It’s mind numbing, but easy and fast.

  14. idk if its a typo in the quest or a bug but I just completed my lvl 70 class quest with 5 NQ Rhalgr’s Streak. The actual turn-in didn’t ask for HQ either (I only had 2 anyway) so I’m not sure what’s going on because the quest tracker was listing that I had 5 HQ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  15. For the Level 68 levequests, there’s an error in your chat. The 8 node eval leve is actually “Nunh the Wiser” and the “Last of the Mhigans” is the 32 or fail leve.

  16. The time for Heavens Lemons appears to have changed, I just found them at 6 p.m. ET. I stuck around till about 10:10 ET to verify they don’t spawn at that time anymore

      1. Just finished the quest for Rhalgr’s Steak. I collected 5 NQ and HQ and for science decided to hand in the NQ ones first to see what merit the above comment had. The quest completed with only NQ items being handed in. I didn’t take a screenshot before but here is one just after my hand in. With what I had left after handing in the quest.

        1. You know, I feel something funny is going on with that quest. I had to submit NQ and HQ, maybe it was a strange bug of sorts, or they nerfed it. Either way if it’s just NQ I guess I’ll make a note on the guide. How very odd, even reviewing the quest in databases, HQ is the requested item…

  17. Heyo, still planning on updating this? I am now getting into the Stormblood parts of gathering. Full NQ lvl 61 left side gear, random hodgepodge of right side gear to hit 600+ GP with food. HQ main hand at 62 feels godlike. I’ve managed to collect Gyr Abanian Wheat collectable off of a gathering +1 node (can’t do it with 4 whacks in my gear, need to 5th hit to get to 470 collectability). Looking forward to seeing the completed guide.

    Botany is expensive… how do you keep your gil supply healthy? The gear upgrades ate away a pretty big chunk of my gil reserves.

    1. The unspoiled nodes have 5+ whacks. more with “utmost caution” rotations. Expensive is a relative term, heh. If you feel as if your gil got chunked…. you’re a gatherer!!!! Sell the stuff you harvest!

  18. Are there tips/guides about getting to 600GP? I barely hit 500GP at level 50 (I’m at 470 now). Is it just buying stuff at Market Boards?

  19. Achieved 50 thanks to this guide. Looking for 60.

    I would explain more the position of the quest items. Example for the 3 last logs for quest 50, you don’t say where, you don’t say that it’s a node that appears à 9 am in the coerthas providence zone.
    I got a hard time locating many of these items. Maybe I’m unskilled :P

    Found this link that is quite efficient

  20. lv 46-50 quote
    “Where to find Spruce Log? This quest is a little different, as you’re going to have to be level 50 to complete it (You cannot gather it as a 49 and below botanist)”


    Yes you can…… easily

  21. Just a note. You say that you cannot gather Spruce logs if you are not 50. This is incorrect. I am currently lvl 46 and have gathered them. You simply need to know which slot they are in (6). Simply make sure your Truth of Forests is turned on and run for the node when it becomes available. I am happy to provide photo video/ evidence. You can gather level 50 unspoiled nodes so long as you know which space holds the item and so long as your stats allow for it.

  22. Hello! I’m very thankful for all the great advices you gave, but I’ve been wondering about the suggested stockpiles…
    When you say 20 or 99 of each…is that NQ or HQ? I’ve been grinding for 20 HQ of each (and 99 for logs/ores) and it works just fine to level up, it’s slow, but it works :)
    Just wanted to know ^^

    1. I do believe it is mix&match as in crafting most items will call for either 1 or more items and you can mix in HQ for higher HQ progress at the start of the craft so its x20 in total in terms of the quest it would be atleast 10HQ for the turn in and just get a total of 30.

  23. This guild helped me get to 60 Botany, so thank you. Some thoughts and corrections.

    The collectibles you get at level 52 in Coerthas Western Highlands spawn at 10ET, not 12ET. Also, for the equipment upgrade, I would actually recommend NQ gear except for the tools, those should be HQ. Getting HQ gear is a bit overkill and saves a lot of money if you choose to but them. I believe there are some other times that are wrong but I don’t remember them

  24. Just a heads up, but you can see the nodes in Falcon Nest at level 50 allowing you to gather cedar logs. The guide says you cannot see them until level 51. I was able to see the nodes and gather with a skill of 325 putting the node at 81%. It is far easier and much more lucrative to farm these for a level. The cedar logs are selling for 700+ Gil for normal quality and HQ is going for a minimum of 1400 a log on average on my server so certainly worth it to grind on. Just an fyi.

    1. Aye, it’s impossible for me to give an blanket answer to all people of all servers. What to grind best can change from day to day depending on many things! The things I suggest are those likely to hold the most consistent value.

  25. First of all, thank you forever for all of these guides, which I used to get to 50 and I’m using to get to 60. You’e a hero.

    Second, there are two evaluation leves for each level but you only list one. I can help give names to the ones missing, but for the most part there is an 8-node 320 evaluation leve and a 4-node 160 evaluation leve for each tier.

    Not that it matters because if your percentage is near 85% using the 100GP ability to raise by 15%, then trying to get 5 of the 7/8 point item and using the chain 4 ability to get the 9 item is easy to do and will result in always getting 25%.

    Keep things going!

  26. How are we supposed to get to 600 GP? Even with food I wont get there. I’m level 52 with all of the 2.0 Botany gear. I only have 500k Gil. GP materia is silly expensive. You call 600 scrub tier but don’t tell us how to hit 600.

