FFXIV Twintania (Turn 5) Guide

How to beat Twintania! Learn all about Death Sentence, Divebombs, Twisters and Dreadknights in this super epic fight!

Twintania Progression Tips:

**Tips section incomplete, will be added to.

Warrior or Paladin for Main Tank in Twintania?

We’ve done it all possible tank setups. We settled with Paladin OT simply because the stuns on Dreadknight is much easier. Warrior MT survives “oh sh*t” Death Sentences better due to massive HP, but you really shouldn’t be having “unexpected” DS’s if you’re seriously going for the kill.

In either case, the OT’s can do something to make the MT’s life easier, namely:

  • WAR OT: keep storms path up 100%.
  • PLD OT: Stoneskin before DeathSentence.

Safe Times to cast Mages Ballad?

While DPS is important for many phases of the fight, there are some phases where DPS loss can be forgiven for the benefit of MP for healers.

  • After Adds die, before 2nd Conflag – A great time to have Ballad up. Keep it down for the 2nd conflag onwards!
  • After 4th Conflag, until “Asceplius” – This may differ from group to group, but having ballad during the first 3 divebombs is literally free mana.
  • Final Phase – Ballad should be cast whever they “need” mana from this point onward. You’re at the final stretch!

Divebombs… Ive had enough of getting hit by them!

  • Make sure you’re not lagging. Check your ping with our tool here.
  • Use tunneling services and see if they help.
  • Set effects to “Limited”. and off Nameplates. You’ll be surprised!


Twintania (Turn 5) Loot List

WeaponAllagan Battleaxe
Allagan Blade
Allagan Cane
Allagan Grimoire of Healing
Allagan Scepter
Allagan Grimoire of Casting
Allagan BaghnakhsAllagan SpearAllagan Composite Bow
HeadAllagan Helm-----
Body---Allagan Cuirass of Striking--
Waist-----Allagan Tassets of Aiming
Legs-Allagan Breeches of Healing---Allagan Trousers of Aiming
Boots----Allagn Sollerets of Maiming-
Neck--Allagan Choker of Casting---
Bracelets----Allagan Bracelet of Maiming-
Ring-----Allagan Ring of Aiming


Whew! That’s a long one! Feel free to give us Feedback, or leave comments down below.

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