FFXIV Carpenter Leveling Guide L1 to 80 | 5.3 ShB Updated

Shadowbringers UPDATED! Power level your CRP to 80 in no time! CRP Levequest Items comparisons!

MIN & BTN Leveling Guides updated. Other notes...

Botanist Leveling to 90, as well as Miner Leveling to 90 are updated for the Endwalker tier. Older tiers needs some fixing, although I modernized what I could quickly – I placed the important notes on the top of the aforementioned guides reflecting the major things that you need to take note of.

I will post a personal update soon, for those that are curious…

Nail the link BELOW AND GET TO
Shadowbringers carpenter leveling to 80!

ShB 5.3 UPDATED! Dwarf Beast Tribe and Ehll Tou

Recent Update Log

5.3 Updates

  • Dwarf Beast Tribe quests added in ShB tier as a notable EXP source.
  • Ehll Tou added as Custom Delivery client option.

Previous updates

  • Kai Shirr added as Custom Delivery client option in ShB tier.
  • L70 to L80 section essentially revamped: New Skills & Rotations! 5.2ish was a clusterF. Skills changed TWICE in a short span of time. All is well now!
  • L70+ Gear recommendation:  Yellow Scrip gear is now recommended, for a number of reasons (Mainly, barely need stats for 70 to 80 leveling)

If you’ve been here before and need quick navigation:
CRP Level: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50][50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

Decided on Leveling CRP? Let the Blessing of Byregot the builder manifest within you (with good material condition or better)! Hope our Carpenter Leveling Guide helps you out!

Before you begin…

Where is the Carpenter Guild? How to become a Carpenter? You can become a Carpenter by visiting the Carpenters’ Guild in Gridania. If you have at least L10 in any combat class – it’s sawing and nailing time!

Updating your Carpentry Gear is quite important if you’re going to be crafting your own leve items. We have a Crafting Gear Guide to help you out on that.

Carpenter Class Quest Item Reference:

CRP 01: Maple Lumber
CRP 05: 3x Square Maple Shield
CRP 10: 12x Ash Lumber
CRP 15: Feather Harpoon, Ash Shortbow
CRP 20: Iron Lance (Materia Enhanced)
CRP 25: (HQ) Walnut Lumber
CRP 30: (HQ) Walnut Cane
CRP 35: (HQ) Oak Longbow
CRP 40: (HQ) Oak Composite Bow
CRP 45: (All HQ) Cobalt Halberd, Jade Crook, Yew Longbow
CRP 50: (HQ) Rosewood Lumber (HQ) Crab Bow (Melded with: Savage Aim Materia III)

Just use the above as a quick reference if completing multiple Carpenter class quests at once.

Levequest Items Discussion?

Every tier has 3 kinds of Leves:

  • [1]Single Submit Leves: Levemete & submission are just a short walk from each other.
  • [C]ourier Leves: Levemete is from the [H]ometown, to be submitted to the [L]ocal Levemete.
  • [R]epeatable Leves.

Notes: [1]Single and [3]Repeatable Leves (1 each) are from the [H]ometown, and [L]ocal levemete. [C]ourier leves will always give the Highest EXP per craft, but require alot of time, and travel costs. [3]epeatable leves will always give the Highest EXP per Leve. If you value your leves alot or don’t have many left, these are good. But, they are thrice as expensive. We will recommend the best [1] and [3] levequest(s) for every tier. Note that this depends on server prices and might not apply to you (Unlikely). We will comment on every tiers [C] levequest but will likely never recommend it. Use [C] levequests at your own discretion! Also, a Precursor item means it requires a fully crafted item AS A MATERIAL.


Useful links to have open: Crafting Gear Guide | Carpenter Leves Guide

Ixal Beast Tribe Daily Quests: Bonus Crafting/DoH EXP !

Putting it here to remind or notify you that such a thing exists, but:

I SUGGEST USING THESE ON CRAFTERS L15+ (use on low level if forced)
Since the early levels are quite easy. (But you can unlock it asap)

Starting Quest: A Bad Bladder
NPC & Location: Scarlet at New Gridania (9, 11)
Prerequisite MSQ: Pursuit of the Past

These dailies are best used to push past “bad tiers”, or simply on your highest level non 50 crafter. I suppose you can also use them on crafting classes which are lagging behind for one reason or the other.

