FFXIV Weaver Leveling Guide L1 to 80 | 5.3 ShB Updated

Shadowbringers UPDATED! “That’s Bolls, I tell ye!” Weaver Leveling to 80 in no time! WVR Levequest Items comparisons and value moves per tier!

WVR Leveling Guide 60-64

MIN & BTN Leveling Guides updated. Other notes...

Botanist Leveling to 90, as well as Miner Leveling to 90 are updated for the Endwalker tier. Older tiers needs some fixing, although I modernized what I could quickly – I placed the important notes on the top of the aforementioned guides reflecting the major things that you need to take note of.

I will post a personal update soon, for those that are curious…

ShB 5.3 UPDATED! Dwarf Beast Tribe and Ehll Tou

Recent Update Log

5.3 Updates

  • Dwarf Beast Tribe quests added in ShB tier as a notable EXP source.
  • Ehll Tou added as Custom Delivery client option.

Previous updates

  • Kai Shirr added as Custom Delivery client option in ShB tier.
  • L70 to L80 section essentially revamped: New Skills & Rotations! 5.2ish was a clusterF. Skills changed TWICE in a short span of time. All is well now!
  • L70+ Gear recommendation:  Yellow Scrip gear is now recommended, for a number of reasons (Mainly, barely need stats for 70 to 80 leveling)

WVR Leveling guide – Navigation: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50]
[50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

If you’re rushing in from 3.x, and your Weaver gear is subpar, don’t worry! While your Weaver leveling journey will be harder, don’t worry so much! Read the clickies, they may help you!

“Clothes alone don’t make the man…
But damn it sure helps.”
-mAHIKO sAN Laurent

>> Namazu Beast Tribe & SB Custom Deliveries – EASY EXP <<
NEW & IMPORTANT: Namazu & M’naago Deliveries

Stormblood patch 4.5 introduced two new ways to gain some easy and chunky DoH EXP – both of which are prime candidates to help you push through the “scrub phase” of L60 to about L63: namely, Namazu Beast Tribe Quests and Rhalgr’s Reach Custom Deliveries from Mnaago.

They are virtually FREE, don’t require levequests, are EASY to craft with any gear level, surprisingly decent rewards, and FAST. The only “downside”: limited submits per day/week.

Prioritize doing these on either your lowest level crafters, or pushing past “sucky tiers”. 

Namazu Beast Tribe QuestsRhalgrs Reach Custom Deliveries

Starting Quest: Something Fishy This Way Comes
Location: The Azim Steppe (17.4, 37.5)
Quest Giver: Floundering Namazu
Prerequisite Quests: In the Crimson They Walked, and Kurobana vs. Gyorin
* The quest “Kurobana vs. Gyorin” is unlocked by completing two series of quests, one beginning with the quest “Perchance to Hanami” and the other beginning with the quest “Courage the Cowardly Lupin.”

Similar to Ixal and Moogle tribes, the Namazu tribe is the DoH/DoL related beast tribe in Stormblood. You can do around 3 Namazu quests every day – which yield quite a bit of EXP for ANY DoH or DoL class of your choice – as long as you take the quest with the class you want the EXP to end up in.

These are relatively low effort and decent returns – all of the materials are obtained during the quest so it, most importantly, COSTS YOU NOTHING! Since the items are easy to craft, free, and infinitely retryable – save these for crafters during the “struggle period” of L60-63 ish.

The main problem? Unlocking Namazu can be a bit of a hassle especially if you slacked off on sidequests. I myself had to do quite a few to unlock these little guys.

Starting Quests: None Forgotten, None Forsaken
Starting NPC & Location: Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.8 Y:12.5)
Prerequisite MSQ: Return of the Bull
Prerequisite: Unlock Stormblood Collectibles.

Compared to Namazu, this is easy to unlock.

You can do this 6 times per week, and without doubt, this is the “largest exp for the tiniest effort spent” for this tier of leveling. You even get red and yellow crafter scrip which makes this activity the absolute highest value in your to do list.

