FFXIV Leviathan Extreme Mode (Whorleater) Guide

Heads or Tails!? Don’t let this fight be 50/50! Learn how to smash Leviathan EX in our Whorleater EXTREME Guide!

[I have to consult guildies regarding the phase transitions, it’s still kinda weird]

Here, we discuss how Levi EX phase transitions. To be honest it’s quite confusing, and I can’t say I know every little detail about it – but adjustment and understanding of all the things found in Page 1 will help you manage your way! The first thing you should know about are the Gyre Spumes / Elemental Converter / Tsunami…

Page 1 – Abilities & Adds | Page 2 – Phases, Tips & Loot
Gyre Spume : Converter : Tsunami | Phases | Levi EX Loot

Gyre Spume / Converter / Tsunami

Gyre Spumes are the little yellow balls that spawn in each quadrant of the map. The longer they live, the more power they suck from your Elemental Converter. You have to on this thing right after the dive preceding Tsunami. 27~ is the minimum need power, but 33 is really safe. Naturally, if you do not have the requisite Power Level, Tsunami will outright kill you.

Gyre Spumes also deal a map-wide AoE upon death, this hurts quite a bit, and also cancels casts. Healers, preempt this or use Surecast. And have your party relax when killing them after Magic LB2/3.


Leviathan Phase Transitions: Opening Phase

Pull Phase – This is a “junk phase”, nothing happens here and he dives into the water after taking 10% damage. Expect a Body Slam right after.

Thin – DB/Slam – Fat – DB/Slam – Balls – 1 DIVE (On Converter) – Tsunami – Slap ->

[ phase notes ]

First Tsunami to Second Tsunami

<- Tsunami – Railings Break – Slap – Thin – DB/Slam – Balls (MDPS LB) – Wave Spume – 1 DIVE (On Converter) – Tsunami – Slap ->

[ phase notes ]

Second Tsunami to Enrage

<- Tsunami – FAT – DB/Slam – Thin (Ignore) – TSUNAMI!!

[ phase notes ]

Hurry your DPS during this phase! From what we observed, it’s purely time-based and if you reach the final tsunami YOU WILL ALL DIE. The fat during this phase can be very annoying since it’s accompanied by DB’s shortly after.

Leviathan Extreme Mode Loot

Leviathan Drops Wave Weapons (Left of the Table), and has a chance to drop Mirror of the Whorl, which upgrades an existing Wave Weapon to a Tidal Wave Weapon (Right of Table). Leviathan drops anywhere from 1 to 3 pieces of loot. The max drops are 2 weapons and a mirror. Never 3 weapons, and never more than 1 mirror (Unless you guys can confirm otherwise)

Wave Weapons are iLvl 95, Tidal Wave Weapons are iLvl 100.

WaveTidal Wave
PLDWave ShamshirTidal Wave Shamshir
Wave ShieldTidal Wave Shield
WARWave AxeTidal Wave Axe
WHMWave WandTidal Wave Wand
Wave BucklerTidal Wave Buckler
SCHWave CodexTidal Wave Codex
MNKWave PatasTidal Wave Patas
DRGWave HarpoonTidal Wave Harpoon
SMNWave GrimoireTidal Wave Grimoire
BLMWave StaffTidal Wave Staff
BRDWave BowTidal Wave Bow
Mirror of the Whorl

Page 1 – Abilities & Adds | Page 2 – Phases, Tips & Loot
Gyre Spume : Converter : Tsunami | Phases Levi EX Loot

Good luck with Levi EX! Found outdated info? Want to add something? Hit the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “FFXIV Leviathan Extreme Mode (Whorleater) Guide”

  1. Adding onto this, four drops do happen (on the Leviathan server). The wave buckler, wave spear, wave shield and tidal wave shield all dropped at once.

  2. I have found that the best possible way to dodge divebombs and slams is to be in a corner. Any corner. Your directions to run to decrease from 4 to 2 and almost the whole map is visible with full zoom.

  3. Well, I did this and I enjoyed it soo much!!! This video help me to understand my perspective in the fight and made it easier to understand it

  4. I tried this on SCH for the first time and it seems that Lustrate does not follow the Briny Mirror mechanincs. Can anyone infirm/confirm this?

  5. An fc on levi server has confirmed up to 4 things can drop at once: 2 weapons barding mat and mirror. I can also confirm that 3 weapons can drop all at once as well.

    My guess 3 weapon drops + barding mat + mirror could possibly drop for the truly lucky, but at the moment the highest amount of things I’ve seen/heard drop was 4 and highest “loot” bring 3 weapons.

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