FFXIV Ranged DPS Role Actions: Guide & FAQ (Shadowbringers UPDATED)

All you need to know about Healer Role Actions in FFXIV, the replacement for cross-class skills!


Ranged DPS Role Actions list

Second Wind8120Restore own HP with potency 500 (scales with ATK).NA
Foot Graze1230Binds target.10
Leg Graze163040% Heavy.10
Peloton205Increase out of combat movespeed for all nearby party members.NA
Invigorate24120Restores 400 TP.NA
Tactician32180Slowly regain TP for yourself and all nearby party members.
Halves enmity on use.
Refresh36180Slowly regain MP for yourself and all nearby party members.30
Head Graze4030Silences target.1
Arm Graze4425Stuns target.2
Palisade48150Reduces physical damage taken by a party member by 20%10

Ranged DPS Role Actions: quick strategy & discussion

Here’s a general rundown and a quick analysis on how useful each of the Ranged DPS Role actions are.

Second Wind: A decent self heal that should never be discounted. Good while soloing. Its usefulness in group play varies wildly.

Foot Graze: Binds get removed when damaging an enemy so this is very niche. The only time you would want this is in a raid encounter with a required bind…

Leg Graze: Leg Graze is pretty good for soloing. It’s also one of the better heavies for group play – but would require a laser specific reason to take it.

Peloton: Great for soloing (questing), dungeons, and moving around town. It’s the definition of a luxury skill.

Invigorate: A must. If you have no TP you’re not killing anything, so I hope the implications are obvious on this one.

Tactician: For the same reason as Invigorate, this is very useful in group settings giving tanks and other DPS players more TP. The enmity reduction effect is a welcome bonus.

Refresh: Always take this. Giving healers more MP is never ever bad.

Head Graze: Only take this if there are very specific “silence only” mechanics. Silence only mechanics are QUITE RARE in the history of the game, though.

Arm Graze: Short range and short stun time. It’s quite bad compared to the other classes’ stuns. Probably no good for raids unless you’re really needed in the “stun rotation”.

Palisade: Great for raids with any modicum of physical damage. It more than pulls its weight in dungeons, too. This kind of effect is powerful for any tier of play.


Ranged DPS Role Actions for Dungeons

These role actions should be taken when “queuing blind” in a random dungeon, and should serve you well for general content.

  • Invigorate: TP is used up faster in dungeons wherein AoE and fast clearing is common.
  • Tactician: See the above, and helps your teammates, too.
  • Refresh: You can never go wrong helping healers with MP.
  • Palisade: You’ll primarily use this helping your tanks on huge pulls.
  • (Open) Peloton: Walk faster in between combat! Purely luxury.

Second Wind, Arm Graze or graze of choice would likely be the next pick. Peloton is a luxury skill that people won’t hate you for if you don’t take, so that last slot really is flexible.

The other skills are iffy for “casual random dungeon runs”.

The order is largely irrelevant, but the above is a decent ordering given the dungeons you will encounter when you scale down to <50.

Ranged DPS Role Actions for Raids


  • Refresh: When doing progression, MP recovery is huge. Helping healers is always good. It also helps some of the caster classes as a bonus!
  • Tactician: You can’t go wrong with TP, man. Value depends on fight design.
  • Palisade: Too good to pass up. Use it to help your teammate survive physical damage.
  • Invigorate: For obvious reasons. TP = Skills = DMG.
  • (OPEN) Second Wind: It can save you if used properly!

The (OPEN) slot SHOULD be a graze that’s useful in the specific fight. Otherwise, if just queuing blind, Second Wind should be OK.

More organized teams “may” overflow with TP recovery skills! Between Goad, Tactician and Invigorate, some of your team members may want to cut some of these skills out for more useful ones. This strategic choice, however, is mostly for more refined groups.

However, if a teammate dies and is revived, their TP gets set to a pretty low level. Better safe than sorry, and take those TP recovery skills!

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Well, that’s about it for Ranged DPS Role Actions! Getting rid of the damage reduction on the regenerative songs has sure been a long time comin’!

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