FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! SMN Best in slot guide! “Pet battle isn’t new content”. SMN Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Hello pet collaborators! If you’ve seen the various summoners around Eorzea celebrating with their primal buddies – they have reason to! The SMN BiS and stat weights are a lot better compared to the previous tier(s). So, thanks for reading and welcome to our Summoner Best-in-slot gear guide!

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One main thing to consider is that Spell Speed now benefits DoT’s. So it’s not a wasted stat anymore, and the pet proc on crit +SS is actually value.

Heavensward Summoner Best-in-Slot

As an unspoken rule to this BiS list, Callers Gear <=> Gordian Gear serve as natural filler gear to each other.

SMN SlotBiS--
HeadGordian Crown of Casting
BodyCaller's Himation
GlovesGordian Gloves of Casting
BeltGordian Belt of Casting
LegsCaller's Loincloth
BootsGordian Gambieras of Casting
NeckFabled Necklace of Casting
EarringsFabled Earrings of Casting
BraceletGordian Wristband of Casting
RingFabled Ring of Casting
RingGordian Ring of Casting
FoodBaked Pipira Pira

SMN BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

Weapon: While Almandal has SpellSpeed – it’s not as bad as it used to be. The massive crit, and the presence of the now subpar DET on Gordian makes it the choice.

For A1 pages, buy the Gordian Ring of Casting first. It’s stats better than the bracelet (the only other gordian accessory youll need), and gives much needed accuracy. Sadly, hands and belt feet share a source. So hopefully at least one of them drops for you in A2s! If not, well, a few weeks of pages shouldn’t be so bad. This is probably the most annoying roadblock in the set. Having Head and Leg slot not share a source is quite value. This way you can save some A3S pages for the 210 headgear, since your legs are ESO – then buy twines.

A1S Pages: Ring > Wrist > Filler

A2S Pages: Boots > Glove > Belt > 3x Gobdip

A3S Pages: Head > 2x Gobtwine > Filler

A4S Pages: Gobdip > Weapon > Filler

3.0 Summoner Esoterics Buy Order

If you’re wondering what to spend ESO tomes on for your SMN:

  • Weapon: Pure value. Not only does it increase DPS the most for tomes spent – it’s bis!
  • Callers Himaton (Body): NO ACCURACY careful! But gives a ton of DPS!
  • Callers Loincloth (Legs): Same as the body. Make sure you have some accuracy fillers!
  • Earring, Neck: Great value, Accuracy +crit.
  • Ring: is the suckiest of the lot, but you’re forced to buy it.
  • Belt: makes an excellent accuracy filler. You’ll need a lot of A2 Pages, man…
  • Any left-side: makes your survivability better, and always make great fillers.

SMN Crafted Gear Viability

VIT Accessories for SMN

So you think you need extra HP for your Summoner? We identify the crappiest accessories in your BiS, to replace with crafted. That would be the Fabled Ring of Casting and Fabled Necklace of Casting. So replace them with…

Citrine Choker of Casting: VIT IV | VIT IV | VIT IV | SS>DET ANY | ACC III

Chrysolite Ring of Casting: VIT IV | VIT IV | VIT IV | SS>DET ANY | CRIT III

180 Crafted for SMN & Melding

While these things cost an arm and a leg, I might as well put it up. Items marked (X) are a bad choice. If you’re poor you can downgrade the materia.

Aurum Regis Circlet of Casting: CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT III
you can also put an accuracy (up to +12) in there somewhere. The above melds cap crit.

(X) Astral Silk Doublet of Casting: CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV
poor stats, again, you can inject accuracy in there anywhere,

Astral Silk Dress Gloves of Casting: CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT III
Stats are okay… It’s capped on accuracy, and with these melds – capped crit too.

Griffin Leather Corset of Casting: ACC IV | SS/DET IV | SS/DET IV | SS/DET IV | SS/DET III
Decent stats with base ACC and capped crit. Melds are for your preference (I’d go SS).

Astral Silk Bottoms of Casting: CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV | CRIT IV
It’s maxed out on ACC, but you’re not capping crit on these without V’s. If you’re rich…

Griffin Leather Boots of Casting: SS/DET IV | SS/DET IV | SS/DET IV | ACC III | ACC III
The last two melds here are optional. You can either continue sticking in SS/DET. Here’s the options:

Well, there you have it! Everything except the chest is okay. The chest is decent if you’re going to be stuck with the 180 Asuran for 4 weeks.

Usefulness Summary
Head: Too close to call with the 190… Great item, but a luxury.
Body: Surprisingly this beats 190, but the 200 steps on it. (Value depends how long ’til you get ESO body)
Hands: Wow, this is actually a really good investment. Only the 210 gloves beat it easily.
Waist: Not bad but the 190 is easily comparable. Luxury.
Legs: Great if you need accuracy, but otherwise… probably not worth it.
Boots: A great piece that only the 210 boots beat.
*since SMN has a lot of A2S requirements, you can invest in Hands/Boots…

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Well, there you have it! With Spellspeed being much better this time around, Summoners have a lot to be thankful for. Good luck getting your SMN BiS!

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. The 3.3 relic BiS may be good idea to be added and the Yafaemi body could be good replacement until your static clears AS8

    1. Has this site died or something? whats with the lack of updates? we are in stormblood guys come on..why am i seeing old BiS listings? im a summoner 60 trying to gear up for stormblood and i see an old 3.2 list, really guys?

      1. gearing up from 60 going into Stormblood is IRRELEVANT. Get shire tier gear from Idyllshire. This will be updated come the 4.0 raids

      1. Well since 3.0 SS effects the amount of damage dots due… so wouldn’t SS be best stat… then CRIT… then DET
        i know you stated that its “not a wasted stat”.. and honestly i haven’t compared the DPS but id think since most of our damage is dots that SS would be BIS

  2. I was checking the gear here, and it looks like you get 534 accuracy, but according to some data I found on reddit, you need 535 accuracy to have 100% hit chance.
    Is this the case, and if it is, have you simply reduced the 1 accuracy in favor of other stats, since only the summon is affected?

    I’m a bit curious, just looking at the numbers here.

    1. 534 was the number we lived with for quite some time. I haven’t heard of 535, but if that ONE accuracy diff is true it only means one thing.

      534 accuracy gives garuda 99.96% or so, which is pretty damn negligible.

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