Simply talk to M’naago (14.6, 9.4) in Rhalgr’s Reach and see what she needs for the week. For crafters, all of the materials for these submissions can be bought straight up from an NPC, also in Rhalgr’s Reach – X:10.5, Y:11.5 ish.

You can gain EXP for ANY DoH or DoL class of your choice. I suggest using this for when you need to push crafters past the “L60 to 63 difficult zone”. If all your crafters are past that zone, use these to push past “bad tiers” with expensive levequest items. Ultimately, if you’re 70 – simply do these for the scrip.

Remember to on your Collectable Synthesis!

>> Read the box above! EASY EXP <<

Your gear is bad, and you feel bad. Playing catch up

Unlike gathering, its very VERY hard to “cheat” your way back into the game. The first few levels will be a little bit more difficult, but I’ve laid out a cost-efficient path for you! You’ll be EQUALS with even the most hardened crafters quickly enough!

If you’re using anything LESS than the Chimerical Felt / Hallowed Chestnut tier, you fall into the “some struggles ahead” pile.

What do I do to reach 61? 62?

Before we get into the specifics of Weaver, keep these little things in mind:

Old WVR levequests suck: they don’t provide decent EXP anymore now that you’re 60.

Grinding: is actually legit. You’re going to be using the materials anyway! Use the sparse HQ’s you get to craft levequest items if needed.

Commercial Engineering Manual: There’s no better time to use this than now when you’re a scrub. Grinding is legit at this point.

Levequests: You can buy them off the Market Board! You can craft them yourself, and if they’re NQ submit them anyway! Just do whatever you can that’s within your budget. It’s better than letting your leves pile up to 100, and any method to get out of “hell” is better than nothing. Buy up cheap NQ’s even!

Grand Company Submissions: They’re a “free” levequest, but they sometimes have things which are very expensive to craft. If you have a “star” entry, DO THAT AT ALL COSTS! The exp is huge. AT LEVEL 60 (to maybe 62) the chance of getting an endgame Heavensward submission is pretty significant. These are difficult to craft, and are sparsely stocked on the Market Board. GL!

Food: If you must, eat food to reach important CP points, or cover up where you feel you’re lacking. The Culinarian NPC in Kugane (X12 Y12~) sells some food, some of it can be pricey so maximize it! It also gives a welcome 3% EXP boost.

When does WVR leveling get better!?

At 61, 62, and 63 you will progressively get some gear upgrades that will get you within 90% power of the previous tier BiS – and at which point this guide gets much easier since everything is “UNIFORM” so to speak.

I will be putting more clicky box reminders for these events.

Level up your crafters simultaneously! (+DoL)

To prevent confusion on what rotation you use, what gear goes where… it’s just better IMO. There are many little reasons to do this which I am sure you can imagine.

Leveling gatherers at the same time as crafters is also good. You save money gathering your own resources. And when you DO decide to grind out some certain material (example, Koppranickel Sand), you get the gatherer EXP when you need it most (grinding in between collectibles!)
See our DoH DoL leveling guides.


For any serious crafter, leveling your Retainer to 60+ is a HUGE money saver. They can gather monster drop mats for you, which tend to be expensive early on.

How do I level my retainer past 60!? You need to give it a job crystal. Go to any Retainer Vocate to get the voucher.

Weaver Leveling 60 to 62

L60 Fixing up your cross-class skills

To make things simple, try to have the same cross-class skills for every class. For the sake of simplicity we will try to use the SAME rotation for every class.

