FFXIV ARR Garuda – Lady of the Vortex

Garuda Phase 1

In garudas first phase, you have one goal: Protecting the stone pillars. All of garudas listed abilities below can cause damage to the stone pillars, so positioning must be precise!

Wicked Wheel (PBAoE): A large 360 degree radius nuke.

Downburst (Targeted AoE): A medium sized AoE which targets random party members.

Slipstream (Interrupt-able, Stun): A nasty channeled attack that deals massive damage, and stuns you.

Razor Plumes (Adds): Kill them ASAP. They destroy the stone pillars if left alone.

After a while garuda will vanish and reappear on the edge of the map. You have to hide behind a rock opposite to her to prevent getting KO’d by the following attack.

This cycle repeats itself three or four times, until she does Aerial Blast.


Garuda Phase 2

Before officially entering Phase 2, You have to survive Aerial Blast. The better the condition of the stone pillar you hide behind, the less damage you take. Aerial blasts damage is absolutely brutal. Make sure you try to reduce it with various skills (As maruko did with Mighty Guard in the video)

The Arena becomes much smaller, but she retains all of the above skills. Exiting the “eye of the storm” results in significant damage. Make sure your tank doesn’t move around wildly. Having her face backward is extremely risky due to Slipstream in this phase, as there is little space to dodge it. Ranged guys, position yourself JUST OUTSIDE Wicked Wheels range. and far enough not to be multi-tagged by the Ranged AoE.

Razor Plumes continue to now explode on you, so kill them quickly or kite them.

Mistral Song is very similar to the disappearing mechanic in Phase 1. Treat it like Slipstream – but this one is a one shot kill.

Make sure throughout the fight you are aware of your position. Not too close, not too far. If your group has your positioning strategy down – Garuda is no problem!

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8 thoughts on “FFXIV ARR Garuda – Lady of the Vortex”

  1. i dont care wat they say. cactuar piss terrible??? bet this video helped them beat it. ppl are so ungrateful. tell u wat stop posting help videos and watch the same disrespectful ppl cry like babies on the tete. thanks guys ur the greatest and keep up the amazinh work. this guy gives u 20 out of 10. amazing!!!! any players needing help come fine me in lamia world by the name of J’ Swann if i can help i surly will

  2. Thank you for your video! It may help me to get through this quest… but I am usually always getting dismissed from the party which is upsetting for me. This has been the toughest quest have done in this entire game. wish players were more gentle on first timers in this quest. But I will give it another chance for this will be my 3rd time to get through this with out being dismissed… Thanks again and great video! :)

  3. Fantastic video. I just turned on the closed captions to hear parts that I couldn’t quite make out. Very well-done and informative. Cheers from Adamantoise! — Pavlov Wraithbane

    1. Thanks Tutu, the good part is that we are actively trying to improve our video making process. Our first video was in the “cactuar piss” tier, so upgrading to just “Terrible” is great news!

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