FFXIV Ranged DPS Role Actions: Guide & FAQ (Shadowbringers UPDATED)

All you need to know about Healer Role Actions in FFXIV, the replacement for cross-class skills!

Here’s quick  guide about Physical Ranged DPS Role Actions! Shadowbringers has brought yet another update to the Role Actions system (previously the cross-class skills system). This time around, we no longer have to choose – and have access to all Role Actions!

(As a note, people informally refer to these classes as “Ranged”)

What Jobs get the Physical Ranged Role Actions?

Job Classes

Bard (BRD)
Machinist (MCH)
Dancer (DNC)

Base Classes 

Archer (ARC)

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Ranged Role Actions List | Role Actions Uses & Discussion

Ranged DPS Role Actions list

6Leg GrazeAfflicts target with Heavy +40% for 10s.Instant3010
8Second WindRestore own HP, scales with attack power.
Cure Potency: 500
10Foot GrazeBinds target for 10s.Instant3010
20PelotonIncreases out of combat movespeed for nearby party members.Instant530
24Head GrazeInterrupts the use of a target's action.Instant30-
32Arm's LengthIgnore most position altering effects for 5s. Cause Slow +20% for 15s when struck.Instant1206(15)

Ranged DPS Role Actions: Quick Strategy & Discussion

Here we talk a little bit about each of the role actions, and their applications.

Leg Graze & Foot Graze

Mostly useful while soloing. This very very VERY becomes useful in raids. If it does, don’t fret not binding these skills as they aren’t commonly used anyway. Heavy and Bind really don’t come up very often in hardcore content.

The usefulness of Bind (and to a lesser extent Heavy) while questing is amazing!

Second Wind

Can save your life in raids when expertly used. Learn how to use it well! Never bad to have a self-heal while soloing too, of course.

Note: As a healer main there are very few instances where Second Wind ACTUALLY helps. It’s great for when you accidentally took a hit before a damaging mechanic. Ask your healers about it!

Head Graze

Interrupts are rarely used in raids, but very important when they are. Being a ranged character, it’s usually you or the tank who is responsible for it. Don’t sweat binding to a useful button, as it doesn’t come up very often.


A great little luxury skill to speed up dungeon runs in between pull and all non-combat walking in general. Godlike for questing and moving around in town, haha.

Arm’s Length

A very niche skill to cheese some raid encounters. Don’t worry about binding this (I would click it), as it really is quite rare. Remember this skill each time a knockback happens in a raid, and imagine how it could be most useful.

Ranged DPS Role Actions – Navigation:
Ranged Role Actions List | Role Actions Uses & Discussion

Well, that’s about it for Ranged DPS Role Actions! FOR NOW! I’ll be adding to this soon.

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