(From class) Skill
(CUL) Steady Hand II
(CRP) Byregot’s Blessing
(LTW) Waste Not
(BSM) Ingenuity II
(ALC) Comfort Zone
(ALC) Tricks of the Trade
(GSM) Innovation
(CUL) Hasty Touch (you’ll be getting rid of this soon)
(WVR) Careful Synthesis II (you’ll be getting rid of this soon)

And some optional ones for tryharding:

(GSM) Maker’s Mark
(GSM) Flawless Synthesis
(CUL) Reclaim


Disclaimer: I cannot promise this will work for you. Everyone is coming into Stormblood with different stat levels (you may be too weak or too strong). It’s very possible that your gear is SEVERELY lacking. In which case, it’s only natural you should expect more difficulty coming into Stormblood, right? But it’s a place to start.

If you’re missing CP, I highly suggest food buffs to cover your weaknesses in either CP or Craftsmanship.

No, it’s not the “perfect rotation” for you – only you can make that. It’s a good start template, and great for manual crafting as you can abuse the bejeesus out of “good procs” during the 2x Great Stride phase.

It’s all about progress: “How many steps it takes to synthesize progress” is the backbone of all rotations. Once you figure that out, you can reverse-engineer your own personal rotation.

THIS BECOMES SIGNIFICANTLY LESS OF A HASSLE IF YOU LEVEL ALL CRAFTERS SIMULTANEOUSLY! So you’re not confused on what rotation to use at what level / gear specs. See our DoH | DoL leveling guides.


L60 40DUR 558 DIFF

THIS ROTATION IS “WEAK” – it’s suited for guys fresh off the Heaven’s Ward tier. THIS ROTATION IS MEANT TO BE EDITED to suit your needs. It’s a basic template, macro at your own risk. Stormblood recipes are L61 – Being a level under the recipe has huge drawbacks.

/ac “Comfort Zone” <wait.2>
/ac “Inner Quiet” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Master’s Mend” <wait.3>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Ingenuity II” <wait.2>
/ac “Byregot’s Brow” <wait.3>

/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>

Upgrade / edit as needed

L60 80DUR 1116/1400 DIFF ???CP

Now, here’s the thing. There is almost ZERO reason to try an 80 durability recipe while LEVEL 60 – I recommend trying them at L61. However, if you want to craft your catch up gear one level early (why..?).

Stormblood recipes are L61 – Being a level under the recipe has huge drawbacks. Start out with Maker’s Mark > Comfort Zone > Inner Quiet > Flawless Synthesis type rotations. It’s better safe than sorry.

While the below is written in macro form, it does NOT account for Maker’s Mark, Comfort Zone and an early IQ.

/ac “Comfort Zone” <wait.2>
/ac “Inner Quiet” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Innovation” <wait.2>
/ac “Basic Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Byregot’s Blessing” <wait.3>

/ac “Ingenuity II” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis II” <wait.3>

Since I cannot know everyone’s unique stats coming into Stormblood:
Upgrade / edit as needed.

Weaver Levequests @ 60

Type: S is for leves which are Single Submit, Type: T is for Triple Submit. Won’t remind you again.

ClassLevelQtyItemTypeLevequest NameBest?
WVR601Bloodhempen Culottes of CastingSModest Beginnings3
WVR601Bloodhempen Doublet of CraftingSWhat Guides Want2
WVR601Bloodhempen Armguards of ScoutingTProper Props3
WVR 60 Levequest discussion

Terrible. Notice how I didn’t add a “Best? 1” ranking in the table. Well technically Bloodhempen Doublet of Crafting is ok… but still terrible.

Aside from sniping cheap ones off the market board, I would wholly ignore the Weaver L60 levequests while leveling.

WVR 60 to 62: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

You see BLOODHEMPEN YARN? Yeah, that guy? Grab it right in the spindle. You see your Commercial Issue Engineering Manual? Yeah, that guy, too. Right click on his face and press “Use”. I MADE 90 OF THESE.

You think it’s over? You see his cousin over there? BLOODHEMPEN CLOTH? Yeah, that lean rolled up bastard. Go on and press SYNTHESIZE on that. I MADE 20 OF THESE.

Somewhere along the line, you will pop to 61, so make sure to check the “events in this tier” below.

