FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide L1 to 80 | 5.3 ShB Updated

Shadowbringers UPDATED! Power level your CRP to 80 in no time! CRP Levequest Items comparisons!

CRP Leveling Guide 50-60

MIN & BTN Leveling Guides updated. Other notes...

Botanist Leveling to 90, as well as Miner Leveling to 90 are updated for the Endwalker tier. Older tiers needs some fixing, although I modernized what I could quickly – I placed the important notes on the top of the aforementioned guides reflecting the major things that you need to take note of.

I will post a personal update soon, for those that are curious…

ShB 5.3 UPDATED! Dwarf Beast Tribe and Ehll Tou

Recent Update Log

5.3 Updates

  • Dwarf Beast Tribe quests added in ShB tier as a notable EXP source.
  • Ehll Tou added as Custom Delivery client option.

Previous updates

  • Kai Shirr added as Custom Delivery client option in ShB tier.
  • L70 to L80 section essentially revamped: New Skills & Rotations! 5.2ish was a clusterF. Skills changed TWICE in a short span of time. All is well now!
  • L70+ Gear recommendation:  Yellow Scrip gear is now recommended, for a number of reasons (Mainly, barely need stats for 70 to 80 leveling)

CRP Leveling Guide – Navigation: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50]
[50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

So you finally got to the holy see! Thinkin’ of choppin’ trees and makin’ that green, huh? – YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE! Make sure you don’t go broke in the process first!!! Welcome to the Carpenter leveling guide 50 to 60 edition! For quick reference I’ll be putting the CRP levequest and classquest items up top.

“To teach a carpenter, do not ask a man to cut wood and make things…
instill in him the longing to CREATE.”
– Mahiko “Moku” San.

Carpentry Levequest Table 50 to 60

ClassLv.Type#Levequest NameItem NameRecipe Preview
CRP50S5Splinter in the SewersCedar Lumber x5http://xivdb.com/?recipe/2195/Cedar-Lumber
CRP50S1So You Think You Can Lance?Mythrite Tridenthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2196/Mythrite-Trident
CRP50T2Almost as fun as Slingshotting BirdsCedar Longbow x2http://xivdb.com/?recipe/2201/Cedar-Longbow
CRP52S1Landing the Big OneCedar Fishing Rodhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2213/Cedar-Fishing-Rod
CRP52S1Do You Even String BowHoly Cedar Composite Bowhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2202/Holy-Cedar-Composite-Bow
CRP52T2A Reward Fitting for the FaithfulHoly Cedar Necklacehttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2222/Holy-Cedar-Necklace
CRP54S1The Darkest HearthDark Chestnut Spinning Wheelhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2220/Dark-Chestnut-Spinning-Wheel
CRP54S1License to HealDark Chestnut Rodhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2208/Dark-Chestnut-Rod
CRP54T5Walking on Pins and NeedlesDark Chestnut Lumberhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2240/Dark-Chestnut-Lumber
CRP56S1The Long Armillae of the LawHallowed Chestnut Armillaehttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2225/Hallowed-Chestnut-Armillae
CRP56S1Don't Ask the WyvernHallowed Chestnut Composite Bowhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2204/Hallowed-Chestnut-Composite-Bow
CRP56T2Aim to PleaseHallowed Chestnut Mask of Aiminghttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2210/Hallowed-Chestnut-Mask-of-Aiming
CRP58S3Birch, PleaseBirch Lumberhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2242/Birch-Lumber
CRP58S1Anatomy of a DrillbitDragonstone Grinding Wheelhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2218/Dragonscale-Grinding-Wheel
CRP58T2Hold on, AdamantiteAdamantite Spearhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2200/Adamantite-Spear

You can find a COMPLETE (All eight DoH classes) List of the above and below tables here: Full listing of 3.0 DOH Leve/Class Quest Items.

Carpenter Class Quest Table 50 to 60

CarpenterLvClass quest itemsRecipe
CRP53Holy Cedar Composite Bowhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2202/Holy-Cedar-Composite-Bow
CRP55Dark Chestnut Rodhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2208/Dark-Chestnut-Rod
CRP58Birch Lumberhttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/2242/Birch-Lumber
CRP60Adamantite Tridenthttp://xivdb.com/?recipe/30972/Adamantite-Trident
CRPQuest NPCBarthovieuIshgard (The Brume, lower)
Moogle Beast Tribe Quests (Daily): Help muscle past 50 to 53!

The introduction of Moogle Beast Tribe quests gives us possibly the “best” method to help our struggling crafters past the extremely difficult L50 to L53 phase.

