FFXIV Rogue (ROG) Leveling Guide & Rotation (Shb Updated)

How to level up your Rogue (ROG) fast! Rotation, useful reminders, and the best places to be in any level – HERE!

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Finding yourself here probably means you’re leveling a Rogue. Well, if you don’t wanna be part of the hidden village of nooblets, you’ve found the right guide! You’ll easily sneak past the early levels with our Rogue Leveling Guide! Rogues deal a good amount of damage compared to other classes early on, so you got that goin’ for ya.

WAIT RIGHT THERE! this Rogue Leveling Guide is best used along with the FFXIV General Leveling Guide. Of course, if this is your first character – follow your story quest! If you’re new, it’ll do you good to check out the basics of a Rogue.

Not sure where the ROG guild is? It’s in Limsa. You have Accuracy Food? Good. Is your battle chocobo (+Gyashl Greens) ready? Good.

Wait a sec, I’m above L30 – I’m a NIN! Then check out the Ninja Leveling Guide.

Rogue: the early levels.

Fresh off the Rogue block?! Go out there and slice up hunting log! A low level character doing hunting logs + participating in level appropriate FATES is the best and most practical source of EXP in the early levels. For you (Rogue), you’ll find yourself up and about Lower and Middle La Noscea a lot. Your mission right now is to rush past the easly levels! If you’ve got a lot of leves, and feel like using them, do some levequests in Red Rooster Stead (Level 1 & Level 5), which is a west of Tempest Gate from Limsa (Lower La Noscea). Again, go out of your way to do all FATEs you can handle!

protip: Got some cross-class skills? Second Wind (PGL 8), Bloodbath (MRD 8) and Protect (CNJ 8) are pretty much the best you can ask for. They drastically minimize risk of death, and allows you to kill monsters with a higher level than your own! All in all, reducing your downtime significantly!

Level 2 skill reminder – Perfect Dodge: I might as well tell you now. You know those quests or FATES that you have to interact (pick up) something? Getting interrupted by enemies? Well, Perfect Dodge prevents that. A small boon, but still.

Level 4 skill reminder – Gust Slash: Your first combo skill. GS combos off Spinning Edge. Get used to the basics of a combo so you’re familiar with the concept early on. Golden rule is never break a combo!

Level 6 skill reminder – Wasp Venom: ALWAYS keep this on. This is a free, passive buff to your damage. Make it a habit to ALWAYS have a venom!

Level 8 skill reminder – Mutilate: Your first DoT (Damage over time). Keep in mind, for DoT’s to gain max value, enemies must survive at or near the full duration. Use it for tougher enemies!

Review the tips mentioned above and you should level up to 10 in no time… Finally 10? Grats! Make sure your hunting log (tier 1) is complete. You’ve also gained your first unallocated attribute points: dump them all into DEX. Before proceeding, Check the Rogue guildmaster every 5 levels – level 1 5 and 10 for now – Get your class quests done ASAP! Try to go back to your guildmaster every 5 levels from here on out.

Level 10 skill reminder – Hide: Well, theres not so much to say about Hide. If you need to go around places without being seen, keep this in mind.

Rogue Level 10 to 16

The very first thing you want to do as you hit 10 is Guildhests. Still unlocked? Go to a town nearby (likely Swiftperch) and unlock it. You got a large EXP bonus for completion of a Guildhest on every class you do them on. AND ALONG WITH THIS  is unlocking the queue for Daily Roulette: Guildhests, to get bonus exp once every day! For now, queue up the guildhests Under the Armor and Basic Training: Enemy Parties. SAYING IT AGAIN: You can get the completion bonus EXP for EVERY CLASS.

You should be close to (closer via Aetheryte…) Aleport in Western La Noscea. Everyone levels here at this range! Lots of people and a bunch of FATEs means a bunch of EXP. No FATEs at the moment? Check out the Levequests Aleport. Too easy? +4 the difficulty slider! Too hard? Swiftperch offers L10-14 Leves!! Grind your way to Rogue level 16 in this area.

Level 12 skill reminder – Mug: Ignore the stealing part. Treat it as an off-GCD damage skill. What’s off-GCD? You can use it while your other skills are on ‘cooldown’. Basically fitting it in between two skills. Value!

Level 15 skill reminder – Assassinate: An ‘execute’, meaning you can only do this when the enemy is low life. It’s off GCD, and is pretty much a mirror skill of Mercy Stroke.

Reminder Level 15: Queue up for the two new Guildhests – Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds, and Hero on the Halfshell.