CRAFT YOUR OWN LEFT SIDE 61 GEAR: I made a gear table in the boxes below. It’ll improve your chances, and give you EXP where you sorely need it.

If you have a Botanist – this is a great time to GRIND THE BEJEESUS out of Bloodhemp. It’s the only node you can gather if you’re a 60 BTN anyway.

Grand Company Submissions can sometimes lead to value. If it’s a “star”, please do it.

Grinding Weaver 60 to 62

I’d like to state it now that grinding on 40 durability ingots is a huge part of crafting leveling (you’re gonna end up using the materials, anyway…) so always try to optimize your rotation for those.

There is nothing else aside from grinding in this tier so this section is redundant. Create droves of Bloodhempen Yarns and Bloodhempen Cloth.

Important notes and events in this tier

Gear Upgrades: 61 Left side - Bloodhempen & Gaganaskin Tier

Here’s a list of the new gear you’ll be getting soon. In this table, 5 of the left-side pieces are L61. Start with the Shirt, when you’re getting them – its gives the largest stats!

SlotItemLevelCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
WeaponBombfish Needle62AnyAny
OffhandLarch Spinning Wheel63AnyAny
HeadBloodhempen Turban of Crafting61Competence IVCommand IV
ChestBloodhempen Doublet of Crafting61Competence III+Command III+
GlovesGaganaskin Halfgloves61Competence IVCommand IV
BeltRuby Cotton Apron62Cunning IVCunning II
PantsBloodhempen Skirt61CUNNING IV+Command IV
BootsGaganaskin Shoes61CUNNING IV+Command IV
EarringLarch Earrings63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
NeckLarch Necklace63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
WristLarch Bracelets63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III

LEAVE OPEN MELDS AND EASY FORCE MELDS to cover up for any “Hey, I’m missing a tiny bit of craftsmanship!” scenarios. Melding? Feel free to upgrade the materia you will use. Of all the left-side pieces, the CHEST is the only one you will be changing down the line (65+). The rest are optional upgrades, you can use all the other non-chest pieces all the way to 70.

61 Hasty Touch II

Getting to L61 WVR learns Hasty Touch II!

Simply change any / all your Hasty Touches to Hasty Touch II (Or as much as your CP can allow!). This applies to both 40 and 80 Durability rotations.

If you can support it for all rotations, you can safely remove Hasty Touch from your cross-class skills.

L61 Rotation Upgrades

Assuming you’ve invested into the HQ L61 left-side upgrades…

40 Durability & 80 Durability
I don’t know your exact stats yet, so simply replace as many Hasty Touch to Hasty Touch II. As much as your CP allows.

You may or may not be able to simplify the progress section of your rotation. Again, the best advice is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

WVR 62 Weapon

Just in case you miss it in the next chunk, 62 is when you can equip new main hand weapons. In WVR’s case, Bombfish Needle.

Invest or create an HQ one. From hereon, it’s ALMOST MANDATORY to upgrade weapons, off-hands and shirts to HQ. Don’t worry I’ll remind you.


Weaver Leveling 62 to 64

Simultaneous leveling & Retainers

If you do plan to level all crafters to 70, you may as well do them at the same time. You will thank me for it. The very second you reach a new level, switch.

If you can level your DoL at roughly the same time (they usually pull ahead very quickly), it’s obviously value since you can farm your own materials.

Level your retainers to 70 by giving them a soul crystal. This will save you a lot of money. If you’re part of the scrub pile, chances are, your gil is part of the scrub pile too. Check out our DoH DoL leveling guides.

“Don’t come crying saying I didn’t tell you about retainers and leveling simultaneously. Eyes are primarily for reading – not crying”
– Mahiko “Gil” San

This is my last reminder, but I love you regardless of your choice.

