FFXIV Rafflesia (Turn 6) Strategy Guide

Thorns, bulbs, bees, honey & slugs! Don’t let Turn 6 get you down! Read our Gardeni… err… Rafflesia Guide!

That is one big fat ugly slug.” -Reina Salvatore, Arcanist.

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P3 Transition & Choices | P3 Abilities & Strategy

A useful link to have open is our T6 First Kill Video.

Phase Transition. Leafstorm -> Acid Rain

Burn or Deal with Slugs? There are two main ways to deal with Phase 3. Burn or “Legit”. If you’re doing burn, you can skip right to the next section. But here’s what happens in the transition, and what you need to know about the things that show up here.

Leafstorm – is what marks the Transition, and pretty much begins Phase 3. It’s a generic AoE nuke that does around 3k~ to everyone.

Acid Rain – seems to target everyone in the raid. but will only leave honeys at 3 targets. Stacking for acid rain is important, and only run when you SEE the circle AoE.

Dark Matter Slugs – Spawns at the foot of the boss right after leafstorm ends. Doing heavy damage to a slug will cause it to walk towards the nearest honey, and eat all honeys nearby. For each honey eaten, it becomes considerably stronger.

Honey – These guys periodically apply acidic coating to the entire raid. The more stacks: the stronger damage you take. If you kill zero honeys, this will result in unsurvivable damage after around 2 minutes. Which is why having slugs eat them is ideal.

Slugs & Honey strategy completely depends on if you’re doing BURN or LEGIT. In our First Rafflesia Kill Video, we used “legit”.

Rafflesia Burn Strategy

If you’re planning to do burn strategy, simply kill ALL the slugs BEFORE they can eat any honeys. Then focus your DPS on the boss shortly after. As the weeks pass, it will be easier to do burn strat. MDPS LB 2 instakills the slugs. Also, holding them to the side of the boss for the rest of the fight also works. It’s really up to you guys.

Rafflesia Legit Strategy

The legit strategy can be a bit tricky for a few seconds – but it’s smooth sailing after! The main thing here is to make sure all honeys are piled up together. This can be done by stacking up for acid rain, and moving when the yellow circles appear. A single slug must then be damaged, so it seeks the nearest honey. When it finds the honeys, it should eat all 3.

Melee LB the slug and finish it off. Be careful because this triple buffed slug hits like a truck.


Rafflesia Phase 3 Abilities

Rafflesia Phase 3 Rotation
Leaftstorm – Acid Rain – Thorn Whip – Swarm – Thorn Whip – Laser – Swarm – Thorn Whip – Swarm – Thorn Whip – Laser – REPEAT.

Bulbs, Bees, Devour & Spit NO LONGER HAPPEN IN THIS PHASE. Thornwhip gains another possible configuration, a 4-1 link. He gains 2 new abilities in this phase…

Swarm: Is a delayed heavy nuke on the current tank. He casts it for about 3 seconds, then it remains on the tank for 5 seconds. After its timer is up – the tank will take huge damage. Healers SS/Adloq, tank mitigate – this isn’t that strong, but don’t underestimate it.

Rotten Stench: A marker appears on a random raid member. This is a thick line laser that shares damage between all guys hit.

Rafflesia Phase 3 Strategy

Alot of people start panicking here, but honestly, it’s alot easier than Phase 2. Here are the main changes you have to look out for in general:

  • 4-1 Thorn Whip Link
  • Rotten Stench AKA Laser

So this might “feel” a little hectic with stacking for thorns, breaking whips, then stacking for laser again – but it’s really not. Again, the core of your problems here will still come from messy Thorn Whips. You guys might be thinking “what the hell is wrong”, “is it a healing problem?”. No… really. Just be calm and stack up / deal with Thorn Whip properly.

We break chains “Vertically” during this phase to maximize the amount of people hit by laser. The only difference here is that if you are the “core” of a 4-1 link: Break the chain sideways.

Rafflesia (Turn 6 / SCoB T1) Loot List


[Page 1: Phase 1 & 2 ] [ Page 2: Phase 3 ]
P3 Transition & Choices | P3 Abilities & Strategy

Well, good luck with Rafflesia! Turn 6 ain’t so bad! Anything to add or correct? Mention it in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “FFXIV Rafflesia (Turn 6) Strategy Guide”

  1. Ah, and as for Devour – we run to MT side when yellow mark appears. Marked person also runs there but only when the mark goes off. There is a time gap to do that. Marked person will be stunned anyway.

  2. On Blighted Bouquet: cancel current action ASAP and start Manderville Dance. It will cancel autoattack. You will look like a bunch of dancing idiots, but ALIVE idiots.

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