FFXIVGuild Free Company Recruitment

Is FFXIVGuild Recruiting? YES! For as long as we do not hit the 500 member cap – we will be recruiting. Will we ever reach the cap? Probably not. Why? We employ a quality over quantity mentality.

Does Quality mean Player Skill? Not necessarily. As long as you have a positive attitude – you have a place in the guild. We aim to create an environment wherein members thrive. Whether you are starting in FFXIV or a seasoned player success in our chosen fields will naturally follow, if that is fulfilled!

What are you guys looking for? For now, pretty much everything.

  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • DPS
  • People willing to learn.
  • People interested in helping out with the site, and future Wiki.

Why Join FFXIVGuild? We will be implementing a rewards system based on your activity, dedication and overall contribution to the guild. Whether it be in PvE, PvP, or helping out with the site – you can be eligible to be sponsored by us. (Game subscription, and more!)

  • Be a part of our site and help contribute to the rest of the FFXIV ARR community
  • Join us in our private Teamspeak server
  • Get help whenever you want to run dungeons, farm materials, etc.
  • Earn player rewards (depending on your performance in the FC, we will reward you with free game time and other rewards which we will implement soon)

Help I’m not in Tonberry! It’s okay! When world transfers are up we may considering sponsoring your transfer if you prove to be an exemplary member. We will also sponsor your transfer if you are a “critical hire”.



Professionalism, Efficiency, and above all – Fun. These are the three things we expect from all our members.

A negative attitude will not be tolerated, and is the ONLY metric in which we will terminate a member from the guild. Yes, we can poke fun at each other. However, mutual respect to each other and the community at large must be observed at all times. Our aim is to have ALL the members of our guild be respected members of the FFXIV community.


No Greed“.

We will be designing an advanced organizational chart, and loot policy when our member base matures a little. But no matter what, the above two words “No Greed” are what will always apply. Guild > Team > You.

This is for me! How do I join?

If you’re on Tonberry (Server), you can PM or In-Game Mail the following:

  • Mahiko San
  • Maruko San
  • Weewoo Weewoo
  • Mitlet Gyles

You can also contact us with your In game details via the website, post a comment below, or post in our forums!

Upon contact we will likely request that you join our Linkshell first so we can easily communicate with you.

20 thoughts on “FFXIVGuild Free Company Recruitment”

  1. Hey I would like an invite to the FC if room permits. I’m currently in tonberry. The FC sounds like a very welcoming environment, which I love. Question though around what time are you guys on? GMT -6 here

  2. Hey guys I’ve been playing ffxiv for a few months now and have been coming to this site a lot recently for the info and just happened to notice the fc recruiting area. I am currently on malboro but would be willing to transfer if recruited. At the moment I have an ilvl 83 pld and blm. 79 smn, 76 brd, & 75 war plus a lvl 52 cul & gsm. Character name is Blazin Phoenix.

  3. Hey there I was wondering if you are looking for more people for your FC I currently play on hyper in the na region. I live in New Zealand my time zone is GMT+12 my name in game is Nimbly Luckdragon I am currently level 41 whm and I would be happy to do a server transfer

  4. Fox Delioncourt of Odin server (EU) here.
    I have been a tank all my MMO days from WOW, SWTOR to GW2 and NVN. I would love to join you guys but at 10PM GMT thats like 2AM here in Dubai. :)
    Anyway I will create a reserve toon just in case and might as well transfer my char to Tonberry when available. See ya in game.

  5. I’d like to join you guys to, I’m currently at “Diabolos” server (lvl25) but dunno if I gonna switch (I’m form Europe and ping’s there better). What’s your experience there?

  6. Hey guys made a toon today been out on work for the past few days. Looking forward to xfering over, but for now i’ll just play around with my new toon on tonberry :)

    1. I sent you all friends request’s in game except maruko san for some reason it says it couldn’t locate that character online I tried a few times

  7. Hi! I am one of those locked out of Tonberry during EA so I made a toon on Ifrit and leveled it to 50. I want to join your guild when transfer are made available. I have been reading on this for info and it has certainly helped me along the way. Hope to see you all soon!

  8. I’d like to join. I’m slowly learning how to tank in this game and it is a far cry easier than Rift ever was. I can be contacted via Lageefa Sharoek on Tonberry, but I’ll also be keeping an eye out for any of the 4 names in the post too :)

  9. I’ve only been playing MMO games since about 2004 but I have always set out to find a good guild to call home while I play. To few suffer from bad leadership, or inconsistent players who greed all the loot they can when you actually play with them. I set out to make my own guild this year for Tera, and have only been working at that for about 7 months. I would be honored to join an actual family like community for Final Fantasy once I am able to get a digital copy (hopefully soon :D) I’ll be sure to make my newbie on Tonberry and hope to get in the game before ya fill up XD

  10. I would like to join the guild as well!

    Im in the tonberry server, name is “Zenila Fan” in the game, hope to see u all in game!


    1. We are mostly on around 10pm GMT+8 onwards, Though try PM’ing us also and we will do the same when we log in. See you in game!

  11. Hello extremely interested in joining an awesome family before this game get’s crazy I’m willing to transfer/ start a new toon on tonberry.
    I have played mmorpgs since the late 90’s with my most recent experience in wow and rift. MEH any way’s i’d be a great asset as a friend, player and most importantly guild mate.

    1. Hope to see you in game soon Jake! HOPEFULLY after today’s maintenance, they open up character creation in Tonberry once again! We also have some friends trying to get in the server since release.

      Drop us a message when you get in!

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