Weaver Levequests @ 62

ClassLevelQtyItemTypeLevequest NameBest?
WVR621Ruby Cotton Sash of HealingSDuress Rehearsal2
WVR621Ruby Cotton ClothSSkills on Display1
WVR621Ruby Cotton Gaskins of StrikingTGetting a Leg Up3
WVR 62 Levequest discussion

If in the event you needed my godlike observational powers, yes, Ruby Cotton Cloth is a cut above the rest. Cut from a different cloth, even. “Above the fold”, if you will. In plain English I guess what I’m trying to say is…

Ruby Cotton Cloth is a good Levequest for L62″

Neither of the other two leves come cloth.

WVR 62 to 64: What I did in this tier

Here’s what I personally did in this tier:

TREAT 62 to 63 AS YOU WOULD 60 to 62 – Depending on your off-hand, you may fail miserably with Ruby Cotton tier crafting. TEST OUT THE WATERS FIRST. If you can proceed, good. If not, simply “extend” whatever it is you did for the previous tier.

62 and 63 have some very important upgrades (Main Hand, Off-hand, Accessories) so your life will be much easier once that time comes. Patience.

YOU SEE RUBY COTTON YARN? GRAB IT RIGHT IN THE… okay I think you get it. Grind a bunch of those, then eventually process them into Ruby Cotton Cloth.

Craft your own Ruby Cotton Apron and meld it ASAP. Submit Ruby Cotton Cloths as levequests until you hit L64.

Grinding Weaver 62 to 64

Grind on Ruby Cotton Yarns and further process some of them into Ruby Cotton Cloth. These will hold the most neutral value over time, and are very useful to your personal stockpile and leveling.

For profit: grind on any DoH or DoL Ruby Cotton Cloth tier equipment. That tier is COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY for either DoH or DoL to thrive reaching 70, but the scrublets don’t know that. You get some nice EXP for the crafting log completion, as well as some decent gil for your troubles.

Important notes and events in this tier

WVR L62 Main hand: (and belt)

As I mentioned earlier, you can get the main hand weapon now, and you’re nearly up to snuff!

L62 WVR Main Hand: Bombfish Needle (Any melds)
L62 Belt: Ruby Cotton Apron (Cunning IV) (Cunning II)

At L63 you will get the NQ off-hand for free with the WVR 63 Class Quest!

L62 Careful Synthesis III

WVR Level 62 unlocks Careful Synthesis III, and along with our new main hand weapon we can upgrade our rotations…

Rotation: WVR L62 40DUR 842DIFF 365CP

Depending on your Off-hand YOU MIGHT FAIL THIS. Test first.

/ac “Comfort Zone” <wait.2>
/ac “Inner Quiet” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Master’s Mend” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Innovation” <wait.2>
/ac “Standard Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>

/ac “Byregot’s Blessing” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>

Wrote in macro form for easy use, MACRO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Upgrade / downgrade depending on your stats and needs.

Rotation: WVR L62 80DUR 379CP

If you DO NOT reach the CP thresholds yet (you will soon, at 63) downgrade to Hasty Touch 1 and/or Remove Innovation. Or eat food.

/ac “Comfort Zone” <wait.2>
/ac “Inner Quiet” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Hasty Touch II” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Steady Hand II” <wait.2>
/ac “Innovation” <wait.2>
/ac “Basic Touch” <wait.3>
/ac “Great Strides” <wait.2>
/ac “Byregot’s Blessing” <wait.3>

/ac “Ingenuity II” <wait.2>
/ac “Waste Not” <wait.2>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>
/ac “Careful Synthesis III” <wait.3>

Since we’re still technically in the “wild west” in terms of people entering Stormblood with different stats, please adjust this to your capabilities.

Macro at your own risk. While it’s okay to macro cheap levequest items, I suggest manually crafting with Maker’s Mark based rotations for important self-upgrades.

L63 Weaver Quest: Quality Assurance Trait

Leveling your Weaver to 63 is a pretty huge benchmark: It means you can completely wear THE ENTIRE NEW SET OF CRAFTERS GEAR! But before that, do your class quest first!


