FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! WAR Best in slot guide! “Ax is Hax”. WAR Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

FELL CLEAVE WHAT? FELL CLEAVE WHO? YO FACE! Welcome to our Warrior BiS guide for Heavensward! If it wasn’t very clear before, it’s pretty damn clear now… Warrior makes an amazing off-tank that serves as a pseudo DPS – and here’s the gear to do just that. Remember, don’t be too greedy or you’ll be called “Softly like boneless chicken!”

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Heavensward Warrior Best-in-Slot

For the sake of “interchangeable filler slots”, Ravagers <-> Gordian serve as natural replacements to each other (And any Crafted Accessory <-> Gordian, as well).

WAR SlotBiSNo gil to meld?-
Offhand-Best 210 Fending-
HeadRavagers HelmGordian Neckband of Fending
BodyGordian Plate Mail of FendingEarring: Fabled (ACC) / Gordian (DPS)
GlovesRavagers ChainsFabled Bracelet of Fending
BeltFabled belt of FendingFabled Ring of Fending
LegsGordian Breeches of FendingGordian RIng of Fending
BootsRavagers WarbootsBest 210 SlayingBest 210 Mix
NeckCitrine Choker of SlayingFabled Necklace of SlayingGordian Neckband of Fending
EarringsGordian Earrings of SlayingGordian Earrings of SlayingGordian Earrings of Slaying
BraceletChrysolite Bracelet of FendingFabled Bracelet of SlayingFabled Bracelet of Slaying
RingChrysolite Ring of SlayingFabled Ring of SlayingGordian RIng of Fending
RingGordian Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of Slaying
FoodBaked Pipira Pira

Ahhh ACCESSORY CHOICES. Ok first of all I placed all possible setups you should be using. Granted, full crafted is pretty damn powerful for warrior (or any tank class) I will be placing a melding table below.

Warrior Accessories: Choices & Melding

Considering crafted right as BiS for tanks is 100% legit

Equip onSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5
Chrysolite Earrings of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Bracelets of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+

(FREE) Melds can be SS, DET or ACC!

Melded accessories will always have the highest overall power level. However, they will never be as tanky as a Fending accessory, and never be as strong as a Slaying one.

Here’s where you should check your greed levels. Don’t use too many Gordian Slayings! Full crafted right side for warrior is VERY VERY GOOD, and saves you a bunch of ESO/drops too. However this does cost a considerable amount of gil. If you’re a little poor right now the table above also lists best 210 Slaying/Fending/Mix setup!

WAR BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

590 Skill speed, should I care?”

Some say yes and some say no! Forgive me, but making BiS lists is never as clean cut as many believe. Luckily, I’ve found quite a strange but value adjustment to accomodate this. 590 Skillspeed is difficult to attain when we use the OBVIOUS BiS (in terms of singular piece) Gordian Chest. So if we switch that to ESO instead…

590 SS Adjustments to the list above:
– Gordian Chest to Ravagers Cuirass. We still need (84) Skill speed!
–  +40 from double crafted: Chrysolite Rings. (With at least 1 Quickarm III melded), leaving a deficit of (44) Skill Speed.
– +44 from Gordian Wristband of Slaying which puts it at 590 exactly.

So with these simple swaps (one configuration among many possible ones…), you can reach the “SS treshold”. Try it out and see which is more suitable for you.

— end of SkillSpeed Discussion —

The belt is a “free slot”: Fabled Belt of Fending gives CRIT/PARRY, while Gordian Belt of Fending gives ACC/PARRY. Neither is too amazing, and if you happen to pick up the belt from A2S just buy the ESO belt laaaaater on. Gordian can serve as an accuracy filler in a pinch, without much loss.

The Gordian Breeches of Fending are a key piece. Luckily you’re picking up ESO head so you can save A3S pages for it, if you’re unlucky.

