FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! SMN Best in slot guide! “Pet battle isn’t new content”. SMN Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.1 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 1-6 onwards***

This guide is what we at FFXIVguild.com have determined to be the ideal gear for a Summoner given the possible stat combinations. This however, does NOT necessarily mean it is the “Best in Slot”. 


SMNIdeal"Good" OptionsLesser Options
WeaponAllagan Grimoire of CastingThe Veil of Wiyu ZenithOmnitome
HeadSummoner's HornAllagan Circlet of CastingCrimson Circlet
BodySummoner's DoubletAllagan Tunic of CastingCrimson Vest
HandAllagan Gloves of CastingSummoner's RingbandsCrimson Celestial Gloves
WaistAllagan Rope Belt of CastingCrimson SashHero's Belt of Casting
LegsAllagan Breeches of CastingSummoner's WaistcloutCrimson Breeches
BootsAllagan Boots of CastingSummoner's ThighbootsCrimson Shoes
NeckHero's Necklace of CastingAllagan Choker of CastingUltima Choker of Casting
EarsAllagan Earrings of CastingTremor Earrngs of CastingHero's Earrings of Casting
WristHero's Bracelet of CastingAllagan Bracelets of CastingInferno Bangle of Casting
RingHero's Ring of CastingAstral RingUltima Band of Casting
RingAstral RingVortex RingAllagan Ring of Casting

**Astral ring “can be” best in slot, or even at worst-case scenario an extremely viable option. IF you do not meld Vitality. Capping Crit, SS and ACC.


Summoner Spell Speed vs Determination?

This is a point of debate. Spell Speed may overtake Determination in value if you’re full i90 with the Allagan Weapon and the best possible food. Why? Determinations increase is linear, while Spell Speeds increase is percentile based. This is more obviously seen in the case of Black Mages. For Summoners, that “tipping point” exists, but is much higher and harder to obtain than a Black Mage. AKA a perfect rotation, a highly static fight and so on.

Is it a practical thing to reach for? No. Your primary goals in gearing your SMN is reach the requisite accuracy for t5 (450~, so your pet wont miss), Getting a full i90 left side should follow (Getting good amounts of HP). CRITICAL CHANCE is still your most valuable stat (aside from INT). Determination or Spell Speed after that is just a bonus, and you shouldn’t worry about it too much.


Where to spend Tomes of Mythology as Summoner?

Summoner Mythology purchase order should be something like:

  • Head (Since Allagan sucks – but this can be pushed down since Crimson is good enough)
  • Body (Same reasoning as above, Crimson is also super good in the meantime)
  • Bracelet (Inferno Isn’t too good)
  • Ring (Or you can use double penta-melded astral…)
  • Veil of Wiyu Zenith can be upgraded “last” if you don’t mind using the “free” Omnitome.


This page will of course be updated as the game progresses and patches, and more gear will be introduced into the game.

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. The 3.3 relic BiS may be good idea to be added and the Yafaemi body could be good replacement until your static clears AS8

    1. Has this site died or something? whats with the lack of updates? we are in stormblood guys come on..why am i seeing old BiS listings? im a summoner 60 trying to gear up for stormblood and i see an old 3.2 list, really guys?

      1. gearing up from 60 going into Stormblood is IRRELEVANT. Get shire tier gear from Idyllshire. This will be updated come the 4.0 raids

      1. Well since 3.0 SS effects the amount of damage dots due… so wouldn’t SS be best stat… then CRIT… then DET
        i know you stated that its “not a wasted stat”.. and honestly i haven’t compared the DPS but id think since most of our damage is dots that SS would be BIS

  2. I was checking the gear here, and it looks like you get 534 accuracy, but according to some data I found on reddit, you need 535 accuracy to have 100% hit chance.
    Is this the case, and if it is, have you simply reduced the 1 accuracy in favor of other stats, since only the summon is affected?

    I’m a bit curious, just looking at the numbers here.

    1. 534 was the number we lived with for quite some time. I haven’t heard of 535, but if that ONE accuracy diff is true it only means one thing.

      534 accuracy gives garuda 99.96% or so, which is pretty damn negligible.

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