FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! WAR Best in slot guide! “Ax is Hax”. WAR Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!


***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.1 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 6 onwards***
The ideal column is an entire set but the alternative columns are in a per slot basis only and are not to be considered as an entire set. 

WARIdealGood AlternativesLesser Alternatives
WeaponAllagan Battleaxe Dual HakenBravura Zenith
HeadAllagan HelmWarrior's BurgeonetCrown of Light
BodyWarrior's CuirassHeavy Allagan ArmorArmor of Light
HandWarrior's GauntletsHeavy Allagan GauntletsGauntlets of Light
WaistAllagan Plate BeltHero's Belt of FendingBelt of Light
LegsHeavy Allagan CuissesWarrior's BreechesBreeches of Light
BootsHeavy Allagan FlanchardWarrior's JackbootsSabatons of Light
NeckAllagan Choker of FendingHero's Necklace of FendingUltima Choker of Fending
EarsAllagan Earrings of FendingHero's Earrings of FendingTremor Earrings of Fending
WristHero's Bracelet of FendingAllagan Bracelets of FendingInferno Bangle of Fending
RingHero's Ring of FendingVortex Ring of FendingRose Gold Ring
RingAllagan Ring of FendingUltima Band of FendingDarklight Band of Fending

What stats are important to a Warrior?

  • Accuracy –  The first thing you need to max out. Since you will be hitting bosses from the front, you need an accuracy of  about 482 for Bahamut’s Coil turn 5.
  • VIT –  is your HP. As a Warrior, you need to get as much VIT as possible to maximize the massive HP pools.
  • Parry – The more Parry you have, the more chances you have of reducing the damage of an attack.

Why did you choose this gear combination?

The main reason is that we wanted to get the maximum amount of Parry possible while still still being within the accuracy cap. This gear combination is at 489 accuracy without food.

The Allagan Battleaxe was chosen because it gives the most VIT and the bonus damage makes aggro generation much easier. Although, it can also be argued that Dual Haken is the better tanking weapon because of its Parry.

We chose the Dual Haken over the Bravura Zenith because of the accuracy found in the Dual Haken. It may have less Parry than the Bravura Zenith, but it is easy to trade some accuracy for parry on accessories therefore giving you MORE total parry than a Bravura Zenith

What do I spend Tomes of Mythology on as a Warrior?

You will want to purchase things based on how deep it is in coil and also what gives you the biggest upgrade in that certain slot.

  • Hands & Wrist – These drop in Turn 4 so this is a good first purchase.
  • Chest – if you’re unlucky enough not to pick up the Heavy Allagan Armor, but you’re going to need one regardless.
  • Helm – Allagan Helm drops in Turn 5.
  • Accessories – get which ones you don’t pick up from Coil.

You may have to pick up some of the alternative pieces while waiting for the ideal ones in coil.

What secondary stats should Warriors get?

After much discussion, we have come to one conclusion about tanks, any secondary stat is a bonus.

  • Crit Hit Rate – I would have liked to stack CRIT as a Warrior but tanking gear is not optimized for this.
  • Determination – is also an okay stat since it increases your damage output therefore increasing your threat generation.
  • Skill Speed – at first looks nice stat for Warriors. Gives you the ability to get through your Storms Path and Storms Eye rotations faster. But we have determined that in static fights like Twintania, Warriors run out of TP. No TP = No aggro.


This page will of course be updated as the game progresses and patches, and more gear will be introduced into the game.

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Why do you want so much SS? I can get 3 fell cleves in a berserk without that much and SS is the weakest stat for WAR. It makes no sense for me. Plisu explain.

    1. I’ve gotten mixed reactions on that. It really depends on latency, I guess. I calculate this with “safety” “mechanics” and “150+~” latency. Feel try to try it and see what’s best for you given progression, since when “farming” these little things will be IRRELEVANT.

      It’s only difference is TWO items: chest and neck so why not try it out, ey?

  2. Since 3.1 offer the ‘Void ark belt of fending’ that provide us with the skills speed needed to equip the ‘Gordian plate mail of fending’ instead of the ‘Ravagers Cuirasse’ and still have the 590 SS. I think the Bis for Warrior as change a little. Here what I got : http://imgur.com/gOsPwLt .

    Give me your opinion and have a good day :D

  3. this doesnt account for warrior’s skillspeed needs. first and foremost, theres the obvious 9 zerk cap, which really isnt hard to meet because its not far from base, but at 2.40gcd (590 sks minimum) you have 100% uptime on maim, and can do the triple fell cleave opener with using only raw intuition, instead of needing both raw and vengance.

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