  27. Was able to get 5 Figs using Toil of Pioneer> Single Mind> Instinctual Appraisal x2, so there does not seem to be a cap of 4 at a node

    1. I see! Although my problem with this is when using single mind, a 3-gather becomes vastly superior to 5 figs…

      1. Its better get more of one item, rather then trying to get higher Collectability.
        One fig is iirc , 60k (250), then 66k, then 72k.

  28. Your guide seems to imply that the level 55 gear is from LTW and WVR, when you can just buy it from the moogle vendor in Moghome.

    Also, the whole guide could really be cleaned up. There’s a lot of useless fluff and misinformation that others have pointed out that makes it more difficult to understand than needs be. Honestly, I feel like I’d have more success just figuring things on my own than trying to follow this guide.

    1. You can buy it from moghome, yes, you can! BUT – I’m not implying anything. MY ADVICE (wether you choose to follow it or not) is to obtain an HQ set, as it will give you great value in return. Even if you’re just leveling up one class or all 3.

      I’m sorry you feel this way, but I can only do things either so quickly, or up to a certain quality. I’m time-bound like the rest of the players. Refinements will be made constantly.

      1. Personally, this guide has been loads of help for me and I’m new to the gathering classes. Without this guide I’d of been rather clueless, so I’m not seeing what other people are. Might have a bit of extra fluff here and there, but it’s been really helpful for a new gatherer.

    1. Oh know! I thought you had the mining table there on purpose. It was so helpful because we had both the botany and mining tables on the same page. Please put the mining table back. :) You could technically even re-name this page for both botany and mining since the same advice applies to both!

      1. Oh! Yes which reminds me. The ‘double tables’ belongs in a new guide (for delineation purposes, i guess). Which im going to make very soon. So sorry!

  29. “Botany Collectibles Unlocked
    (59?): Morel (Slot 7) | Dravanian Forelands (Lower left)”

    Should read Dravanian Hinterlands.

    1. I did not note the perception i had at the time for a 2x. On this note You need 570~ for a 3 gather!

  30. Trying to do my first collectible (Old World Figs)…I put the glove on and approach the node at the correct time, but when I open it, it tells me there’s no colectibles available. I’m level 50…

  31. Just letting you know have the Miner’s guild listed under “Before you begin your journey to 60 Botanist” :)

    1. If you plan to craft, it’s always nice to have at least 20 of these “secondary items”, which will be enough to hit 50 in all classes for the most part.

      1. Are these meant to be HQ items, or NQ? The level 21-25 says to stash 30 Chamomile (15 for quest) but the quest calls for HQ, so now I’m wondering if I’ve been stopping my stash early at 20 NQ instead of 20 HQ for the other levels.

  32. I am on the level 35 quest and the bnt main quest turn in is now 15 Alligator Pears (HQ). Not sure if the patch changed this.

    1. that is the 30 lvl class quest u must have skipped it when u deliver it u will get the 35 one which is 20 high quality Ramhorn Zucchini

  33. I’m at the raincatcher gully docks and I’m looking for the botany locations. I hone in and it tells me that they’re 233 yalms southeast, the thing is, there’s nothing but rock and no where to go in that direction.

    1. Thats because your not high enough level? it happened to me when i was lvl 6 and had to go to east vein in central shroud. There was NO trees but the guide told me there was and when when i hone it says 200 yalms away. But after doing some leve quests and lvled up they appeared! :D

      1. when you hone in make sure you look at the small map it will flash yellow leaves in the direction you need to go

    1. Have you gotten onto your adventuring class and done the introductory leve in that town? You cannot do DoH/DoL leves in a town until you complete the first battle leve.

    2. Did you unlock them for battlecrafting, if you don’t do that first the levequests for crafting and gathering will not be there.

  34. -Where to find Spruce Log? This quest is a little different, as you’re going to have to be level 50 to complete it (You cannot gather it as a 49 and below botanist)-

    This is not true. Just gathered spruce logs as a level 46.

  35. Lv20 Lush Vegetation Patches at Gridania East Shroud, The Hawthorne Hut area not listed.

    – Shroud Seedling

    [So I will hunt along with this as normal, 20?]

  36. Tarantula Oak Log and Oak Branch no longer seem to exist, or any botany nodes seem to exist in Lower Paths South Shroud. So probably flax and white truffle are somewhere else too?

  37. I see no mention of the Island Seedling you get from the Lv 20 lush vegetation Patches in Western La Noscrea, Quarterstone. Just figured I’d point that out

  38. In the Level 35 Botany quest, the 20 Laurel need to be HQ. I love the guide and very much appreciate it! Just trying to be helpful.

  39. What are the stockpiles meant for? Why 119 Crow Feathers and not just 99 for the quest? And why 20 of each? Is it meant to be used for something else later on? Just wondering :) Trying to level up the most effecient way.

      1. The things listed as ‘gather extra’ are the things most critical to crafting at that level. Whether you are crafting or if you are having something crafted using your materials. It makes sense to gather a few extra while you are out there than to have to go back because you need a few for your crafting skill.

  40. This site is a little out of whack when it comes to Botany. It lists Obsidian as a Botany quest. It also doesn’t tell you accurately for Marjoram (the level 15 Botany quest). It also says Miner #: next to all of the supposed Botany quest items required for each level. I’ll be finding another guide to follow, one that is more accurate.

    1. The typos are fixed. Thankfully (few) humans continue to update the site – we come with errors. We haven’t been able to develop our own AI to auto-compile, level, proofread and post this stuff yet ;)

    2. Your feedback caused those mistakes to be fixed…for that I’d like to thank you. As for finding another guide to follow, no one cares if you use this or not –buh bye.
      As for the guys who are creating the guides on this site. Great job!

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