Starting Quest: Tricks and Stones
NPC & Location: Seething Stonemason, Churning Mists (27, 34)
Prerequisite MSQ: Into the Aery
Prerequisite Sidequests: Laying the First Brick.

Why do Moogle Dailies? They’re EXTREMELY EASY, FREE, FAST, and provide A CHUNK OF EXP – especially useful for the early 3.0 levels, namely 50 to about 53 (before you get a complete set of 3.0 DoH Gear).

The EXP is gained on the class you triggered the quest with – you cannot switch class after completion and get exp on that one, so be careful.

Unlocking this can be a HUGE PAIN IN THE BUTT. There’s about 2.7 billion prerequisite quests – especially painful for those who didn’t quest in Churning Mists. Good luck.

I highly suggest saving these for your lowest level crafter, or to get past “difficult tiers”. Once all of your crafters are past 53, spend them freely or on your highest level crafter!

To those who are familiar with the previous tiers Ixal quests, MOOGLE QUESTS ARE MUCH SIMPLER. There’s no combat or forced gathering involved.

Before you begin CRP 50+

  • Go to the Carpenter guild in Gridania, and get your quest to point you to your new quest giver.
  • It’s now in Ishgard! Barthovieu (The Brume) is your questgiver!
  • You get 3 Commercial Issue Crafting Manuals: Use them wisely! Read the damn tooltip.
  • Reminder: DO YOUR GC TURN-IN EVERYDAY. It’s worth a lumbering amount of EXP!
  • Go to Ishgard and complete the quest “Inscrutable Tastes“. It unlocks the Scrip turn-in system.

Crafting Scrips, turn-ins and your Carpenter:

So how does this all work? Basically, you craft Collectibles and hand them in for EXP, and later on, Scrips. This acts like a ‘free’ levequest! It’s infinitely repeatable – as long as you can afford to make the items. How do you craft a collectible? Using the skill Collectible Synthesis gives you a status effect wherein anything you craft will end up as a collectible.

UNLIKE NORMAL CRAFTING HQ% doesn’t matter. An items collectability is defined by its quality upon completion. So you dont need to “HQ” everything you craft – just make sure you reach the minimum collectability! When you’re done, you’re prompted to keep the item as a collectible, or complete the synthesis normally. These items cannot be stacked, sold or traded. You may also “lower” an item from a collectible to a regular item!

Carpentry Level 50 to 52

Leveling up your retainer (Battle class) is value for Carpenter (and other DoH).
a little less so for CRP, but still really good (Botanist retainers, too!)

CRP 50 Levequest comparison:

  • Cedar Lumber x5:  Good ‘ol basic leve. May be hard to HQ.
  • Mythrite Trident: Is pretty terrible. Takes 5x crafts anyway – so why not the above?
  • Cedar Longbow x2:(R) For me it’s either you do the lumbers of this.

What I did in this tier: Let me first say that there seems to be a hidden nerf to you crafting capability at 50. Specifically, it’s difficult to attempt 50+ recipes as a 50 guy – much more so than a 49 trying 50 recipes. To combat this – get to 51 first. The best way? Grind and make as many Cedar Lumbers as you can. NQ, HQ I don’t care. Macro craft a metric ton of these. You can get to 51 doing this, and it’s probably the best move. From there you choose to:

  1. Submit the 5x Cedar Lumber leve if you like
  2. Use some to make Cedar Longbow or Trident.
  3. I would only resort to #2 if you have a hard time getting HQ cedar lumbers.

Personally I didn’t feel the need to deviate from the 5x lumber leve. It’s too good, and this tier wont hassle you either way.

CRP 52,53 Gear Check: Depends on how good your 50 DoH gear was, upgrading your Mainhand at L52 to Mythrite Halfheart Saw, and Offhand at 53 to Mythrite Claw Hammer is a significant gain in stats. Just as HQ Rainbow Coatee. The bulk of your crafting stats comes from these three pieces, so the other slots are optional.

Carpentry Level 52 to 54

CRP 52 Levequest comparison:

  • Cedar Fishing Rod: The only leve I’d consider in this tier.
  • Holy Cedar Composite Bow: Holy Cedar can be a pain.
  • Holy Cedar Necklace:(R) As stated above.

What I did in this tier: While the mats for Holy Cedar are buyable from NPC, they’re still quite expensive. While inherently not terrible on their own the latter two leves suffer because CEDAR FISHING ROD is so cheap and easy to make. (Oh, just reminding you again – check out the gear updates listed above.)