Rewards: You get Quality Assurance (trait) which increases the chance of “good”. You also get an NQ Off-hand which is likely a massive upgrade for you. Can’t complain!

What about the NQ left-side rewards? Read on.

Ruby Cotton / Gyuki Leather tier?

I COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS TIER. If you would like to, simply craft or buy the HQ Ruby Cotton Coatee. I personally DID NOT, but I can see how it can help. (Cheap Melds Competence III+, Command III+)

63 Gear Update: Off-hand & Accessories

Larch tier accessories: (CRP 63 recipes) are very likely an upgrade for newer crafters. They give a massive amount of CP, and come built in with stats!

SlotItemLevelCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
EarringLarch Earrings63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
NeckLarch Necklace63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
WristLarch Bracelets63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III

Making / Buying the HQ Offhand? I did not find this “necessary” UNTIL LEVEL 65. Looking back, if that was the case, then you might as well pick it up ASAP. It’s an “optional” upgrade for sure, but meaningful.

WVR L63 HQ Off-hand: Larch Spinning Wheel IS MANDATORY! Please upgrade your off-hand as often as you can. The stats are huge.

I sincerely hope you have followed the gear upgrades up to this point. Your “end goal” is to get 409 CP. Make it happen.

From here on, I will assume YOUR GEAR IS UP TO DATE.

Gear Check: Just a reminder

If everyone followed the guide, their gear will now be caught up. Here’s what you should be packing…

SlotItemLevelCheap Meld ICheap Meld II
WeaponBombfish Needle62AnyAny
OffhandLarch Spinning Wheel63AnyAny
ChestBloodhempen Turban of Crafting61Competence IVCommand IV
HeadBloodhempen Doublet of Crafting61Competence III+Command III+
GlovesGaganaskin Halfgloves61Competence IVCommand IV
BeltRuby Cotton Apron62Cunning IVCunning II
PantsBloodhempen Skirt61CUNNING IV+Command IV
BootsGaganaskin Shoes61CUNNING IV+Command IV
EarringLarch Earrings63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
NeckLarch Necklace63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
WristLarch Bracelets63CUNNING IV+Cunning III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III
RingLarch Ring63CUNNING IV+Competence III

This set packs roughly:
910+ Craftsmanship
830+ Control

Again, TRY TO GET 409 CP. I don’t care how you do it GET IT DONE. Using CP food in the long term maaaaaaaaaaay result in errors when you forget to food up.


WVR Leveling guide – Navigation: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50]
[50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

THERE IS A L64 ROTATION UPDATE – but I’ll put that in the next page.

With this you’ve gotten past “the hard part”, which is catching up to the required gear power levels! Congrats!

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    [L][R] 3(9)x Cotton Coif of Gathering: Highly recommended.
    Do not recommend :( i just made 20 only to discover that the triple now only gives 5Kish exp where the singles give around 12-13K

  10. One thing that can salvage weaver is doing the Moogle beast tribe quests daily, they give roughly a half a level worth of exp at level 52 when you do all 3 plus it unlocks that beast tribe vendor.

  11. Heya,

    nice guide, if I may say so, helped me alot :)

    Just wanted to mention this, in the rotation-macro for the 40DUR Rotation, use:
    /ac “Master’s Mend”

    It makes the rotation smoother, I know, is too short, but 3 is too long, 2.5 fits in perfectly and feels “better” to see it xD. It’s just a minor thing and not a “must”, but it has a better flow :)

  12. I have a couple of newbish questions and hopefully someone can answer them for me :D

    1. Why not use Waste Not II in the rotation instead of using Waste Not I? I mean I think I see why you use it and if its because you get more out of it then waste not II then ignore my question haha

    2. Also on your melds, I see cheap meld 1 and cheap meld 2. Is that meant for to be picked on wether you want cheap meld 1 or cheap meld 2 or is that what both sockets should be used for? I hope I was clear on that question. So if I used the first socket for cheap meld 1 would I use the next socket for cheap meld 2? If there isnt a socket then I should overmeld it? Just want to make sure I wasn’t over thinking this at all. Which I usually do!!

