FFXIVGuild YouTube channel LAUNCHED!

FFXIVGuild is expanding to the world of VIDEO! Watch our first official video: How to beat Garuda, Lady of the Vortex!!

First of all we would like to say that the FFXIV YouTube channel is launched! Yes! To commemorate that, we give you this AWESOME VIDEO:

Do you want more vids like this? Read on…

Did you know the guy who edited that awesome video, was the same guy who:

  • Typed up more than 100,000 words for this site, for YOU.
  • Learned Adobe Premiere (just 2 days ago) to edit videos for YOU.
  • Gathers and processes information for new guides for YOU.
  • Webdesigns, moderates, optimizes pagespeed and edits images for YOU.
  • Is also the head WRITER, EDITOR and SPELL/TYPO checker? (Who inevitably fails)
  • Who relentlessly tested recording/rendering/uploading settings…
  • Who uploaded his FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO -> This piece of crap (FFXIVGuilds 1st vid)…
  • Into that video you see up there. 

THIS SAME GUY, FFXIVGuild’s very own MAHIKO, my  biological younger brother. 

  • Is the LOWEST LEVEL core-member of FFXIVGuild, Level 45, when he could have been 50  ages ago.
  • ….“but why is this amazing white mage only level 45!?”
  • Sacrifices his precious free time – which could be spent in Eorzea…

To deliver content to YOU.

Well (much well) over half of ffxivguild.com… every word, edited image, conceptualization, number crunch, theorycraft, IP whitelist, comment moderation, reply, user interface overhaul, guide, webdesign, screenshot, excel sheet… is made by ONE GUY? In pretty much around one month?

“Well, if the players are better, the game will be.” – Mahiko

Oh, did you notice the Captions on some the videos? Those aren’t crappy automatic captions… because of this guy:


Mahiko HAND CODED those subtitles. Yes, he manually typed and timed .SRT files. For who is he doing this?… Yup.


Why are the videos in my (Maruks) perspective?

Because his system cannot handle recording. His system barely pushes 40FPS on low. He was happy with that until he found out the community needs/wants video guides to help them out (“Whoa, alot of people need help Garuda?” – Mahiko). Each time he rendered that Garuda video, it took him 40 minutes. Editing was painfully laggy for him, and ended up causing minor fixes which required him to render the file four times… because “It wasn’t up to his standard”.

Being extremely busy myself, I helped my brother out as much as I could, typing up guides with him after work. Recently, someone PM’ed me in game… and said “Thanks for the great guides and video, man!”. Another guy said “Thanks for the tanking tips”. Without thought, I replied – “Welcome.”

has he heard any of this?

I learned yesterday that he ordered some parts to “Not get a significant drop in FPS when I record“, So that he could somehow “Help healers, and give people more POV’s on fights“.

My brother is by no means poor. But as far as I can help it, he ain’t payin for that ****.

Supporters – You’re the best.

Maruko – $??? (Beat me, and I’ll show it!)
Jason D – $20.00
Grzegorz Z – $15.00
Kaolai S – $10.00
Jerry Banks – $10.00
Robert L – $10.00
AA Khalifa – $5.00
Jean Carlo SC – $2.00
William B – $2.00

[updated manually for now, as much as possible]

What to expect with this?

We cant give out rewards now, but we will never forget the people on this list when we can. But here’s what we CAN promise:

  • Cross-cam video guides (Tank/DPS/Heals).
  • MORE videos!
  • Faster production of videos!
  • …maybe streaming!?

And a whole lot of other stretch goals like getting more HUMAN help with the site, STREAMING and server costs! But in essence, it’s to “Get mahiko a better PC to play and record with”. We can assume that he can and WILL continue to provide to the community, which is enough of a reward for me. And honestly he deserved every cent of what I gave him.

If FFXIVGuild or Mahiko has helped you in the past…

No money? It’s okay, he never asked for it. I am. If this site has EVER HELPED YOU IN THE PAST: COMMENT BELOW! – say thanks to the soul of FFXIVGuildMAHIKO! Expect greater things from us in the future!
[Edit: Best brother award goes to Maruks – Mahiko]

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