FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! SMN Best in slot guide! “Pet battle isn’t new content”. SMN Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Have you noticed various Summoners crying in the corners of Eorzea? Garuda consoling them? Why? Cause your gear in 2.4 SUCKS! But on a serious note, here’s the BiS for Summoner… with some very important notes to read. For better or worse, if you’ve packed your side in with the pets – this is the best you got to work with.

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SMNBiSFillers130 Comparison
WeaponDreadwyrm GrimoireHA Grimoire of CastingAugmented Ironworks Magitek Grimoire
HeadDreadwyrm Petastos of CastingPlatinum Circlet of CastingIronworks Hood of Casting
BodyAugmented Ironworks Doublet of CastingEvenstar CoatDreadwyrm Robe of Casting
HandIronworks Gloves of CastingKirimu GlovesDreadwyrm Gloves of Casting
WaistDreadwyrm Belf of CastingKirimu BeltIronworks belt of casting
LegsAugmented Ironworks Breeches of CastingEvenstar TightsDreadwyrm Tonban of Casting
BootsDreadwyrm Shoes of CastingKirimu BootsIronworks boots of casting
NeckDreadwyrm Choker of CastingHA ChokerAugmented Ironworks Choker of Casting
EarsDreadwyrm Earring of CastingAny 110Ironworks Earring of Casting
WristAugmented Ironworks Bracelet of CastingTrue Ice or Any 110Dreadwyrm Bracelets of Casting
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of CastingJudgment-
RingDreadwyrm Ring of CastingEvenstar-
FoodBlack Truffle RisottoButtons in a BlanketFlint Caviar
(4 star, viable choice)

The good news is you all the Dreadwyrm gear you need is found in lower turns. Summoner gear balancing hangs on a THREAD and access to all sorts of gear to mix and match is really important.


2.4 SMN Poetics Tomes Buy Order

If you’re wonder what to buy as SMN with your Poetics tomes…

  • Legs (a much needed accuracy boost)
  • Bracelets (Dread drops in T12)(Use shiva as a filler)
  • Gloves (t11)
  • Chest: Make sure you have the Accuracy to cover this! (Check fillers)
  • Ring (Forced buy)(T10)
  • The rest is Optional!
  • WEAPON is only good if you have the extra tomes AND the “Sands”
  • Belt is a great filler piece.

2.4 SMN Filler gear (110 and other)

Luckily summoners have a good pool of previous tier gear to pull from.

Need Accuracy? (Best stats accuracy fillers)

Weapon: True Grimoire of Ice is a LEGIT filler.
Head: Platinum / HA
Chest: :D (no legit)
Hands: HA / Kirimu
Waist: HA
Legs: Evenstar
Boots: HA
Necklace: HA
Earring: Evenstar
Ring: Evenstar > HA

Currently Over Accruacy? (Best stats DPS fillers)

Weapon: HA
Head: …Evenstar?
Hands: Kirimu…
Waist: Kirimu…
Legs: :D (no legit)
Boots: Evenstar
Necklace: :D (no legit)
Earring: HA
Ring: Judgment > Evenstar

2.4 SMN Crafted Gear Viability

As a general rule of thumb… ACCURACY, CRIT and DET are all good melds for SMN. Don’t even bother with SS. Heres some cost-effective melds.

Platinum Circlet of Casting – CRIT IV, CRIT IV, ACC III, any Crit follows.
Kirimu Gloves of Casting – ACC IV ACC IV, CRIT III, any Acc follows.
Kirimu Belt of Casting – ACC IV, any Acc or Det follows.
Kirimu Boots of Casting – CRIT IV, ACC III any Crit or Acc follows.

The rest simply aren’t worth discussion.

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SMN BiS & Options | SMN Poetics Buy Order

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16 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Summoner (SMN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. The 3.3 relic BiS may be good idea to be added and the Yafaemi body could be good replacement until your static clears AS8

    1. Has this site died or something? whats with the lack of updates? we are in stormblood guys come on..why am i seeing old BiS listings? im a summoner 60 trying to gear up for stormblood and i see an old 3.2 list, really guys?

      1. gearing up from 60 going into Stormblood is IRRELEVANT. Get shire tier gear from Idyllshire. This will be updated come the 4.0 raids

      1. Well since 3.0 SS effects the amount of damage dots due… so wouldn’t SS be best stat… then CRIT… then DET
        i know you stated that its “not a wasted stat”.. and honestly i haven’t compared the DPS but id think since most of our damage is dots that SS would be BIS

  2. I was checking the gear here, and it looks like you get 534 accuracy, but according to some data I found on reddit, you need 535 accuracy to have 100% hit chance.
    Is this the case, and if it is, have you simply reduced the 1 accuracy in favor of other stats, since only the summon is affected?

    I’m a bit curious, just looking at the numbers here.

    1. 534 was the number we lived with for quite some time. I haven’t heard of 535, but if that ONE accuracy diff is true it only means one thing.

      534 accuracy gives garuda 99.96% or so, which is pretty damn negligible.

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