    Thanks for an awesome site and great guides :D

    1. Waste not II isn’t bad, it’s just much easier to make a more flexible rotation with WN1. Cheapmeld 1 and 2 is for sockets! And yes if there isn’t a socket overmeld it. Remember to use frumenty for the +10cp while leveling to help reach the CP caps.

  13. What do the numbers in “Best?” mean? I can’t find anywhere what your model of reference is, so I don’t know which is the best option for each tier, if 3 or 1.

      1. On the 64 – 70 Section when you’re talking about the optional 64 rotation, there is still a mistake referring to WVR (not having the name of lightening skill) instead of ARM i am assuming.

        1. If you’re referring to the cross-class section, I admittedly have to choose ONE of the elements… but yes name/brands are interchangeable and I’ll have a look at what you’re sayin

          1. He’s reffering to the [Optional rotation Lv64 4oDUR]:


            Which is not true, WVR has brand/name of lightning, I think you mean GSM has none (and CUL).

            And thanks for all the effort you put into this wonderful guide, I’ve been using it a lot!

  14. hey, i think most (if not all) of the shopping list items for the beginning of this guide can be bought from the generic material suppliers found in housing districts
    so if your FC has a house with one of those merchants that might be a more convenient place to shop than running around between 3 npcs

  15. I managed to level from 56 to 60 in about 6 hours by handing in collectible ramie cloths. Perhaps not the fastest way but buying stalks of ramie and collecting my own flax only cost me about 60-70k to get those last 4 levels. Whilst using engineering manual II’s and food buffs.

      1. It’s in a newer patch. It only gives 10 blue scrip and 110k exp. But if you compare the prices of some of the leve items and mats, it’s a great value. Not sure if it’s Ramie Cloth all the time, but I can let you know!

  16. I’m not seeing a gear update still? That would be very helpful, I’m pretty (totally goddamn) lost when it comes to melds, I never had a 50 crafter pre-3.0, and my wvr is now 56 and still rocking a few 50 equips.

  17. I’m not sure if it’s fastest, but I found it really easy between 56-58 to spam the collectable for ramie cloth. Not only are the mats easily obtainable, it also gives scrips to start you off (to get the WVR masterbook for 58-60). Crawler silk is just too expensive on my server

  18. I followed all the steps to level Weaving from 1-15 and all it BARELY got me to level 14. I have no clue where you guys got this idea of your method getting someone to 15 LET ALONE 15++. Not only did I follow every step (including the scroll), but i also used an EXP helm from 1-11 and i ate and orange for another 3% EXP and still I was only able to just hit 14.

  19. I’m confused why you would go Holy Rainbow Apron for your 52-54 option? It requires 1 less Cloth and 1 less Wyvern leather, sure, but you have to make two of them for the hand in, and have to submit twice to get the same XP as the Holy Rainbow Sarouel of Casting, meaning 4 aprons (8 cloth 4 thread) vs 1 sarouel (3 cloth, 1 thread, 1 leather) for the same xp. Unless wyvern leather is prohibitively expensive and difficult to get for you, I can’t see why this would be the better option.

  20. In the tier 56 to 58 the hallowed ramie sash of casting is quite good on my server, because you get them from a npc quite cheap (11k Gil)
    The mats for crawler silk and crawler silk itself is far too expensive (mats: 18k gil for 1!, Crawler Silk: 22k)

  21. The Ixal Deliverance quest is also a good thing to do daily. The quest itself doesn’t give much exp, but HQ item turn-ins do.

