FFXIV Good King Moggle Mog (Thornmarch) Extreme Guide

Moogles! Moogles Everywhere! If you’re saying “What killed me?!” – Read on! How to bring the Good King to heel in our Thornmarch EX Guide!

In Page 2 of our Good King Moggle Mog EX Guide, we will be explaining the most annoying parts of Thornmarch Extreme: The moogle ultimate skills. Or as we like to call them “Weird Stuff”!!! These moogles mean business – keep your focus and you’ll dethrone this guy for sure!

Page 1: Mechanics & Skills | Page 2: “Weird Stuff”, Phases, Tips & Loot
“Weird Stuff” | Phases | TL;DR Tips | Loot

“Weird Stuff” (Starts Phase 2 & 3)

Phase 2 is where the real fight begins, because the Moogles begin using the “Weird stuff” as we like to call it. These are extremely dangerous abilities that must be prepared for – as they will likely cause wipes! We will explain all known “weird stuff” but keep in mind they do not come out in any set pattern! Familiarizing yourself with each of them, and being aware is the best counter.

Moogle-go-round + Holy: You can tell this is happening when the entire stage turns blue with an AoE circle. DPS must cancel holy by smacking the WHM moogle (similar to how flare is dealt with). For moogle-go-round (comes from warrior), it’s a bit trickier. 2 people will get a debuff that must be cleansed. The effects of this debuff are simple: You will die to Moogle-go-round. Healers: be aware of it!

Moogle Taunt + Poison field: The paladin moogle will taunt the three nearest people to him. You can tell when this is happening when you see people being chained. THREE DEBUFFS must be cleansed. Having non-healers taunted is most ideal. How can you do this? There must always be 2 people nearest the Paladin that are not healers. Likely, at least 1 healer will be tagged, so the remaining healer must cleanse the taunt with this priority in mind: Healer > DPS > Tank. Obviously, if two healers get affected: it’s a sure WIPE.

Aggro Reset: The tell of this skill isn’t too noticeable… It’s like a bunch of stars erupting from Moogles. Your tanks just have to be aware. As the skill implies, all aggro is lost on all moogles (Paladin, & Warrior). Pick them up as fast as you can, because this can and will cause wipes.

Arrow Rain: Signified by a brown and red circle above the target/s head – this is an extremely strong AoE nuke, that will likely kill you if you’re caught in two. If he has alot of stacks, this can and will one shot you. Virus the archer once you see it! Try not to get the archers stacks too high. This is further discussed in the tanking section below.

Phase 1: Pull -> First Moogle Killed

If you’re familiar with all the moogle skills in P1, this phase is pretty simple. Reminders..

  • Stop Flare (Until end of fight)
  • Tank Swap at 3~ stack (Until end of fight)
  • Dodge, damnit. (Until end of fight)
  • Careful for Delta (You guessed it, until end of fight)
  • Dont get too many stacks on Archer / Thief.


Phase 2: “Weird stuff” Begins

Phase 2 means one thing: WEIRD STUFF BEGINS. Please familiarize yourself with the possible weird stuff found in the section above. Expect anywhere from 1-3 Weird stuff to happen. Reminders…

  • Healers watch our for debuffs (Taunt & Moogle Go Round)
  • Healers don’t be the two nearest players from Paladin Moogle
  • Tanks Watch Aggro Reset!
  • DPS stop holy!

MOOGLE KINGS METEOR signals the end of this phase, shortly after a moogle is killed. Everyone stack up in the middle and ideally with sacred soil. Moogle Meteors damage calculation is a little funny. Our theory goes something like this. “(Everyones total max HP x 90%) / 8“, which pretty much means healing everyone to 100% before it hits is IMPORTANT.

Phase 3: Weird stuff + kill all Moogles

All reminders from above still apply. Now, this phase is a little different… Once a moogle dies during this Phase, he will begin channeling Moogle Memento. This will kill everyone!

Same as usual, DPS all moogles down to low life. like REALLY LOW. Try to kill as many moogles as you can simultaneously! Once Moogle Memento is being cast, erase all remaining moogles quickly! Like always, if any moogle is alive Moogle Mog is invulnerable. So you only have a few seconds to kill all the moogles.

Once King can take damage – DPS LIMIT BREAK his face. Healers go cleric stance and hopefully he falls over before Moogle Memento casts. Overall, we found this to be a very fun fight. While the gear requirement isn’t too heavy – focus and familiarity of mechanics is the key to winning this fight!

TL;DR Thornmarch Tips per Role!


  • Tank swap when other tanks moogle has 3~ stacks.
  • Keep king away from Archer / Thief.
  • Be aware of AGGRO RESET!


  • Stop Holy & Flare.
  • Don’t kill moogles unless their buddies are low on health.
  • DPS LB (pref Melee) on king when casting Memento – there’s no other use for it.


  • Cleanse Moogle-go-round debuff when stage turns blue.
  • Cleanse Moogle Taunt from Healer>DPS>Tank.
  • Make sure both healers arent the closest players to Paladin Moogle.
  • Top everyone up / Sacred Soil for Moogle Meteor.


  • Stay away from middle / be aware of delta.
  • Don’t get stuck in Arrow Rain venn diagrams!

Good King Moggle Mog Loot List

Thornmarch Extreme loot are iLvl 100 necklaces, listed below.

[loot table]

Page 1: Mechanics & Skills | Page 2: “Weird Stuff”, Phases, Tips & Loot
“Weird Stuff” | Phases TL;DR Tips | Loot

Well! Best of luck in “Moogle EX”! Found outdated info? Want to add something? Hit the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “FFXIV Good King Moggle Mog (Thornmarch) Extreme Guide”

  1. From our experiences yesterday, I don’t believe that swapping the paladin and warrior (Ruffletuff and Whiskerwall) works. They each place a debuff on their respective tank (either MoogleDark or MoogleLight, I believe) so if you swap them they will do massive damage because each tank will have the wrong debuff.

    This is why the guide states that “they cannot be tanked at the same time”, but in reality, because these debuffs last for a full minute. Swapping them is essentially the same has tanking both of them. For example, If I’m tanking Whiskerwall and he give me a MoogleLight debuff and then switch to Ruffletuff…Ruffle will use his dark attack and do 3500-4000 damage on me because I have the light debuff.

    I’m sure I mixed some nomenclature up here, but the bottom line is, you can only trade the king.

  2. Regarding the “Aggro Reset”:

    From my observations as a Tank in this fight, I don’t think that this combination attack actually *removes* any aggro from the tanks. Instead, it seems to make the Paladin and Warrior instantly zero in on a healer as if provoke was used on it. One hit is all it takes to get it back, and the aggro meters provided in game remain nearly full, but only for the healers. If all aggro was truly lost, their meters would be nearly empty after a single enmity combo.

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