If you’re super fresh and have all low level crafters, and happen to unlock it early – you CAN do them now. While I don’t recommend it, I suppose it’s better than them just disappearing!

Carpenter Level 1-15: The early levels

Using Courier / Reverse Courier is the most efficient use of leves in these tiers:

Level 1:  Maple Clogs / 3x Maple Lumber [The Bannock] Level 5: Maple Crook / Maple Cane [The Bannock] Level 10:  3x Ash Lumber / Square Ash Shield [Bentbranch Meadows]

We DO NOT advise using “REGULAR” leves for these low levels. If you really feel like using these leves for these tiers:

CRP 1 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Maple Patterns
CRP 5 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Ash Macuahuitl
CRP 10 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Ash Radical

Company-issue Engineering Scroll is great for when you wanna sit down and craft. The GC Scrolls These can be bought from your GC’s supplier NPC.

CRP Level [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50][50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

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FFXIV Carpentry Levequests (Complete List)

All Carpentry Levequests Information. CRP Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL CARPENTRY LEVEQUESTS. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our CRP Leveling Guide!

Carpentry Leves level 20 and above marked with T means they are triple turn ins, while S is a single turn in. Submitting High-quality Alchemist crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS


1In with the NewBone Harpoon1SGridaniaGridania
1Touch and HealMaple Pattens1SGridaniaGridania
1Clogful of CamaraderieMaple Clogs1SGridaniaThe Bannock
1Bowing OutMaple Shortbow1SThe BannockThe Bannock
1Got Your BackSquare Maple Shield1SThe BannockThe Bannock
1Gridania's Got TalentMaple Lumber3SThe BannockGridania
5Bows of the BoysMaple Longbow1SGridaniaGridania
5Shields for the SerpentsRound Shield1SGridaniaGridania
5Spears and SorceryMaple Crook1SGridaniaThe Bannock
5A Sword in HandAsh Macuahuitl1SThe BannockThe Bannock
5Leaving without LeaveBronze Spear1SThe BannockThe Bannock
5Compulsory ConjuryMaple Cane1SThe BannockGridania
10Citizen's CanesAsh Radical1SGridaniaGridania
10On the MoveRagstone Grinding Wheel1SGridaniaGridania
10Raise the RoofAsh Lumber3SGridaniaBentbranch Meadows
10Life's a StitchAsh Spinning Wheel1SBentbranch MeadowsBentbranch Meadows
10Say it with SpearsFeathered Harpoon1SBentbranch MeadowsBentbranch Meadows
10Shielding SalesSquare Ash Shield1SBentbranch MeadowsGridania
15Nightmare on my StreetElm Cane1SGridaniaGridania
15Re-crating the SceneIron Spear1SGridaniaGridania
15Driving up the WallElm Lumber3SGridaniaThe Hawthorne Hut
15Nothing to HideAsh Mask (Lapis Lazuli)1SThe Hawthorne HutThe Hawthorne Hut
15What You NeedSquare Ash Shield1SThe Hawthorne HutThe Hawthorne Hut
15Bowing to NecessityAsh Shortbow1SThe Hawthorne HutGridania
20As the Worm TurnsYew Radical1SGridaniaGridania
20Behind the MaskAsh Mask (Lapis Lazuli)3/9TGridaniaGridania
20Militia on my MindIron Lance1SGridaniaQuarrymill
20Grinding It OutMudstone Grinding Wheel1SQuarrymillQuarrymill
20Polearms AplentyIron Spear3/9TQuarrymillQuarrymill
20Wall Not FoundWalnut Lumber3SQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Armories of the Rich and FamousWalnut Lumber5/15TGridaniaGridania
25Daddy's Little GirlViper-crested Round Shield1SGridaniaGridania
25Tools for the ToolsSilver Battle Fork1SGridaniaQuarrymill