  22. I prefer to do the Leve “Felt for the Fallen” from 58 to 60. 198,778 exp for 3 Chimerical Felt. It will take 20 leve allowances and a total of 60 normal quality Chimerical Felt to go from level 59 to 60. A little less than double that for 58 to 60. I hate farming Deepeye Tears (I find the other mats trivial for the dissolvents) which is why I choose the leve over crafting any type of gear (collectable or not).

    To help those who choice to do the healer or caster corsets: Mogpoms are 100% catch in the Greensward of Churning Mist (8,34) with Goblin Jig. (used in making Intellect Dissolvent). Flying is required to reach here. and you need to be 58FSH to use the Jig. Blue Cloud Coral is caught in “Cloudtop” fishing hole in Sea of Clouds (15,38). Level 51 Fishing, use a Red Balloon, turn on SNAGGING!!!

  23. Just gotta add. Since latest patch. Handing in 3 HQ items 3 Times only gives 100% bonus EXP. Courier quests are by far the faster (And cheaper) way of leveling now.

    1. 100% is truth across ALL leve types now. However, courier becomes extremely painful in the level 35+ range (no aetheryte)

  24. [C]ourier Leves: Levemete is from the [H]ometown, to be submitted to the [L]ocal Levemete. I’m confused on what that means. Read info below.

    Level 40 WVR Leves [L]ocation: Coerthas (Whitebrim) | Ul’dah
    Level 40 Weaver Leves Items Discussion:

    [H][3] Linen Deerstalker

    Where do I go to obtain that leve? I don’t see it in Whitebrim.

    1. Every tier has ONE levequest which ORIGINATE from (lets say in weavers example) Ul’dah, and is submitted to the level-specific levemete in another town. For example, Level 45 courier quests would take you from Uldah to St. Coincachs.

  25. For the first part you tell us the shopping list but don’t tell us what to make with it…what am I suppose to craft with those items?

    1. Below is a list of items needed to complete your crafting log from L1: Hempen Yarn – L15: Cotton Shepherd Slops.

      It’s above the list

  26. Just used this 1st part of the guide in patch 2.2 and I was already lvl 7, with the boos. After I finished wasn’t even close to lvl 15 :( about 13 and a half.. don’t think I did anything wrong. did I miss something?

    1. Nothing wrong. I just think this guide is out of date, or forgetting to mention something.

      I found that increasing the quality of an item gave extra xp, so it’s something I did as soon as I could, but I still fell short of 15. I’m just QSing cotton yarn for the remaining level I’m missing.

        1. Dunno about earlier posters, but I just finished 1-15 craft logs and even did the first two crafts in the 15-20 log, all while using the GC Engineering Scroll, and making sure to go for as much HQ as I can on each and every craft… and it got me halfway through level 14.
          Something is definitely up with the guide. =/

  27. Just noticed a typo – Quarrymill is in South Shroud and Costa del Sol is in Eastern La Nocsea. :)

    1. hmmm.. not a typo! It means there are [L]ocal leves in Quarrymill and Costa, and the [H]ome leves from Ul’dah are still available!

  28. Fleece only costs 41 gill each on my server now (about the same amount as the flax I bought when I was still leveling weaving a few months ago), thanks to overfarming and bots, so I guess weaving just became easier on my server, at least.

    1. Yes, fleece and diremite webs price have dropped since this writing! Is it a permanent thing? Something due to bots offloading for housing gil? I’ll wait a few days before i adjust this guide for that anomaly! :D

  29. In the 35-40 tier, I would say that the single turn in for Linen Cowl is cheaper than the triple Linen Tights. Sure the cowl is 4 cloth, but 3 Tights is 6 cloth. Also factor in that the Cowl is 40kish exps, vs. 23kish exps and really, the only thing you are saving by doing the triple turn in is leve allowances. if you have plenty of allowances saved up, then the Cowl is far more efficient.

    1. Because if you turn in HQ items that triple could give you 136k -ish XP for one leve. For the amount of XP you can get that is the better choice.

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