Level 16 – the turning point: AT LAST! Rogue level 16, you’ve unlocked Duty Roulette: Low level  dungeon. Completing it successfully merits a MEGA EXP BONUS ONCE A DAY. Have you heard of or unlocked Challenge Logs? If not, what are you waiting for! (It initially unlocks at level 16) How to unlock the Challenge Log is mentioned in the General Leveling Guide. Getting to max level after hitting 16 is a lot less stressful. Go!

Dungeons as ROG: You might do too much single target damage for new tanks (Take it easy on these guys, they may actually be new players/tanks)! Open up fights by DoTing the entire pack before smashing whoever the tank is hitting. It’s not cool pulling aggro from your tank.

Skill reminder level 18 – Goad: A nice skill for party play. Goad grants TP regeneration to a party member (cannot be cast on self, sadly). Always handy, use it during boss battles or larger packs (Overpower!)

Rogue: finishing up to level 20: Check up and finish any missing Hunting Logs. I’m not blaming you if you’re sick of Aleport… If so you can check out: Bentbranch Meadows (East Shroud) and Camp Drybone (Eastern Thanalan). They’re both roughly the same level zones. Go ahead and go to your guildmaster once you’re 20 and do the class quest. If you have any stat points: stick em into DEX! Alllright, lets continue!


Rogue Level 20 – 30

You know how it goes by now (If not, lemme remind you, son) – Daily Low Level Roulette, Daily Guildhest, FATES + Leves. Test out if you can handle Quarrymill (South Shroud) pick up Leves and FATEs around here. If you’ve got to this point with SUCKY GEAR, you’re gonna start noticing the effects! Thankfully you’ve been gathering gear from Dungeon Roulette – like I told you to, correct?!  In case you forget, Accuracy Food is a HUGE help!

Reminder Level 20: Queue up for the two new Guildhests – Pulling Poison Posies & Stinging Back.

Trait reminder level 20 – Fleet of Foot: Well, it makes you move faster. Great for leveling, great for dodging mechanics. I just decided to point this out in case you’re wondering why you seem a little faster :)

Skill reminder level 22 – Sneak Attack: A massive nuke. As long as this is up, use it! You will typically be doing this as an opener via Hide -> Sneak Attack when soloing.

Alternate FATE spot mid 20’s: One place that should heavily be considered is  Highbridge Area in Eastern Thanalan (Like this). Great for actively farming FATEs (even better when ‘afk camping’ the FATEchain)! If you queue up for dungeons and wanna ‘relax’ but still get chunky EXP every so often – this is it (Melee DPS and waiting for queues go hand in hand).

Reminder Level 25: Queue up for the two new Guildhests – All’s Well that Ends in the Well & Flicking Sticks and Taking Names.

Level 26 Skill Reminder – Aeolian Edge: Your basic combo finisher! Spinning Edge -> Gust Slash -> Aeolian Edge does massive damage, and should make your solo life much easier.

At Level 28: Go and ‘test the waters’ at  Costa Del Sol, Eastern La Noscea! (Too hard? Party up!) This will be your FATE and Leve grindzone until you reac h30. If you’ve finally levelled to 30, Let’s wrap things up! Allocate unused stat points into DEX, erase any unfinished hunting logs, and and head on over to Limsa to grab your last class quest before doing ANYTHING ELSE.

Skill reminder Level 30 – Kiss of the Viper: For the most part, this is identical to your other venom (Wasp Venom) for now. Just reminding you, you have two venoms, make sure ONE is up for gods sake. You can’t stack both btw.

Rogue 30 onwards: What to do?

Once you’re done with the (final) L30 ROG class quest (If you got Kiss of the Viper, you’re good to go!), you have two main choices:

  • Ninja (requires Pugilist 15 and ROG 30)
  • Alternate job path for Rogue not yet released.

If you’ve chose Ninja- continue with our Ninja Leveling Guide. You might need to level Pugilist 15, go ahead and use the Pugilist Leveling Guide, too

Sadly, there is no second job path for Rogues yet – but i’m looking forward to updating this filler sentence in the near future :)

Congratulations sneaking, slicing and dicing your way past the early game! I sincerely hope the Rogue Leveling Guide was helpful! The journey isn’t over, but you’ll get there soon enough! For more awesome FFXIV updates, go ahead and Like us on Facebook – and if you need to drop a line, follow us on Twitter!

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  1. How long has it been since this has been updated? I noticed that some of the info is outdated, most likely due to the Stormblood release. It would do well to update it just to help out players that are just now picking up the rogue class

    1. The base class leveling guides will be updated once I’m done with DoH and omega guides. Stormblood changed a lot especially cross class skills and the levels with which they come out.

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