FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! WAR Best in slot guide! “Ax is Hax”. WAR Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Is the Final Coil ready for carnage? Or is your Warrior gonna get carnaged!? Warrior Best in Slot is here! If you’re looking for a DPS tanking set – you’ve come to the right place. I placed the BiS for tanking DPS in the Warrior page for (admittedly controversial) reasons, but alas this has to be done.

Tank BiS disclaimer: Do you need parry, or do you need to DPS? If you’re interested in the parry counterpart, check out the PLD BiS. It’s still functional for warrior.

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WAR BiS & Options | WAR Poetics Buy Order

WeaponRagnarok Zeta
Off-handOR Dreadwyrm Bardiche-
HeadIronworks Helm of Fending
BodyDreadwyrm Armor of Fending
HandDreadwyrm Gauntlets of Fending
WaistAugmented Ironworks Belt of Fending
LegsDreadwyrm Sarouels of Fending
BootsIronworks Sabatons of Fending
NeckPlatinum Scarf of Slaying
EarsPlatinum Earrings of Fending
WristPlatinum Bangles of Slaying
RingPlatinum Ring of Slaying
RingPlatinum Ring of Slaying
FoodFlint Caviar
Steamed Catfish

Platinum Accessory melding for DPS Tanks

Platinum Scarf of SlayingVIT IVVIT IV*DET*DETVIT III
Platinum Earrings of FendingSTR IVSTR IV*DET*DETSTR III
Platinum Bangles of SlayingVIT IVVIT IV*DET*DETVIT III
Platinum Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IV*DET*DETVIT III
Platinum Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IV*DET*DETVIT III
(Caps) CRIT/ACC/SS: 19VIT: 21STR: 18DET: 13

Melds marked with an asterisk are *Interchangeable to any stat.

The above BiS list, incluing melds, are lacking 46 Accuracy to harcdcap at 558. This 46 Accuracy can be obtained from many sources. Feel free to mix, match and add to whatever suits your current situation.

Melding: Any non-main stat meld (NOT STR or NOT VIT) can be easily swapped from DET to ACC. (Marked by an asterisk in the above table)
Ragnarok Zeta: Can hold a maximum of 53 Accuracy, if you so choose.
Food: Realistically we cannot maximize the % of some accuracy food. But you could comfortably gain a sizable amount.
Lazy? Switch pants: The Augmented Ironworks legs give 47 Accuracy, putting you at cap pre-food.


2.4 WAR Poetics Tomes Buy Order

Wondering what Warriors (or any DPS tank) buy with Poetics tomes? Here’s a good setup:

  • Ironworks Head  (Dread T12)
  • Ironworks Boots (Dread T10)
  • Ironworks Belt (Dread T12)
  • Everything else is optional
  • Ironworks Legs: A great filler for a one-hit accuracy fix.
  • Any other Ironworks body piece
  • Ironworks Slaying Accessories
  • Ironworks Fending Accessories

Warriors would want to get the Poetics weapon VERY LATE, as you will need a massive amount of tomes + T11 tome drop + t12 carbontwine for it to be significantly better than HA Blade. These drops are far more important for DPS in the first weeks.

Spending poetics on left side first is extremely viable since the raw +DEF and +MDEF (+VIT and +STR too) heavily outweight accessory purchases.

2.4 WAR Crafted Gear Viability

The 110 Crafted Accessories are currently BiS in terms of value, and their melds are discussed in the above table. For newer tanks/alts here’s a rundown of the body pieces. Again melds with * are “free slots”.

Cost Effective Wootz Melds for DPS Tanking (110 Crafted)

Wootz DPS Melds
Wootz SalletDET IVACC IV*Any ACC or CRIT*Any ACC or CRIT*Any ACC or CRIT
Wootz Mitten GauntletsDET IVDET IV*DET or ACC*DET or ACC*DET or ACC

Which Wootz crafted pieces should DPS warriors get first? Chest, Legs and Belt are ridiculously good. Since Belt BiS is Ironworks, you can skip this. Chest and Belt are T13 and 12 respectively so you can get a lot of mileage outta these. The rest are purely luxury pieces (And Ironworks takes up BiS on many of those pieces anyway).

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WAR BiS & Options | WAR Poetics Buy Order

Goodluck gearing up your Warrior! Remember this is a DPS tank set, and can work for any tank class. If you’re lookin’ for parry head on over to the PLD BiS.

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Why do you want so much SS? I can get 3 fell cleves in a berserk without that much and SS is the weakest stat for WAR. It makes no sense for me. Plisu explain.

    1. I’ve gotten mixed reactions on that. It really depends on latency, I guess. I calculate this with “safety” “mechanics” and “150+~” latency. Feel try to try it and see what’s best for you given progression, since when “farming” these little things will be IRRELEVANT.

      It’s only difference is TWO items: chest and neck so why not try it out, ey?

  2. Since 3.1 offer the ‘Void ark belt of fending’ that provide us with the skills speed needed to equip the ‘Gordian plate mail of fending’ instead of the ‘Ravagers Cuirasse’ and still have the 590 SS. I think the Bis for Warrior as change a little. Here what I got : http://imgur.com/gOsPwLt .

    Give me your opinion and have a good day :D

  3. this doesnt account for warrior’s skillspeed needs. first and foremost, theres the obvious 9 zerk cap, which really isnt hard to meet because its not far from base, but at 2.40gcd (590 sks minimum) you have 100% uptime on maim, and can do the triple fell cleave opener with using only raw intuition, instead of needing both raw and vengance.

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