25Heal AwayYew Crook3/9TQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Storm of SwordsElm Macuahuitl1SQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Toys of SummerSteel Spear1SQuarrymillQuarrymill
30An Expected TourneyAsh Cavalry Bow1SGridaniaGridania
30Ceremonial SpearsSteel Spear3/9TGridaniaGridania
30Knock on WoodWalnut Macuahuitl1SGridaniaCosta del Sol
30Live Freelance or DieHeavy Steel Lance1SCosta del SolCosta del Sol
30The Lone BowmanOak Longbow1SCosta del SolCosta del Sol
30The Long Lance of the LawSteel Halberd3/9TCosta del SolCosta del Sol
35A Tree Grew in GridaniaPastoral Oak Cane1SGridaniaGridania
35Flintstone FightWalnut Macuahuitl3/9TGridaniaGridania
35Stay on TargetYarzonshell Harpoon1SGridaniaObservatorium
35Bend it like DurendaireAsh Cavalry Bow3/9TObservatoriumObservatorium
35Grippy When WetMythril Cavalry Bow1SObservatoriumObservatorium
35The Cold, Cold GroundOak Pattens1SObservatoriumObservatorium
40Greenstone for GreenhornsJade Crook1SGridaniaGridania
40Spin it like You Mean itMahogany Spinning Wheel3/9TGridaniaGridania
40The Arsenal of TheocracyCobalt Halberd1SGridaniaWhitebrim Front
40A Winning ComboOak Composite Bow1SWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
40Ready for a RematchMythril Lance3/9TWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
40The Turning PointGarnet Grinding Wheel1SWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
45Clogs of WarMahogany Pattens1SGridaniaGridania
45You Do the Heavy LiftingMahogany Lumber5/15TGridaniaGridania
45Trident and ErrorCobalt Trident1SGridaniaSt. Coinach's Find
45Bow Down to MagicCrab Bow1SSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
45Bowing to Greater PowerYew Longbow1SSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
45Incant Now, Think LaterJade Crook3/9TSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
50Almost as Fun as Slingshotting BirdsCedar Longbow2/6TFoundationFoundation
50So You Think You can Lance?Mythrite Trident1SFoundationFoundation
50Splinter in the SewersCedar Lumber3SFoundationFoundation
52A Reward Fitting of the FaithfulHoly Cedar Necklace2/6TFoundationFoundation
52Do You Even String Bow?Holy Cedar Composite Bow1SFoundationFoundation
52Landing the Big OneCedar Fishing Rod1SFoundationFoundation
54The Darkest HearthDark Chestnut Spinning Wheel1SFoundationFoundation
54License to HealDark Chestnut Rod1SFoundationFoundation
54Walking on Pins and NeedlesDark Chestnut Lumber5/15TFoundationFoundation
56Aim to PleaseHallowed Chestnut Mask of Aiming2/6TFoundationFoundation
56Don't Ask WyvernHallowed Chestnut Composite Bow1SFoundationFoundation
56The Long Armillae of the LawHallowed Chestnut Armillae1SFoundationFoundation
58Anatomy of a Drill BitDragonscale Grinding Wheel1SFoundationFoundation
58Birch, PleaseBirch Lumber3SFoundationFoundation
58Hold on AdamantiteAdamantite Spear2/6TFoundationFoundation
60Beech, PleaseBeech Lumber1/3TKuganeKugane
60Reeling for RodsMuudhorn Fishing Rod1SKuganeKugane
60Walk the WalkBeech Rod1SKuganeKugane
62CompostionLarch Composite Bow1SKuganeKugane
62Standing on CeremonyHigh Steel Fork1SKuganeKugane
62Wood That You CouldLarch Bracelets1/3TKuganeKugane
64O PinePine Lumber1SKuganeKugane
64PinewheelPine Spinning Wheel1SKuganeKugane
64Run Before They WalkPine Cane1/3TKuganeKugane
66Everybody's Heard about the 'BerdDoman Steel Halberd1SKuganeKugane
66Spare a Rod and Spoil the FishersGazelle Horn Fishing Rod1/3TKuganeKugane
66The Ear is the Way to the HeartPersimmon Earrings1SKuganeKugane
68Putting Your Line on the NeckZelkova Necklace1SKuganeKugane
68With a Bow on TopZelkova Longbow1/3TKuganeKugane
68Zelkova, My LoveZelkova Lumber1SKuganeKugane
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