Regarding accessories… man there really is no true way to say “HEY THIS IS BEST WAY TO DO ACCESSORIES!”. But I tried my best to list down all possible good setups. The general rule would be… if you can afford it go for crafted accessories. If not, go for the 210 Slaying setup (greedy) or the 210 Mix setup (better for most groups). Ultimately, its up to you and your proficiency in tank <-> healing coordination.

A1S Pages: OH BOY… here’s where you’re gonna get those much contested accessories…
Slaying: Ring > Earrings > Filler
Fending: Ring > Neck > Filler

A2S Pages: 4 Gobcoats should be enough…  > Filler

A3S Pages: LEGS (a super important piece) > 3x Gobtwine > Filler

A4S Pages: Gobdip OR Body > Filler

3.0 Warrior Esoterics Buy Order

“What should I buy first with Esoterics for my WAR!?” Here’s an outline!

  1. Weapon: Parashu should be bought first, because reasons.
  2. Ravagers Helm: Accuracy Crit – a great, safe buy!
  3. Ravagers Chains: (gloves) Careful, it has no accuracy.
  4. Ravagers Warboots: A nice boost to accuracy
  5. Fabled Belt: This and Gordian are very interchangeable… (semi-optional)
  7. Chest & Legs: can be bought for pure stats / defense. Your healers will thank you for it.

The Warrior BiS is pretty light on tomes needed! Remember, if your healers have a hard time pick up the left-side first (yeah, yeah… I know)

On belt: If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, buy it sooner than you would have, if you do choose to buy it.

Warrior 180 Crafted Leftside Viability

To be honest I cannot, in good faith, recommend ANY 180 crafted due to the loss of mainstat and armor, which is key for tanks. But here it is anyway.

Adamantite Barbut of Fending: CRIT IV x 4 – CRIT III
Not much to say here. lol.

Adamantite Pauldroncoat of Fending: ANY ACC OR CRIT x 5
What a weird piece.. I’d recomment putting at least 2 ACC IV’s in it.

Adamantite Vambraces of Fending: DET IV x 3 – ACC III x 2
Not a bad piece. Caps ACC > CRIT and some det.

Griffin Leather Twinbelt of Fending: ACC IV x 3 – FREE – ACC III
Strange… FREE can be any non-crit stat. ALT: DET IV x 5 (or mix it up)

Griffin Leather Skirt of Fending: CRIT IV x 5.
Theres really no other meld for this garbage.

Admaantite Sollerets of Fending: CRIT IV x 4 – CRIT III
Oh boy…

Usefulness Summary
: 180 is equal to this crap! ESO beats it by miles! Skip.
BODY: Could be a decent filler since WAR ESO sucks… Luxury~
GLOVE: ESO would beat these, but a decent filler. Luxury.
BELT: Not a bad ACC filler! Only ditch them if you have either 210! OK.
LEGS: If A3S is far… but the 190 is damn good. I don’t think this is value.
BOOT: Horrifying.. any boot is literally more value than this. No.

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Warrior (WAR) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Why do you want so much SS? I can get 3 fell cleves in a berserk without that much and SS is the weakest stat for WAR. It makes no sense for me. Plisu explain.

    1. I’ve gotten mixed reactions on that. It really depends on latency, I guess. I calculate this with “safety” “mechanics” and “150+~” latency. Feel try to try it and see what’s best for you given progression, since when “farming” these little things will be IRRELEVANT.

      It’s only difference is TWO items: chest and neck so why not try it out, ey?

  2. Since 3.1 offer the ‘Void ark belt of fending’ that provide us with the skills speed needed to equip the ‘Gordian plate mail of fending’ instead of the ‘Ravagers Cuirasse’ and still have the 590 SS. I think the Bis for Warrior as change a little. Here what I got : http://imgur.com/gOsPwLt .

    Give me your opinion and have a good day :D

  3. this doesnt account for warrior’s skillspeed needs. first and foremost, theres the obvious 9 zerk cap, which really isnt hard to meet because its not far from base, but at 2.40gcd (590 sks minimum) you have 100% uptime on maim, and can do the triple fell cleave opener with using only raw intuition, instead of needing both raw and vengance.

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