Also because you’re likely to have a bunch of Cedar Lumber lying around from the previous tier. The only hassle? Mythrite Nugget. Branches are easy to obtain and cheap – the nugget however, will IMO always be cheaper than Holy Cedar. So this tier, there is a single winning leve – I wouldn’t consider the other two.


Carpentry Level 54 to 56

CRP 54 Levequest comparison:

  • Dark Chestnut Spinning Wheel: Price factor – Titanium Rivet.
  • Dark Chestnut Rod: Price factor – Growth Formula Epsilon.
  • Dark Chestnut Lumber x5:(R) Good ‘ol Ingot leve.

What I did in this tier: Hmm, this tier was a little weird. First of all I’d like to say that the repeatable triple leve (Dark Chestnut Lumber) is likely the best. But I know a lot of people dislike triples, and moreso in this case which takes MULTIPLE CRAFTS for a single submit. Regardless of what you plan to do, a simple truth remains:

Start this tier by crafting a metric ton of Dark Chestnut Lumber.

From there you can decide to do whatever you like with ’em! Both of the single leves contain ingredients that are a hassle. Titanium Rivet and Growth Formula Epsilon aren’t known for having stable market prices so if you’re going to bother with the single leves you’re going to need to do price comparison! I did the triple in this tier cause I macro crafted while watching a series – which I suggest you do too. Having excess lumbers we’re OK since they’re widely used and sell quite well.

CRP Level 56 – Scrip tier collectibles: Once you hit 56 you’ve now entered the scrip tier! Trust me on this, you’re going to need ALOT of these guys. CRP may not be the best class for generating scrips, but you should ALWAYS be on the lookout for a great turn-in.

Carpentry Level 56 to 58

CRP 56 Levequest comparison:

  • Hallowed Chestnut Armillae: The lesser evil.
  • Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow: Nope.
  • Hallowed Chestnut Mask of Aiming:(R) Nope.

CRP’s garbage tier – welcome!

What I did in this tier: Ahhh hallowed chestnutDeez ‘nuts’ aren’t value at all. While you can buy some of the mats off NPC’s they aren’t cheap. Ultimately though, the Hallowed Chestnut Armillae is the best bet here. The mats are the cheapest compared to the other two.

Even then, there was something about making hallowed chestnut lumber that really bothered me… The time spent to synthesize this was completely blown out of proportion by requiring to make 2x hallowed water with my ALC. (Not a problem if yer buyin’ – but if you’re loaded you wouldn’t even be reading this!)

In the end your best move here is to do a mix of the following:

  1. This tiers leves – if you’re brave.
  2. Grinding on more chestnut lumber (possibly with Commercial Issue Manual)
  3. Do older leves
  4. Hope that your weekly challenge log is available
  5. GC turn-ins

It’s just one of those tiers that have that classic “time vs money” argument. Save yourself the heartbreak and take it easy on this tier.

Carpentry Level 58 to 60

CRP 58 Levequest comparison:

  • Birch Lumber: Wow, luckily this isn’t so bad.
  • Dragonscale Grinding Wheel: Not too bad…
  • Adamantite Spear:(R)  Crazy un-value. The void where value goes to die.

What I did in this tier: So I was leveling botanist when I was doing this – making this tier a lot less painful. Birch Lumber is mega value but is a hidden node. Very similar to the titanium tier of BSM or ARM. So what do we do here?

  1. Obtain a bunch of Birch Logs (either by yourself or through the MB)
  2. Manually > Macro craft all of it to Birch Lumber.
  3. Use it for leves and GC turn-ins (which will require birch at this point).

So I used NQ Birch Lumbers to make Dragonscale Grinding Wheel. Since Aurum Regis nugget and Dragonscale are relatively cheap. I submitted some HQ Birch Lumbers for the leves, too. Doing a mix of both leves will preserve your sanity. Keep in mind there are a lot of profitable things to craft here to regain investment (WVR/GSM offhands for example). But even in the worst case, stocking up on Birch Lumber isn’t bad since it’s sellable on it’s own – and it’s used for many recipes.

While most final tiers have a bad levequest lineup, CRP is quite lucky in the 58 to 60 tier. Birch Lumber can be costly some days, but it’s nothing in comparison to some of the other DoH final tiers. GL on the last push to 60!

Carpenter Level 60 and beyond!

Well now you’re done with Heavensward tier – it’s time for Stormblood to 70!

