FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! WAR Best in slot guide! “Ax is Hax”. WAR Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.2 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 6-10 onwards***

This guide is what we at FFXIVguild.com have determined to be the ideal gear for a Warrior given the possible stat combinations. This however, does NOT necessarily mean it is the “Best in Slot”. 

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Just like we said before, as a tank, you should only be concerned about 4 stats. Accuracy, Vitality, Parry and Strength. Any other stat is a bonus.

Accuracy cap for Turn 9 is 515.

WAR 2.2Ideal SetAlternate Set
WeaponHigh Allagan Battleaxe ORBravura Animus OR
ConquererTidal Wave Axe
HeadHigh Allagan Circlet of FendingHigh Allagan Circlet of Fending
BodyNoct LoriaNoct Loria
HandNoct GauntletsNoct Gauntlets
WaistNoct Plate BeltNoct Plate Belt
LegsNoct BreechesNoct Breeches
BootsHigh Allagan Sabatons of FendingHigh Allagan Sabatons of Fending
NeckNoct ChokerHigh Allagan Choker of Fending
EarsHigh Allagan Earrings of FendingNoct Earrings
WristHigh Allagan Bracelet of FendingNoct Wristlets
RingNoct RingNoct Ring
RingHigh Allagan Ring of FendingHigh Allagan Ring of Fending
FoodFinger SandwichFinger Sandwich

Ideal Set: This time around, it is actually possible to get the best parry item per slot because of the massive accuracy and parry on the High Allagan Battleaxe. The Conqueror is posted as an alternative since its the next highest level weapon possible other than The High Allagan Battleaxe which drops in Turn 9. Using the Conqueror might bring you way over the accuracy cap but this set already incorporates the best Parry gear so you can’t change pieces around anymore.

This set gives you 519 Accuracy and a massive 612 Parry with the High Allagan Battleaxe.

Alternate Set:  This set is only considered as an alternate because of the lack of accuracy in the weapons. It’s still fairly similar overall to the Ideal set but does have a much lower parry rate. Both the Animus and the Tidal Wave axe are fairly difficult to farm if you are unlucky with Mirror drops in Leviathan EX and Atma farming.

This set will give you 519 Accuracy and 572 Parry with a Bravura Animus.


2.2 Warrior Soldiery Tomes Buy Order

Your priority is getting more overall defense. The big body pieces, Chest and Legs, give the most increase in defense.

  1. Chest – Weathered Noct Loria : High Allagan chest piece drops in turn 9 and this is a much better option.
  2. Gloves – Weathered Noct Gauntlets : Listed as second to avoid  skipping another week of upgrading a piece early on.
  3. Legs – Weathered Noct Breeches
  4. Ring – Weathered Noct Ring : This is to offset the loss of accuracy from the next piece, belt
  5. Belt – Weathered Noct Plate Belt : Has no accuracy so beware if you are coming from Myth gear.
  6. Neck – Weathered Choker
  7. Weapon – Weathered Conqueror : If your party is smart, you should be one of the last people to come across a UAT.

If you are still unlucky enough with High Allagan drops, buy the other pieces to tide you over. You might also consider buying a second Weathered Ring ONLY IF you have upgraded your first one with Oil. This is because the High Allagan Ring drops in Turn 9 and you CAN own both a weathered and un-weathered ring at the same time. Both are considered separate unique pieces.

2.2 WAR Gear Notes

  • If you have an Allagan Battleaxe and have no plans of trying for a Tidal Wave Axe or a Bravura Animus right away, you can go directly for the Ideal set because of the accuracy on your weapon.
  • Try to get the first drop of Sands of Time for your chest piece. It gives you a nice boost in defense and stats which you will very well need for Turn 9. Turn 9 hits harder than anything you have experienced so far.
  • Crafted gear is now quite viable as replacements for pre 2.2 gear. If you are able to, replace all your ilvl90 gear with the Heavy Wolfram set and you will get more overall stats.

That’s all for the Warrior BIS gear sets. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or would like some clarifications.

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[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]

16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Why do you want so much SS? I can get 3 fell cleves in a berserk without that much and SS is the weakest stat for WAR. It makes no sense for me. Plisu explain.

    1. I’ve gotten mixed reactions on that. It really depends on latency, I guess. I calculate this with “safety” “mechanics” and “150+~” latency. Feel try to try it and see what’s best for you given progression, since when “farming” these little things will be IRRELEVANT.

      It’s only difference is TWO items: chest and neck so why not try it out, ey?

  2. Since 3.1 offer the ‘Void ark belt of fending’ that provide us with the skills speed needed to equip the ‘Gordian plate mail of fending’ instead of the ‘Ravagers Cuirasse’ and still have the 590 SS. I think the Bis for Warrior as change a little. Here what I got : http://imgur.com/gOsPwLt .

    Give me your opinion and have a good day :D

  3. this doesnt account for warrior’s skillspeed needs. first and foremost, theres the obvious 9 zerk cap, which really isnt hard to meet because its not far from base, but at 2.40gcd (590 sks minimum) you have 100% uptime on maim, and can do the triple fell cleave opener with using only raw intuition, instead of needing both raw and vengance.

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