CRP Leveling Guide – Navigation: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50]
[50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

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33 thoughts on “FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide L1 to 80 | 5.3 ShB Updated”

  1. Hey, thanks so much for the guides. Even the older, slightly outdated portions on the crafting guides have helped me speed level tremendously after I followed the MIN and BTN ones.

    On this one, I noticed that you were stating a minor update to your 78 – 80 macro but I don’t see the adjustment noted. Was there an error in creating the box?

  2. Hey, thanks for the great guide! Quick thing I noticed while leveling Carpenter, the Link to 64-70 is wrong and links to page 7 (70-80) instead of page 6 (64-70). Both at the top and bottom navigation. Might want to look into that :)

  3. Continue to do the SINGLE Lv. 30 Walnut Macuahuitl leve even after Lv. 35 instead of the TRIPLE leve.
    It makes no sense to submit 3x for 20,000 exp instead of 49k for each one, and double that for HQ.
    Yeah you’ll have to TP back and forth but that only takes a minute each time.
    Went from 30-40 in about a half hour this way.

  4. I just want to point out that from 50-60 some of the best exp you can get is from the moogle daily quests. It cost zero mats as they are provided with the quests and the quests are extremely quick and super easy to complete.

  5. First off love ffxivguild guides , been using for years :) thank you
    …i just grind all crafts 1-50 (again lol) and i noticed that all the leves in them set lvls only
    offer 3 types now not 5 , i did all 3 types to see if i would get a new leve and nope same 3
    may be something to look into ,i did buy some stuff on MB (HQ) just to see i could not get the leve for that item to come about

    1. hmmmm… There should be 3 from the local levemete (area depends on level and class), and another 3 from the hometown (Limsa, Grid or Uldah – depending on class). lemme know if this still confuses you

  6. most of this stuff atleast since 4.0 u can buy from vendors and hand in for still very good xp if your struggling to gather or cant hq anyways or just dont have the time :)

    1. If you paid attention to the guide, you’d notice that the way the list works is that it shows you where to deliver, and where to pick the leve up. It’s listed as Costa del Sol | Gridania because the leve is picked up in Gridania and delivered in Costa del Sol. It would have been pointed out and corrected already if it was a mistake considering how long that’s been relevant, the old content guides weren’t written in 2017.

  7. I just noticed for the level 50 levequests it says the cedar lumber one takes 5, but it actually takes 3.

    1. after finishing with ARM 50 to 60 (tonight) my next goal is to update all 01-50 DOH and DOL guides.

      The shopping list is something I’m really iffy about. I’ll think and look into it as to how it can be made better or if there’s something else I can do about it.

      There are many things to consider, but mainly formatting. I’ll try my best.

  8. um for the walnut Macuahuitl, if you hand in the triple exchange leve you only get under 20k exp, where if u hand them in one at a time in costa del sol u get 49k exp for each one you hand in…….

    1. Except that if you’re turning in HQ items, which should be priority when doing leves the Courier caps at 98k(49k x 2 for HQ) per leve while the triple maxes at 117.6k per leve(19.6k x 2 for HQ + option to turn in twice more for a total of ((19.6k x 2) x 3)).

      Triple is the better option between the two if you’re mainly concerned about exp per leve. Less travel time as well.

      1. Actually no, the triple really isn’t. In the time it takes to craft NINE items to gain a measly 20k, barely 20% bonus of the ONE item) You could turn in ALL 9 singles. Just set one as favored, one as free. Cost of crystals, effort of mats, everything.. not worth it. I’m low on Leves and I STILL won’t touch triples. I prefer making a quick HQ macro and doing all 9 turn ins within 5min.

      2. Exp per leve, maybe. But 20% more exp for up to 9x the cost. (3×3 items Vs 1 Item)

        This guide (and most on this site) are horribly outdated since the nerfing of triple turn-ins and the buffing of single/couriers.

    2. I have to agree with this. The level 30 leve for the Walnut Macuahuitl is the way to go. 98000 xp for 1 HQ item beats 117600 for 9 of the same HQ item. It may cost you leves, but it’s well worth for time and money you’ll save from having to craft less.

      Also, to make the trip easier, go ahead and make Costa del Sol and New Gridania favored destinations. It’ll cut down on the teleporting costs, which comes out to over 1000 gil per round trip without favored destination.

      1. Depends if you are trying to power level several crafts in a short amount of time, without factoring in grinding which takes forever. You will burn through roughly 60 Leves using HQ items. Triples saves you several days of waiting for allowances.

      2. Having tried this last night, the level 30 single turn in will carry you all the way to 50. It is nuts!

        The triple, on the other hand, requires vastly more effort and resources for marginal benefit.

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